Friday, November 9, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 11/08

  1. Please End the Use of Live Animals in Hartford Hospital's ATLS Courses
  2. Please End the Live Export of Australian Sheep!
  3. We Want Air India to Stop Shipping Animals to Laboratories
  4. Stop the cruel Mauritius monkey trade!
  5. PRESSURE THE DECISION MAKER - Tell Queensland Premier Campbell Newman you want him to safeguard our drinking water and the Great Barrier Reef from dirty coal water.
  6. Please Oppose BLM Roundup & Removal of 700+ Wild Horses from the Diamond Mountains in Central Nevada
  7. Against hunting In Austria
  8. Tell KFC to go the extra mile! - It's time the world’s largest fast food chain took responsibility for keeping rainforest destruction out of their products. We need you to email the KFC Board of Directors and ask them to act.
  9. I Support the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Phase II Draft Early Restoration Plan
  10. Letter to send:
    subject and the sample letter is in English
  11. Demand Pennsylvania Report the Full Truth About Toxic Water
  1. Stop Canada from shipping horses for meat inhumanely
  2. Save The African Wild Dog
  3. Tell Craigslist: Don't Allow Ads For Sale of Puppies Under 8 Weeks Old
  4. Ban Hare Coursing Cruelty in Ireland!
  5. Stop the inhumane confinement of large reptiles
  6. Ban Declawing in Canada!
  7. Stop ABUSE of Carriage Horses in the Bahamas
  8. Pronta aprobacion de las leyes contra el maltrato animal en Guatemala
    Early adoption of laws against animal abuse in Guatemala
    no target stated
  10. Stop Public Lands Ranching from Destroying The West
  11. MaIaysia: Stop Destroying Orangutan Habitat
  12. President Obama: Address the Nation on CLIMATE CHANGE now!
  13. Indonesia: Stop the Deforestation
  14. CORI - Clean Oceans Restoration Initiative
  15. Stop the deer cull at Vassar College

