Sunday, July 14, 2013

July 15 petitions and more

  1. Save the Black footed ferrets from extinction; due to the poisoning of their prey, prairie dogs.
  2. Seal slaughter in Namibia - Stop the carnage in the African holiday paradise
  3. The Great Lakes are facing one of their most serious threats to date
  4. 2 urgent letters: 1) Norco, Feral Cats 2) Serbia, Dogs massacre
  5. Boycott "Mt.Fuji" as a tourist. As long as Shizuoka Prefecture continues slaughter and captures of dolphins.
  6. Be cruelty free - Ban animal tested cosmetics
  7. Stop Virginia Running of the Bulls Event
  8. Protect Northern Pintail Ducklings' Wetlands
  9. Schluss mit dem Fällen wertvoller Bäume in St. Pölten!
    Stop the cases of valuable trees in St. Pölten!
  1. Stop Rhino Horn Trade in South Africa
  2. Urge Philippines to Follow Through on Commitment to Renewable Energy
  3. Demand University Stop Use of Rabbits in Laboratory
  4. Praise City for Working to End Pet Homelessness
  5. Demand Bebe Stop Selling Cruel Fur Products
  6. Condemn Company for Polluting Reservoir and Killing Fish
  7. Commend Conservation Group for Guiding Sea Turtle Hatchlings Back to Ocean
  1. Stop Lion Farming in Yemen
  2. Keep Ban on Rhino Horns
  3. Australia- Stop Painful Surgical Mutilation of Lambs
  4. Keep Coal Ash Out of Our Water
  5. No Justice for Puppy Murdered in Dishwasher
  6. Probation isn't enough, Nathan Smith needs a Prison Sentence for Kicking his dog to death
  7. Justice for Puppies Hurled from 3rd Story
  8. Stop the exploitation of the slaughter of Nurse Mare Foals by those who profit from their death
  9. Boycott "Mt.Fuji" as a tourist. As long as Shizuoka P, continues slaughter and captures of dolphin
  10. We need your help to stop cats from being killed unnecessarily
  11. The Pets Trust
  12. It's Time To Train Police Officers To Stop Killing Innocent Dogs
  13. Elder-Pet Free Dog Food Distribution
  14. Stop the badger cull
  15. Stop the Community Garden in Koala Habitat
  16. Ask Tesla Motors to offer Non-Leather / Vegan options for all models.
  17. Create a nesting platform for the Peregrines of Baggeridge chimney
  18. President Obama and Congress: Stop Fracking Now!
  19. EPA, It's High Time to Prevent Chemical Disasters
  1. End Intubation Training Drills On Cats And Ferrets
  2. AIR CANADA & WESTJET: Allow ferrets as carry-on and as checked baggage on their flights.
  3. Senator Harry Reid: Stop the expansion of offshore drilling
  4. Mundo Marino Director: Please improve living conditions of orca Kshamenk
  5. Hawaii has no Aloha for Kea'au Cats - Shipman Properties : Allow the continuation of the successful TNRM cat colony at Kea'au
  6. Cass County North Dakota Prosecutor's Office: Press charges against puppy mill owners
  7. Ferrets in Hawaii!: Make Ferrets LEGAL to own in Hawaii
  8. Stop the University of Wisconsin Madison's cruel experimentation on cats, and Please ask NIH to stop funding the torture!
  9. Al Gobierno De Canada: Alto...! Con La Matanza De Focas, El Mundo Dice Basta A La Tortura Y Muerte Animal...Abolicion Ya! P/Todas Las Especies!
    Canada: BAN the Seal Massacre
  10. Boycott "Mt.Fuji" as a tourist. As long as "Ito" / Shizuoka P, continues slaughter and captures of dolphins,small whales.
  11. Perrera municipal El Pariso,Malaga.: STOP a los ASESINATOS de animales abandonados.
    Spain, Malaga:  Stop killing Stray Animals!
  12. Enrique Moresco de El puerto de Santa María: No quiero que se paguen festejos taurinos con dinero público...
    Spain, St. Maria:  Stop using Public Money for Bullfighting
  13. Comune di vico Equense (na): Aiutare me e gli animali del monte Faito ad avere una ns casa
    Italy: It is necessary to create a safe haven for all the Strays of the Sorrento Peninsula 
  14. Bundesjustizministerin Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger: Zoophilie(Sex mit Tieren) als Straftat ins Strafgesetzbuch aufgenommen wird
    Germany: Sex with Animals should be an Offence under the Criminal Code
  15. Autoridades Alemanas: No a los prostibulos de Animales .Deutsch Behörden: Nein, um Tier Bordell
    German Authorities: No to Animal Brothels, Animal Prostitution!
  16. Eliminazione gabbia cattura per cani "Centro Comm. Campania"
    Italy: Against the Capture of 8 neutered, cared for dogs who have been put away in an overcrowded shelter by the Center Campania! 
    Spain, Salamanca, protect the Cats at the Cemetery and start neutering them
  18. GOBIERNO DEL ESTADO DE MÉXICO: promoviendo y realizando la esterilización posible de animales domésticos abandonados
    Mexico State Gov.: promote and realize the possible sterilization of abandoned pets
  19. City of Weslaco, TX: Get licensed and implement an adoption program for "Animal Control" in your City.
News & Polls:
  1. Počela vakcinacija protiv besnila
    Serbia: Prevent the Unnecessary Mass Killing of Stray Dogs! 
  2. Fisheries minister says Japan will never stop hunting whales "it’s part of our culture"
  3. Toughen animal abuse laws: group
    A Call for harsher penalties, China, Taiwan 
  4. Für eine tierfreundliche Kontrolle von Taubenpopulationen
    To control Pigeon Colonies in an Animal friendly way (use translate) 

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