Friday, August 31, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 08/31

  1. President Zardari: Save my daughter -- 24 hrs left!
  2. Against sting / choke collar in Luxembourg
  4. Tell Men's Wearhouse to Stop Selling Cruel Australian Wool!
  5. Stop Namibia From Exporting Elephants And Other Wildlife To Cuban Zoo
  6. Support Bat Listing Under Pennsylvania's Endangered Species Act
  7. Deny Shell's Extension in the Arctic
  8. Stop Plastic From Killing Ocean Animals
  9. Protect California From Fracking Risks
  10. Please protect the George Washington National Forest
  11. Protect the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness
  12. Restore the fragile Gulf Coast habitats damaged by the MRGO project
  13. Stop Bayer's New GMO Herbicide-Addicted Soy!
  14. Tell Farmer to Stop Feeding Candy to Cattle
  15. Save Millions of Gallons of Water By Installing Low-Flush Toilets in the Denver International Airport
  1. Boycott 2012 World Conservation Congress in Jeju, S. Korea - End the Torture and Consumption of Dogs and Cats!
  2. South Korean Government: Drop all charges against animal rights activist So-Youn Park
  3. Help the Helpless
  4. Help Save Maui's Dolphins
  5. Republican Party: Stop using the matriarchal elephant as a Republican symbol.
  6. House Committee on Veterans' Affairs Chairman Jeff Miller: Amend HR 1627-11 to comply with ADA
  7. Samaritan House/Villages at Samaritan House, an Hiv/Aids Residency.: Allow the residents to keep thier pets and have pets in the future.
  8. Town of Hickory Creek, Texas: Stop aerial spraying for West Nile Virus
  9. The life of the Orangutans: Stop burning trees down especially in Indonesia!!
  10. Rural Municipality of Big Lakes Region of Alberta: Stop the Wolf Bounty
  11. The President of the United States: to take the Potbellied Pig out of the " livestock" category
  12. Joyce Ruano: Stop killing wolves for fun
  13. Save the Koalas: Make people aware of the koala population loss and to help to save them
  1. Stop Kill Shelters in NJ
  3. Protect Utah Horses from Roundup
  4. Stop Funding Animal Experiments
  5. Justice for animal abuse
  6. Wisconsin: Don't Use Dogs to Hunt Wolves!
  7. Better Identification for Box Type Livestock Carrying Vehicles Throughout the EU.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 08/30

  1. Justice for Bhopal
  2. Save Great White Sharks From Extinction
  3. Please improve the national network of marine reserves
  4. YES to world's largest marine reserves
  5. Tell the USDA to Keep Agent Orange Soy Off Your Plate!
  6. Thank President Obama for shifting clean cars into high gear
  7. Tell the USDA:  No GMO Apples!
  1. NatGeo Television/National Geographic: Stop the Melissa Bachman show from broadcasting!
  2. Ask the EPA to Protect Consumers, Not Corporations Peddling Poisons
  3. Governor, State of Montana USA - 406-444-3111: Ban the Trapping of Wolves In Montana
  4. Delaware County, Ohio Dog Warden: Stop this INNOCENT dog from being wrongfully killed
  5. No Chain Porter County
  6. The Hartz Mountain Corporation: Stop selling harmful, poisonous flea and tick products
  7. Urge Kaporos Practitioners to Wave Money Instead of Chickens
  8. Japanese car and consumer electronic corporations: Tell your government to stop killing whales and dolphins!
  9. Remove Shark Fin Soup from Dynasty Restaurant, Trump Taj Majal Atlantic City, NJ
  10. No mass killing of dogs in Oradea, Romania
  11. Close the pounds, Ask the kennels pursuant to Spain: Spain to get under the laws in defense of animals.
  12. Animal Protection Movement
  13. No to the Anguilla Dolphinarium
  1. End Misconception of Rhino Horn Health Benefits in Vietnam
  2. Save Resident Bat Species in Pennsylvania
  3. Applaud Disney for Eliminating Junk Food Ads
  4. Support Reduction of Toxic Chemical Use in Public Parks
  5. Support Algae Fuel Development in Israel
  1. STOP Bear Baiting in South Carolina
  2. National Geographic please remove Melissa Bachman from the cast of your upcoming show!
  3. Stop Animal Torture in Spanish Festivals!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 08/29