  16. Stop Issuing One-Day Hunting Licenses!
  1. The leader of the Opposition Party in India: Promise a complete all India ban on cow and their progenies slaughter.
  2. Monsanto Corporation: Stop lying about Dr. Joseph Mercola
  3. The current coordinators of Bullie SOS: Stop taking new dogs/ Close Bullie SOS when all dogs are sorted
  4. Annise D. Parker, Mayor, City of Houston: Ban the sale of foie gras in Houston city limits
  5. Peace For Paws Ohio: Let Emmit stay with his foster mom forever.
  6. Stop animal abuse in Morocco and support AHPAE Shelter
  7. Animal Protection Agencies: Stop killing beavers for their fur
  8. Animal Protection Agencies: Let alligators and crocodiles live!
  9. Animal Protection Agencies: Stop Animal Experimentation on Primates
  10. Environmental Organizations: Help the polar bears live
  11. Environmental Organizations: Stop taking over their habitat - let the mountain gorillas live
  12. Stop experimenting with Rats, be a responsible consumer!: HELP US PROHIBIT ANIMAL CRUELTY
    no target stated
  13. Bears belong to the wild!
  14. Ball Pythons belong to the wild! Don’t have snakes as exotic pets.
  15. Only animals should wear furs. Stop killing rabbits for fur!
  16. Stop killing animals for their skins: let snakes and lizards live!
  17. Rabbits in nature not in the labs: stop experimenting with them!
  18. US Congress: Stop experimenting with rabbits
  19. Stop experimenting with mice!
  20. Sauver Nenette et Hector
  21. Stop taking over their habitat: let the sea turtles live
    target is people = no specific target
  22. Stop taking over their habitat: let the pandas live
    target is people = no specific target
  23. A todas las personas en el Mundo: Rechazo total por sacrificio de un cabrito en reality Mundos Opuestos RCN
    All people in the world: Total rejection of slaughtering a goat in reality Opposite Worlds RCN
    no specific target
  24. A las personas que defienden animales a nivel mundial: Evitar sacrificio de cabrito en un reality show colombiano
    People who defend animals worldwide: Avoid that a kid sacrifices in a Colombian reality show
    no specific target
  25. Gobierno del Estado de Jalisco: reubicar a todos los animales del zoología de Puerto Vallarta en México
    Jalisco State Government: Relocate all animals zoology of Puerto Vallarta in Mexico
  26. Corte Constitucional de Colombia: Adiós a la tradición de la tauromaquia en Colombia
    Constitutional Court of Colombia: Farewell to the tradition of bullfighting in Colombia
  27. Consejería de Medio Ambiente de la Junta de Andalucía: Que se cumpla la Ley que protege el entorno del Parque Natural de Doñana.
    Ministry of Environment of the Junta de Andalucía: Enforce the law protecting the environment of the Doñana Natural Park.
  28. Ayuntamiento de Terrassa y Generalitat: Vigilancia y limpieza de los venenos que ponen en los parques de Terrassa.
    City of Terrace and Government: Monitoring and cleaning of the poisons they put in Terrassa parks.
  29. PROFEPA: Abolición del Circo con Delfines Miami
    PROFEPA: Abolition of Miami Dolphin Circus
  30. Governo Federal, Governo Estadual e Governo Municipal.: Proibir o uso de animais para transporte de cargas.
    Federal Government, State Government and the Municipal Government.: Prohibit the use of animals for transporting cargo.
  31. Al comune di Novara: Mai più circo con animali sul territorio Novarese
    City of Novara: No more circus animals on the Novara area!
  32. Monsieur Charles Picqué: Classer Neerpede à Anderlecht
    For the protection of Pajottenland classify Neerpede belonging to Anderlecht (Belgium)
  33. Prime Minister Harper: Stop FIPPA deal with China NOW and allow debate in House of Commons!
  34. Sackville Town Council: Ban shark fin soup in Sackville , New Brunswick, Canada
  35. Twycross Zoo: Shut down the Elephant Enclosure
  36. Stop slaughterhouses accepting animals without consent from the owners
  37. Government of BC, Canada: Create legislation banning the Grizzly Bear trophy hunt
  38. Stormont Northern Ireland Assembly: Ban Fox and Stag Hunting in Northern Ireland
  39. President Obama, Speak Up About Climate!
  40. Nobu Restaurants: Remove bluefin tuna from the menu.
  41. Save the green sea turtles!
    no target stated since the target is the same as the creator of petition
    "I just signed the following petition addressed to: me."
    How retarded does it sound?
  42. Help Me Prevent Diabetes In Cats
  43. STOP Animal Cruelty - STOP COCKFIGHTING: Stop the bloody cockfighting
    no target stated
  44. State of Florida Legislation: Impact Racing Greyhounds - Revise SB 382
  45. HE The President of India: Ban British supermodel Naomi Campbell in India
  46. Hillary Rodham Clinton, CITES, Chief of Office: Mr. He Ning, Mr. Zheng Yi: Stop the Slaughter of African elephants for their Ivory!
  47. Комиссии по проблемам Чернобыльской катастрофы, экологии...: Отменить ограничения по кол-ву содержащихся в квартирах и домах животных
    Commission on the Chernobyl disaster, the environment: the abolition of restrictions on the count contained in apartments and houses animals
  48. Владимир Владимировичу Путину.: Кетамин- животным. Ветеринарным врачам - свободу.
    Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.: Permit the use of ketamine in veterinary medicine.
  49. Администрация г. Липецка .: предотвратите массовое убийство животных
    Administration of Lipetsk.: Prevent mass killing of animals
  50. Киев. Украина. Главе Киевской городской государственной администрации Александру Попову.: Остановить массовые убийства животных! Наказать дог хантеров!
    Kiev. Ukraine. Head of Kyiv City State Administration Oleksandr Popov.: Stop the mass killing of animals! Punish dog hunters!

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