Thursday, September 12, 2013

September 12 petitions and more

  1. Join EDF in implementing real solutions for Climate Change.
  2. Non à l'euthanasie de Tanya! (confirmation needed)
  3. Captive Primate Safety Act (H.R. 2856) (US)
  4. Help Captive Animals In Ontario (US)
  5. Secretary Jewell: Keep up the good work! (US)
  6. Feds Gives the Wolves Another Six Weeks
  7. Новый закон поставит заповедники России под угрозу уничтожения!
    Russian Land Reserves and National Parks are under Threat of Destruction!
    Send a Letter to the President Copy/paste (up to 2000 symbols in 1 message) contents of this protest, and for the second protest the contents of European Parliament, EU Council of Europe & Pope Francis: Russian federation we ask to stop cruel slaughter of homeless animals (needs more signatures too, please help to share!). The same for Contact European Parliament President Martin Schulz and  Contact Us | Eurogroup For Animals. Please add the following links Op-Ed: State-sponsored cruelty to animals in the Russian Federation and Russia’s terrifying new law to allow animal cruelty
  8. Romanian Parliament grants license to kill stray dogs - This is a new protest, against the Parliament of Romania's decision to massacre ten-thousands of sentient dogs!
  9. Protestbrief an rumänischen Präsidenten und Verfassungsgericht
    Letter of protest to the President of Romania and the Constitutional Court
    Please sign and also send as an email (confirmation needed)
  10. Stop the cull of Romanian street dogs
  11. Die EU soll Rumänien veranlassen das Massentöten der Straßenhunde zu stoppen
    The EU should encourage Romania to stop the mass killing of stray dogs
  12. Save the stray dogs of Romania
  13. Oregon's Wolves Under Threat (US)
  14. Tell the NFL to Stop Funding Sports-Injury Experiments on Animals
  15. Act now to save the Maui's dolphin from extinction
  16. ¡NO al Toro de la Vega! NO against the cruel Toro de la Vega
  17. Prohibir el Trabajo Animal en todo el territorio de la República Argentina, en todas sus formas y de cualquier especie. - Prohibit animal work throughout the territory of the Republic Argentina, in all its forms and from any species.
  18. Keep Oil Exploration Out Of Virunga National Park, Africa
  19. Lobby the CITES Secretariat.
  20. Verbot, bzw Schliessung der Schliefanlagen nicht nur landes- sondern bundesweit
    Germany, Anti-Hunting petitions (confirmation needed)
  1. Thank Michigan Lawmakers for Passing Tougher Dogfighting Laws
  2. Demand Shoe Retailer Go Cruelty Free
  3. Protect Endangered Red Wolves
  4. Allow Pets to Be Evacuated During Disasters
  5. Applaud Man for Standing Up for Bears
  6. Demand Shutdown of Irresponsible, Inhumane Aquariums
  1. Mayor Crystal Dingler and Police Chief Mike Styner: Ensure that animal neglect and abuse are dealt with in an appropriate manner and that people who subject their animals to such neglect are prosecuted so they can never own another animal again!
  2. Gobiernos de Indonesia y Malasia: Proteger los bosques que son el hábitat natural del Orangután de Borneo - Governments of Indonesia and Malaysia: Protect forests that are the natural habitat of the Borneo Orangutan
  3. Al Gobernador De La Pampa Oscar Jorge: La Pampa Rechaza A Romero Y Su Decreto Eutanásico 1088 - Argentina, Governor Oscar de la Pampa Jorge: We reject the Euthanasia Decree 1088, NO to Stray Animals Slaughter!
  4. Ciudad De Bolivar: Que sean ilegales las corridas de perros galgos
    Argentina, Bolivar City: BAN greyhound racing!
  5. Alaskan Fish and Wildlife Stop issuing hunting tags & Stop Killing Grizzlies
  6. Canadian and Alaskan officials: Protect OUR Polar Bears
  1. Save Condors from Extinction
  2. Save the Critically Endangered Indochinese Tiger from Extinction
  3. Ban the Trade of Black Bear Organs
  4. Show your support for Diesel
  5. Stop Live Bird Plucking for Goose Down
  6. Stop George Guinn from polluting environment with SEPTIC WASTE!
  7. Justice for Dogs Seized from Raid on Dog fighting Ring
  8. Stop the Illegal Sale of Dog Meat in the Philippines
  9. Stop the hunter to take the bear's bile!
  10. Forbid the import of wild animals in Cyprus to be sold as pets
  11. Harsher punishment for animal abusers! Lock them up and throw away the key!
  12. Alabama: Don't Ban Rehab of Injured and Orphaned Wildlife
  14. STOP Toro de la Vega
  15. Ban bear hunting in British Columbia's Great Bear Rainforest
  16. Enough is enough, we are all waiting world wide for a sanctuary for Nosey!
  17. Save the Pygmy Three-toed Sloth
  18. Save the Silky Sifaka
  19. Animals won in New York - just an update from Kelly Rogers, not a petition
  20. BREAKING: USDA cracks down on online puppy mills‏
    update from Kelly Rogers, not a petition
News and polls
  1. Op-Ed: State-sponsored cruelty to animals in the Russian Federation
    interview with Mikhail Novikov (repeated)
  2. Russia’s terrifying new law to allow animal cruelty (repeated)
  3. Petitions - One of the fundamental rights of European citizens (conditions)
  4. EU & Animal Welfare | What We Do | Eurogroup For Animals
  5. Romania a country cries out for revenge after the tragic death of a four-year-old boy who has, apparently, been attacked by dogs
  6. Blog: Recent posts |
  7. Actor creates largest US sanctuary for abandoned pets
  8. No Pup Left Behind: Frago's Story - Afghanistan Stray Dog Rescued
  9. Vote every 24 hours for Robin Hood Tierschutzverein Robin Hood
  10. Men dressed as Batman and Captain America swoop into burning home and rescue stranded house cat from fire
  11. 'Sons Of Anarchy' Producer Mike Daniels Gives Stray Dog A Forever Home (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
  12. Bill Foundation - Rescue Stories
  13. Helpful Police Officer Guides a Frightened Deer to Safety - So Heartwarming
  14. Some Of The Best Shots You'll Ever See

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