  1. The Cove: Sign the Petition to Help Save Japan's Dolphins
    The Cove exposes the slaughter of more than 20,000 dolphins and porpoises off the coast of Japan every year. Yet, the majority of the world is not aware this is happening. Be a part of the solution by signing and sharing this petition. 33 days left!
  2. Urge USDA to Pull License of Cruel Roadside Zoo
  3. Stop the Chemtrails! We want the truth! NOW!
  4. Restore the Wetlands! Protect the People!
    Public comment on the Army Corps MRGO restoration plan ends September 6th.
  5. Australia's historic plan for marine protection needs your approval to proceed...
    Our mission: to secure the world's largest network of marine sanctuaries
    The challenge: to have 10,000 people send this email before 10 September '12
  6. Measuring behavior research: cruel scientific fraud!
  7. Close down the world's last circuses with dolphins
  8. Declaration of Rights for Cetaceans: Whales and Dolphins
  9. Asking BLM to Halt ALL Wild Horse Roundups (US)
  10. Give YOUR FEEDBACK on Parks Canada’s proposed National Marine Conservation Area
    (there are points highlighted to make a comment easier)
  11. Tell 12 Governors Not to Block Medicaid
  12. Demand a Just Settlement Between BP and U.S. Government
  1. Giza zoo: unchain the 60-years-old elephants
  2. Stop the Sale of African Lion Meat
  3. Mr. Xiaosong Zheng, China's Minister: We Ask China's Minister Mr. Xiaosong Zheng To Shutdown All Bear Bile Farms
  4. Please Support "Daniel's Law"
  5. All Malls in the United States: Keep "Perfect Pocket Pet" kiosks out of our malls
  6. NYC AC&C: STOP The Senseless Killing....And FIRE Julie Bank!
  7. Tigers do not belong at county fairs!
  8. Judge Valdespino: Don't let Ivy and her pup be killed! Ask Judge to save them!
  9. Justice for Princess and all animals and victims of Animal Cruelty: Sign this petition to bring princess' abuser to justice..
  10. Animal Abuse Must Stop: Stop the torture of defenseless animals
  11. Companies that use unsustainable palm oil in their products: Stop using palm oil or switch to a sustainable source.
  12. Stop Thailand's Illegal Dog Meat Trade
  13. David Cameron Prime Minister of the United Kingdom: Keep the Ban on Fox Hunting
  14. Protect Hawaii's Reef Fish from the Aquarium Trade
  15. Superior Court Judge Joseph Cassini III in Newark NJ: Do not accept Kisha Curtis into the Pretrial Intervention Program!
  16. Help Double Dog Rescue continue to save animals!
  17. SSPCA & Scottish Government: Tighten Up The Welfare Act For Working Dogs
  18. House Of Lords: to stop BSL on all pitbull type dogs, or dogs they call type
  19. Mayor, BBMP: Stop considering culling of street dogs in Bangalore
  20. Internal Affairs and the Animal Welfare League of Port Charlotte FL.: Locate and Return Autistic Boys Emotional Support Dogs
  21. Delaware County Dog Warden JOHN: Expedite a hearing date or put a hold on the daily holding fee of 25$
  22. Mayor of City of Logan, WVA: Help get a cleaner environment for these animals at the Logan pound
  23. Please Help Save the Honeybees
  24. Town of Andover: Halt plans for construction of a parking lot on conservation property
  25. Indiana Michigan Power/American Electric Power: Find an alternative to a 400' X 156' substation at Tillotson and University
  26. The President of the United States: Require drug stores and pharmacy companies to accept/dispose of unused drugs
  27. Town of Flower Mound, TX: Limit aerial spraying to infected areas and avoid major bodies of water.
  28. Support Clean Energy!
  29. Smoothie King: Discontinue the use of Styrofoam Cups
  30. Office of the Governor The Honorable Neil Abercrombie
 Governor: Ban the use of Glyphosate in the entire State of Hawaii
  31. Gov. Neil Abercrombie: Shut down the MONSANTO operations ALL over HAWAII.
  32. The President, U.S. and other governmental militaries and subcontractors: Stop the poisoning of our planet by geo-engineering known as chemtrails.
  33. Congress: Stop giving Monsanto a free pass on poisoning America LABEL GMO
  34. US Congress: Stop Using Our Taxes to Subsidize Monsanto GMO Crops
  35. Label GMOs, remove Monsanto from the FDA, research GMOs & get our vote.
  36. Government of Pennsylvania: Require labeling of GMO products
  37. Ted McMeekin, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.: Ban the Growth and Production of Genetically Modified Crops In Ontario.

