Wednesday, November 13, 2013

November 13 petitions and more

  1. Help ensure FULL protection of the Castle Special Place in the SSRP! (US)
  2. Help us protect BC’s Glass Sponge Reefs (US)
  3. Shut down and prosecute the owners immediately!
  4. Save the Ring-Tailed Lemurs in Madagascar
  5. Stop drinking cat’s blood for religious purposes!
  6. Help animals at Surabaya ZOO by signing these petitions
  7. Encourage your council to SHUT DOWN this puppy factory
  8. Demand fast food go cage-free
  9. Stop Bosnia-Herzegovina from implementing kill law!
    Please send a protest email. Letter and email addresses are provided.
  10. Stand4Wolves - RSVP to the events. If you are not able to attend please sign the petitions by December 17 (US):
  11. Bulls Tortured and Ripped Apart by Teens?!
  12. Send a message to INTERPOL - Please report this site  to catch these perverted animal abusers!
  13. Australia: Stop Timber Plantations From Killing Koalas
  14. Tell Newman and Hunt: Don't dump on the fragile Reef.
  15. Save Cathedral Grove and British Columbia’s Endangered Old-Growth Forests
  1. Ban fireworks in Durban, SA and protect our animals!
  2. Save the last turtle sanctuary in Lebanon
  3. Stop your cruel and deadly experiments on animals! (Germany)
  4. Close the site called ""!
  5. Salvar a Los Toros de Lidia, del Sadismo y la Crueldad Humana
    Save the bulls of Lidia, Mexico, from sadism and cruelty
  6. Abolish the use of herbicides
  1. Stop Breeding Beagles for Cruel Laboratory Experiments
  2. End Live Animal Trade in Australia
  1. Prosecute traffickers, couriers, purchasers and users of rhinoceros horn to the full extent of your laws.
  2. Gestió ètica i Protecció de les Colònies Felines de la Ciutat de Tarragona
    Ethical management and protection of feline colonies in Tarragona city
  3. tumblr: Ban bestiality and zoophilia pornography from tumblr.
  4. Por el fin de las carreras de galgos en Carmen de Areco (Bs. As.) Argentina
    For an end of greyhound racing in Carmen de Areco (Buenos Aires) Argentina
  5. Tunisian Government To Stop Killing Animals In Tunisia
  6. Debbie Cobb ( Suncoast Primate Sanctuary ) Return Zoe the Monkey to her Family before it's too late!
  7. Excelentisimo Ayuntamiento de Mérida (Badajoz): Cierre Del "Nucleo Zoosanitario" (Perrera) De Merida, (Badajoz).
    Spain: Close the Merida kennel / dog pound
  8. Que se priorice a protectoras (o colectivos sin ánimo de lucro dedicados al cuidado y búsqueda de nuevo hogar a los animales abandonados) en la adjudicación de contratos para la gestión de las perreras
    Spain: Give contracts to collectives dedicated to caring and finding new homes for abandoned animals, instead of private companies who only seek economic gain
  9. Que se prohiba totalmente el Tiro a Pichón y similares.
    Spain: NO to Pigeon shooting.
  10. Please sign this petition for killer whale Lolita (Tokitae), after more then 40 years of captivity, she deserves freedom! (no target?!)
  11. Gobierno: Firmas del Mundo para erradicar la tauromaquia en los 8 países que la padecen - For an end to bullfighting
  12. Discovery Channel: Stop promoting environmentally and socially destructive practices in your reality TV shows
  1. Stop Funding Animal Experiments
  2. Protect Endangered Ocelot from Copper Mining in Arizona
  3. Ask Sec. Kerry to Lead on Curbing Aviation Climate Pollution
  4. Help End Dirty Energy
  5. Justice for Cat Microwaved by Lebanese Man!
  6. Keep Yellowstone's Grizzly Bears Protected
  7. Demand Chick-fil-A Drop Its Opposition to "Eat More Kale" Trademark
  8. Kentucky: Don't Let Animal Abusers Run Puppy Mills!
  9. Demand Stronger Conviction than Littering for Slashing Puppies Throat
  10. 2014 Agriculture Appropriations Bill-Stop Slaughterhouses from having access to any inspections.
  11. Prevent Atlantic Seismic Testing
  12. Help save Nairobi river, discourage careless disposal of garbage! (target?!)
News and Polls
  1. Letters from the Arctic 30 held in Russia.
  2. Cat set on fire: PSPCA needs help identifying the men in this surveillance video
  3. FB event: Das Projekt "Tierschutz- und Jurtendorf Puente de la Paz" entsteht, freiwillige Helfer, Interessierte und Unterstuetzer dringend gesucht ab November 2013 - "We are a small animal welfare organization in Spain in the founding of "Puente de la Paz" (iG). We pull our collection and nursing station to a new site. Who may support us?"
  4. Clarksburg Cat Shelter needs a permanent home! - Login to vote for this idea and then click to "Explore All ideas" to see other projects that need voting, too.
  5. Theresa Strader | Eagle Rare Life - Scroll down to vote for this story!!
    "If we win the following contests it could mean $50,000! Can you imagine how many puppy mill dogs that could save? Please vote daily!"
  6. Vote to Support Defenders!  - Choose: Credo Action member. Only US
  7. Help rescue horses during their rehabilitation. - 1 VOTE per person, per dream!
  8. FB profile: Achileas Patroklos - Romania, rescued animals! Needing support!
  9. FB event: Urgent adoption and help needed for my rescued dogs (Craiova, Romania)
  10. Woman Reunited With Lost Cat Five Years Later

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