Wednesday, September 14, 2016

UPDATE: Cove Monitor Threatened by Extremists

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Cove Monitor Threatened by Japanese Extremists
Extremist Threatens Cove Monitor
Less than two weeks into the 2016/17 dolphin hunting season in Taiji, Japan, Dolphin Project documented the first lives lost – and another threatened.

On September 9, in an eerie resemblance of last year, almost to the day, the dolphins’ luck ran out when a pod of Risso’s were driven into the cove and slaughtered. As Dolphin Project live streamed from the cove, the world watched in real time as this once-robust pod of approximately 19 dolphins were killed, their lifeless bodies hidden underneath blue and gray tarps. The remaining Risso’s also watched, awaiting their own slaughter as the skiffs went by, dragging dead pod members.

Two days later, one of our Cove Monitors was stalked by a Japanese Nationalist Group, subjected to repeated aggressive and threatening gestures lasting over an hour. Local police attempted to act as a buffer between the two, but one individual managed to open her car door, hit her vehicle and scream, "Yankee — get out!"
"As a U.S. citizen she has a right to be there and stalking is a serious crime in Japan. We question why the police are allowing them to do this."
~ Ric O’Barry, Founder/Director of Dolphin Project
Dolphin Project Cove Monitors have visas to be in Japan and are not breaking any laws. Local law enforcement should know that stalking is illegal in Japan. Making obscene gestures is also illegal, and yet the perpetrator/s were not arrested or charged. We are happy that she was unharmed, and will continue her vigilance for the dolphins.
Dolphin Project will be on the ground in Taiji during the entire killing season, live streaming, blogging and disseminating information for the world to see. Your support has never been more crucial. Any donation you can give is greatly appreciated and needed.
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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Rescued animals to lose their home as sanctuary closes - PLEASE HELP...

Patron: Martin Shaw
Please Help

Waiting for a new home....
Animals in Need of a Home as Sanctuary Closes
  We have received a desperate plea to take in the animals of Suffolk based Blossoms Rescue after they are to lose much of their land.  Sara, founder of Blossoms said "It has been a heartbreaking decision but we are just unable to carry on."
   Over the last 35 years Blossoms have rescued hundreds of dogs, cats, horses, farm animals and wildlife.   The loss of land, along with constant worry of raising enough money to adequately care for the animals, has left Sara, who has twice fought cancer and suffers heart problems, with no choice but to close the sanctuary.
    "It's a distressing time for us, but if Hillside are able to take them, at least we know they will be well cared for and safe" said Sara.  “The farm animals and 20 horses and ponies, including some with health problems, need to be urgently taken in.  The smallest is Snoopy, a little Shetland, who
suffered mental abuse and the biggest is Rush, an ex racehorse with problems often associated with ex racers.  We will be eternally grateful to Hillside if they are able to give a home to all these wonderful creatures."

    Hillside is always stretched to the limit, so we really need your help to be able to offer sanctuary to the Blossoms’ rescues.  Every penny donated towards this very urgent appeal will be so greatly appreciated.

01603 736200

Little Snoopy...

Legend the ram with Patchouli the goat at Blossoms Rescue

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