  1. Protect UK's Lab Animals: Increase Transparency in Animal Experiments
  2. Stop De-Beaking Birds
  3. Withhold Support for Dog Racing!
  4. STOP Luv a Paw from "adopting out" sick animals!!
  5. Stop the Habituation and Humanizing of black bears in ELY, MINNESOTA
  6. Tell Obama- Wolves have NOT made a "Full Recovery"
  7. Stop Frackville Borough Office from having limitations on dogs in the borough!
  8. France, stop using live dogs as bait for sharks!
  9. Stop Creating Genetically Modified Cattle!
  10. Tell "Mr.Bricolage" stop selling mechanical mouse traps!!
  12. Keep Ban on Killing of Great White Sharks
  14. Help Save Leatherback Sea Turtles
  15. Stop the Proposed Badger Cull in Britain
  16. Allow Dog Hours on Volusia County Beaches

  17. Take Back the Bowater Mersey Woodland!
  18. Tell Congress: Save Our National Parks!
  19. Save the Brazilian Merganser
  20. Sign Petition to Show Support to Protection of Wolves Worldwide
  21. Stop the Destruction of California's Majestic Forests
  22. Do Your Part to Preserve Life & All Creation
  23. Ban ocean dumping in Curacao
  24. Save the Mediterranean Monk Seal
  25. Save California Coast's Great White Shark
  26. Save California Coast's Great White Shark (2nd petition)
  27. Tell PG & E to Stop Opposing Solar Power!
  28. Save the Iberian lynx
  29. No More Dolphins in Captivity
  30. American Leadership on Climate Can't Wait

News, pledges, updates @ 08/29

  1. Owner of MICHAEL VICK'S former Va dogfighting compound wanted for animal cruelty!
    Update #2

    Search warrants filed Tuesday are shedding light on the charges being levied against Dogs Deserve Better founder Tamira Thayne.
    According to the warrants, "animals are being maced and tased on regular basis". Investigators were able to recover one taser and seven cans of Mace from the Surry County property. Also taken into evidence was an invoice for the purchase of the Mace.
    The paperwork further states that Thayne's dogs were being kept in unsuitable size crates "a minimum of 19 hours a day unless it is raining outside, then they are crated even longer."
  2. Poll: Do You Think That Dogs Should Be Used In Wolf Hunting?!
  3. QUIZ: WHAT STATE IS THE FIRST TO ENACT THE AG GAG BILL? The commercial farmers and ranchers are a major wolf concern!
  4. QUIZ: WHO SAID, in the yr. 2011; That the WOLF should be replaced on the endangered species list with an ENVIRONMENTALIST POLITICIAN?
  5. PETITION: Tell Citipups to STOP selling puppies
    Update #3

    Thanks to a dedicated animal rights activist and lawyer, we now have an up-to-date Freedom of Information Law file on Citipups. The link below will confirm what the Humane Society's investigation has already stated: Citipups buys their puppies from puppy millers and brokers. One of the brokers they use called "Critersville Kennels Inc." based in Nebraska has a problematic history with the USDA. Some of those problems include: transporting puppies in cages too small, transporting puppies in cages where the puppies feet fall through the bottom and transporting puppies without proper health and identity certification. Download the 32 page .pdf document here:
  6. PLEDGE: Use sunscreens that don't harm our beautiful coral reefs.

