Thursday, August 8, 2013

August 08 petitions and more

  1. Stop Illegal Whaling in Iceland
  2. Protect our communities: Close fracking loopholes for oil and gas polluters! (US)
  3. WY: Support Safe and Humane Communities! (WY)
  4. Tell FWS ALL Chimps Need Protection!
  5. Act Right NOW! - Help protect the endangered North Atlantic right whale
  6. Urge Support for the Landrieu-Graham Amendment to Protect America’s Horses from Slaughter 
  7. Ask China Southern Airlines to Stop Shipping Monkeys to Be Tortured 
  8. Zabicie Yorka w Kołobrzegu (confirmation needed)
    Poland. Protest against dog kicked to death
  9. Contre le dog spinning en Bulgarie
    Against dog spinning in Bulgaria
  10. Abolir les coutumes barbares pratiquées en Bulgarie sur les chiens
    Abolish the barbaric customs practiced in Bulgaria on dogs
  1. Demand Harsh Punishment for Exotic Animal Poachers in Vietnam
  2. Ensure the Protection of Myanmar’s Forests
  3. Seek Justice for Golden Retriever that Was Bludgeoned to Death
  1. Tell Congress to protect 3,200 tigers
  2. Save Ontario's bees: ban the use of neonicotinoid pesticides
  3. Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services: Create an Online Animal Abuser Registry
  4. Stop Aceh Being Offered To Companies For Logging: Keep Aceh Free From Logging
  5. EU and UN: Stop Korean sadist- barbaric tradition in Russia
  6. Считаем для себя опасным далее находиться под руководством таких лидеров
    We consider ourselves to be more dangerous under such leaders. If "dogs hunters" aren't late law-enforcement structures, if complaints about them from the population are senseless and useless, they most likely are at least encouraged by our government. (no target)
  7. GreenPeace México: Captura y castigo de los integrantes de el grupo "Hunters Mexico"
    Greenpeace Mexico: Capture and punish the members of the group "Hunters Mexico" (consisting of 41 people on facebook group dedicated to the illegal hunting of endangered species)
  8. Todo el peso de la ley para Juan Castillo Perez, asesino de animales: justicia! Que la ley contra el maltrato animal se aplique.
    Severe punishment for Juan Castillo Perez, animal killer. Apply all the aspects of the Law against animal abuse!
  9. Don't massacre of stray dogs in Mtskheta (Caucasus, Georgia) (target?!)
  10. Boycott Against Mexico If Declare Bullfighting National Heritage: To Stop It, Ask The President To Not Allow This To Happen
  11. Stop Au Coutumes De Bulgarie Appelée Dog Spinning
    Stop The Customs Of Bulgaria Called Dog Spinning
  12. Liberty University: Stop Supporting Bow Hunting!
  13. Neutering Of Stray Dogs And Cats Throughout The Eu Community
  14. Government of Guam: Implement a sustained spay/neuter program to control pet overpopulation.
  15. Haryana Government: To vacate the illegal encroachment from Pasture Land
  16. Todo mexico, gobierno.: Cerrar las tiendas +KOTA
    Mexico: Close the KOTA animal-selling stores, this is mistreatment of animals
  17. Asamblea Legislativa del DF: Prohibición de venta de animales en tiendas +Kota, Petland y similares.
    Mexico City Legislative Assembly: Ban the sale of animals in stores + Kota, Petland and other similar.
  18. Fife Council: Revoke boarding kennel licence at Langdykes Kennels, Kennoway, KY8 5SQ
  19. Morocco Shriners: Please do not include animal acts in your circus!
  1. Demand Enforcement of Anti Dog Meat Laws in the Philippines
  2. Dalhousie University: Stop Animal Experimentation!
  3. L'Oreal - BAN Testing on Animals for Cosmetics
  4. Stop subsidies to the meat industry
  5. Make Attending Dog Fights a Felony
  6. Instagram: Stop Allowing the Sale of Animals for Slaughter and Ritual Sacrifice!
  7. Stop The Extinction Of Rhinos And Lions
  8. Please say "NO" to U.S. will have its own running of the bulls
  9. Justice for Princess
  10. Free the chained dogs of Marion County
  11. Save the Australian koala
News & Polls:
  1. Watch out for this man.
  2. Pete Bethune, Earthrace, reveals horror of Namibian seal hunt [VIDEO]
  3. Russia’s terrifying new law to allow animal cruelty Animal Welfare Russia, Moskow, Zoozov Elite
  4. Instagram under fire for allowing thousands of live animals including cats, puppies and snakes to be sold through website and app
  5. FTC Approves Final Orders Settling Charges Against Retailers Accused of Marketing Real Fur Products as Fake Fur
  6. Website: Saving America's Mustangs
    A Foundation for the Preservation of America’s Wild Horses
  7. German Politicians Propose ‘Veggie Only’ Days
  8. Website: Walk4Dogs - Walk for Spay for Romanian dogs
    scroll down for English version
  9. Smart Bulldog Knows the Most Impressive Tricks

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