Sunday, November 10, 2013

November 10 petitions and more

  1. Boycott Olympic Winter Games 2014 in Sochi
  2. Ban the abuse of working horses
  3. URGENT: Stop Horse Slaughter NOW!! (US)
  4. Take Action Today to Help Save Horses from Slaughter! (US)
  5. Stop the Plan to Slaughter Wolves
  6. Mr. President, This Thanksgiving Pardon...the Polar Bear
  7. YOU and BVC Can Stop Wolf Killing!
  8. Tell Secretary Jewell: don't strip wolves of protections (US)
  9. Stop Georgia Aquarium From Importing 18 Wild Belugas
  10. Stop Coyote Trapping In Atlanta
  11. Oppose the SHARE Act of 2013 (US)
  12. NO to ritual slaughter!
  13. Help End the Mass Killing of Wildlife! (US)
  14. Fight to Save Animal Rescue Groups in Shelby Twp.
  15. Stop aux élevages de la honte qui fournissent le foie gras de palaces parisiens
    Stop the shame farms that provide the foie gras (confirmation needed)
  16. Keep Shell out of the Arctic Ocean and Prevent New Oil Drilling and Leasing (US)
  1. Find and punish those who poisoned dogs and cats in Clinceni-Ilfov. (Romania)
  2. University of Washington Board of Regents : Do NOT approve new Animal Research and Care Facility
  3. Radosveta Pavlova: Horrible murder of horses! Please stop this! (Bulgaria)
  4. Anthony Bourdain: Stop Supporting Seal Fur Industry, Make Things Right
  5. Federación Española de Municipios y Provincias-Comisión de Trabajo de Salud Pública : Que cese el exterminio de gatos callejeros en todos aquellos Ayuntamientos en los que se continúa aplicando este brutal y cruel método de control de animales.
    Spain: Stop the extermination of cats using brutal and cruel animal control method
  6. Denton, Texas Police Department & Animal Services: Charge Richard Garrett Sims with Maximum Penalty for Animal Cruelty
  7. City of Durango: Cancellation of the bullfight at the Plaza de Toros Alejandra in the city of Durango, Mexico.
  8. McDonald's Latin America: Eliminate gestation crates for pigs in Chile
  9. Bulls Ripped Apart in Barbaric Ritual--Take Action Now!
    (petition inside the petition :/ original link is -> here)
  10. President Obama: Don't force hardworking loving families to give up their pets just because of the breed
  11. Australian Government: Completely remove ALL shark nets to save the whales, dolphins and other sea creatures.
  12. Protect the Coastal Wetlands at Gibraltar
  13. Sea World, San Diego: Release all captive dolphins and orcas to ocean sanctuaries
  14. The Palm Beach Zoo: We want them to redesign the Koala Bear habitat and make it more environmentally pleasing for the koala bears.
  15. American Airlines Arena: Cancel Ringling Bros Circus
  1. Demand A Nationwide Database to Track Convicted Animal Abusers!
  2. Sumatran Tigers on the road to extinction.
  3. Dogmeat Festival Yulin Dog in China
  4. Stop Marriott from Profiting from Fur of Skinned Animals
  5. Create a Public Registry for Animal Abusers
  6. Should pet murderers be forbidden to purchase pets?
  7. Drunk cop threatens child, tortures & kills puppy!
  8. No child should witness brutal killing of stray animals!
  9. Shut Down & Prosecute to the Fullest Extent of the Law
  10. HEB, Stop Using Palm Oil!
  11. Protest and demand a stop to animal torture like these sheep in disturbing video
  12. Justice for Pigs Subjected to Needless Cruelty and Hold Wal-Mart Accountable With Consequences
  13. Stop the trade in Rainforest Animals from Brazil
  14. Make Kill Shelters ILLEGAL In The United States
  15. Stop the Illegal Elephant Trade
  16. Please halt badger cull plans immediately!
  17. Protect the Red Knot from Extinction
  18. Unlock Government Grants for Tree Planting
News and Polls
  1. Hunters' Association: Exterminate the Wolf from Sweden
    Should the wolf stay in Sweden? Vote Yes/JA
  2. Cast your Vote for Cats Protection League!
  3. Theresa Strader | Eagle Rare Life - Scroll down to vote for this story, please.
  4. What you should know before visiting Romania - the Land of Death
  5. Why It’s Critical The BiH Animal Welfare Law Is Not Changed
    Website: Animal Welfare Advocates for Bosnia
  6. Saving Greys: Dog Track Insiders Sound Alarm on Texas Injuries
  7. Pet Abuse Listing
  8. AnimalsAsia | “Say No to Cat and Dog Meat” ad comes alive
  9. Something To Keep In Mind Next Time You’re Thinking About Ordering Crab Or Lobster
  10. ASPCA | Video: How You Can Adopt Them All
  11. The first 100 Days of Mei Lun and Mei Huan  [VIDEO] Twin Giant Panda Cubs
  12. Baby duck sticks with mama cat [VIDEO]
  13. Cats stealing dog beds compilation. [VIDEO]

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