    Facebook Event - BOYCOTT! Iowa to oppose the AG GAG BILL, the first ever in the Country
    Facebook Page - Boycott Iowa, the AG GAG State
    A list of Products from Iowa to Boycott! -
    Petitions - Exposing Animal Cruelty Via Undercover Operations Shouldn’t be a Crime & Don’t Criminalize Undercover Investigations on Factory Farms
    some insight about Romanian dogs
  9. QUIZ: Do you think that ranchers have the right to graze their cattle on public lands.....wolf territory?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

News, pledges, updates @ 08/27

  1. PLEDGE: ACTION ALERT! Resist Monsanto: Reassert Your Faith in Non-GMO Seeds and Properly Labeled Natural Foods
  2. Help stop abuse of orangutans at Melaka Zoo, MALAYSIA
    with two petitions in it
  3. Owner of MICHAEL VICK'S former Va dogfighting compound wanted for animal cruelty! The sheriff's department has been unable to find Tamira Thayne of - DOGS DESERVE BETTER.
    articles in it:

  4. Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary Newsletter
  5. Save Lives - Emergency Rescue Support
    We are fundraising for EMERGENCY HAY, VET AND FARRIER funds for Lifetime Equine Refuge rescue horses. Join us in supporting this important cause.
  6. PLEDGE: Take a stand against big plastic
    Update #1

    [...] Governor of Illinois rejected Senate Bill 3442. [....]

    For more information about the Governor's veto, please visit our press release:

  7. Rescued elephant-David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
    Rescued on 22nd August, Faraja thoroughly enjoyed his first day out with the Nairobi herd today. He'd been a little aggressive since his rescue, understandable given he had lost his mother, likely speared! .... (read more on the link)
  8. The Hunt Starts Again 1st September, The Murders Will Begin Again!
  9. peta2 Helps Liberate Ben the Bear!‏

    Do you remember Ben the bear?

    This was Ben at Jambbas Ranch—a filthy roadside zoo in North Carolina, where he spent several years confined to a cage on hard concrete. Ben was in prison, although he'd done nothing wrong.

    Thanks to PETA, the Animal Legal Defense Fund, concerned citizens, and peta2 Street Teamers who fought for Ben, he has been rescued and released to a sanctuary in California!

    Check Ben out now:

    Ben will spend the rest of his days doing the things that bears do naturally—no longer confined and neglected. But there are other animals at Jambbas who need your help. Speak up for them now!

  10. PETITION: Tell Lonmin to meet workers demands for higher wages and better living conditions!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share

  1. Tell the White House: Don't roll back 40 years of wolf protection.
    You can help by sending your letter to the President today. Our goal is to flood the White House with 100,000.
  2. Gesetzlich vorgeschriebene Videoüberwachung europaweit an allen Schlachthöfen und Dokumentation der Fehlbetäubungen
    The reality in German slaughterhouses:
    Practice in German slaughterhouses - In five seconds, a death
    In German slaughterhouses, animals must often suffer unnecessarily.
    The error rate during slaughter of cattle is partly at nine
    Percent, even in pigs at up to 12.5 percent.
    Reason is the piece-work at slaughterhouses.
    Just five seconds remain for the professional killing.
    These are more than 700 pigs per hour.
  3. Stop suffering in the rabbit cage
    The department store chain Galeria Kaufhof sells rabbit meat from an Italian fattening farm, where animals vegetate agonizingly too narrow wire mesh cages on. FOUR PAWS protest - join.
  4. Please Replace the Use of Animals in Combat Trauma Training Courses
  5. Boycott Lady GaGa and all artists who exploit animals
  6. Stop the super trawler!
  7. Competence center instead of animal experiments (Germany)
  8. Tell Your Representative To Protect Appalachian Communities (US)
  9. USA: Support and Protect Retired Military Dogs! (US)
  10. Please Oppose Another Nevada Mustang Roundup
    Government Helicopter Stampede to Remove 400 Wild Horses from Wassuk Herd Management Area in Nevada
  11. Our Ministers for fisheries and the environment have the power to stop the approval of this industrial super trawler, but they need to hear we don't want it here. We need to speak up. We must convince them to refuse this vessel access to Australian fisheries. Please send an email to Fisheries Minister Joe Ludwig and Environment Minister Tony Burke below.
  12. With Your Help Australia Can Create the World's Largest Network of Marine Parks
  13. Protect Canada’s Species at Risk!
    If you're concerned about the future of Canada's endangered species, speak up now, before any changes are made to the federal Species at Risk Act. (There are talking points you can copy).
  14. Please Find a Path to Deficit Reduction that Does Not Damage National Parks (US)
  15. Please Stop the Sage Creek Coal Sale
  16. Radioactive waste shipments should require an environmental assessment.
  17. Chipotle: Sign the Fair Food Agreement
    If you believe its marketing hype, you’d think Chipotle does everything it can to source its ingredients ethically.
  1. Ban Gas Chambers in Illinois
  2. Free Sunder and Send him to a sanctuary
  3. King Aggressive Breed
  4. Outsource Animal Services
  5. Governor of California: FIRE THE WOMEN and man IN THE VIDEO
  6. Justice for Spade and Sobe
  7. Protect the Irish Hare!
  8. Against horse meat in France
  9. House Committee on Agriculture, Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner: Remove Steve King's PICA Amendment from the Farm Bill
  10. Marineland Canada: I want them to either shut down or take better care of the animals
  11. The Australian Fisheries Minister: Stop the fishing trawler FV Margiris
  12. To the persons concerned: the closure Weger Stops for Steinalm in Saalfelden
  13. Stop The Wisconsin Wolf Hunt Before Oct 15th!
  14. Law Enforcement STOP killing pets
  15. Save Little Miracles Rabbit Rescue!
  16. Save our animal family members from being killed.
  17. Skaist Taylor: Go Fur Free
  18. Ban religious slaughter in the European Union
  19. Investigate the City of North Chicago's Police Division and Officials
  20. All Ace Hardware Corporation stores throughout the US.: Stop selling animal glue traps.
  21. SOUTH KOREA: Stop hunting whales
  22. Apache Alaska Corporation: Stop Harassing and Killing Beluga Whales
  23. Save Baby Seals In Namibia: STOP killing SEALS for FUR
  25. Businesses offering shark fin soup and other shark items in the US.: Stop selling all shark items and services that are aimed at harming sharks
  26. Save Marineland's Animals
  27. Stop stereotyping dog breeds and shut down this website!!!!!!
  28. Find and prosecute those responsible for tying 3 dogs to railroad tracks
  29. Dear Drafting of Report I ask you to give voice to the world ANTIVIVISECTIONIST
  30. Jail for dealer Galapagos land iguanas
  31. CITY COUNCIL Argoños: Immediate confiscation of a dog tied permanently
  32. The U.S. House of Representatives: Update the Animal Welfare Act to improve animal safety and health.
  33. UGG Australia: Boycott the UGG brand
  34. Vancouver Parks Board: KEEP KITS BEACH WILD. Say NO to the Point Grey Foreshore Seawall
  35. Stop Testing on Animals!
  36. Ask the EPA of Hawaii to Clean Up A'Bay
  37. President Barack Obama; U.S. Congress: Implement a major reforestation effort in America-Plant America
  38. Muriel D'Archambeau: Steunen in de oprichting van een markt - Soutenir la création d'un marché
    For a bio-market in the city
  39. Anti Venom at Banfield Pet Hospital
  40. Ban all export of horses to be slaughtered for human consumption
  42. Help Sulphur OK Animals
  43. Circuses: (Piccadilly Circus, Barnum & Bailey, etc.): Stop using animals for entertainment in circuses!
  44. Spanish Minister for the Environment: Put an end to dolphin and orca shows in Spanish dolphinaria
  45. Congress: Reauthorize the Tiger Postal Stamp that is helping save vanishing species.
  46. No Toxic Chemicals, Please!
  47. Beaver Creek State Park: Protect the park from logging and drilling.
  48. Pe’ Sla, The Heart Of All That Is: Help Save the Lakota Heart Land: Stop auction of Sacred land or help the Sioux Nation obtain land.
  49. United States Senate: Stop the mining of COLTAN in Africa
  50. The White House: STOP Monsanto from taking charge of the food supply in Africa.
  51. Stop funding the Drug War in the USA, South America, Africa and Europe with U.S. Taxpayer's money
  52. Stop big oil companies from funding corruption in Africa
  1. Stop Mistreatment of Sea Animals in Canadian Aquarium
  2. Ban Violent Italian Horse Races
  3. Don’t Criminalize Undercover Investigations on Factory Farms
  4. Defend Great White Sharks from Extinction
  5. End Cruel Blood Sport of Fox Hunting in Ireland
  6. Close Loophole that Allows California Restaurants to Serve Foie Gras for Free
  7. Protect Threatened Wild Argali Sheep
  8. California: Ban Toxic Styrofoam Packaging
  9. Punish Lead Smelter for Poisoning Local Community
  10. Commend Johnson & Johnson for Eliminating Dangerous Chemicals in Products
  11. Thank U.S. For Agent Orange Clean Up In Vietnam
  12. Cancel Virginia’s Coalfields Expressway Project

  1. Stop Destroying India's Forests
  2. Save Wolves in Wyoming!

  3. Keep Florida's Fort Matanzas Beach Driving-free
  4. To check and sign new petitions for Animal Welfare go here:
  5. To check and sign new petitions for Environment and Wildlife

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share

  1. Don't roll back 40 years of wolf protection.
  2. Support Grazing Allotment Closure for Mexican Lobos
  3. Tell Groupon: Show Love for Elephants!
  4. Please Oppose Another Nevada Mustang Roundup
    Government Helicopter Stampede to Remove 400 Wild Horses from Wassuk Herd Management Area in Nevada
  5. Review or close Marineland
  7. No reclaimed wastewater on the San Francisco Peaks!
  8. Stop Rollkur aux JO de Londres 2012
  9. Ms. Jackson, Refinery Communities Need EPA’s Help With Tar Sands Pollution
  10. Thank Ecuador. Shame UK.
  11. Tell President Obama to support a Robin Hood Tax on Wall Street
  14. Tell Secretary Vilsack: Farmers Deserve the Facts about Climate Change and Drought (Non US residents can sign, too)
  15. Tell Obama: Keep Your Promise on Fracking!
  16. Support Cleaner Aviation and Oppose S.1956 (US)
  17. Stop the War on Wildlife (US)
  18. End cruel hound hunting of bears and bobcats -- support Senate Bill 1221 (California)
  19. Bloody Ivory Campaign Petition (confirmation needed)
  20. Please Replace the Use of Animals in Combat Trauma Training Courses
  21. Boycott Canadian Seafood to Save Seals
  22. Save the last orangutan refuge
  1. stop steryotyping dog breeds and shut down this website!!!!!!
  2. Clear Creek County Sheriffs Office and Animal Control: Do not return the Dog Missy to her original owner Anthony Ortolani
  3. United States Department of Agriculture: Amend the Animal Welfare Act and to provide more humane conditions for dogs
  4. Healthcare Research & Analytics Plans to Have Doctors CUT UP LIVE PIGS in the name of "Research"
  5. US Senators: Make an animal abuser registry available nationwide
  7. Be our voice, Demand change
  8. Bibb County (Georgia) Commissioners: Hire Van VanDeWalker as the Director of MBCAW
  9. Gosford Council and NSW State Government: Take urgent action to secure Bambara in the surrounding National Park
  10. Justicia por los cachorros ahorcados y Campañas de Castraciones de Animales
  11. Plateau State Government: Nigeria. We Say NO To A New Dog meat market in Jos!
  12. The Supreme Court, United State of America: Stop fear based/bias info to label most dog attacks as pitbull repeal BSL
  13. Australian Government: Permanently ban Coal Seam Gas (CSG) Mining
  14. Keep our leaders accountable on climate change: Demand Action on Kyoto2!
  1. Don't Release Man Accused of Stomping Puppy to Death from Jail
  2. Bloody Ivory Campaign Petition
  3. A place to take your dog...Doggy Area in Mudeford Wood
  5. Stop Horse Drawn carriages in NYC!
  6. Please Boycott Canada Goose This Winter
  7. Tell Canada To Protect Animals In Aquatic Parks!
  8. Stop Horrific Neglect Of Animals at Marineland at Niagara Falls.
  9. Stop Horrific Neglect Of Animals at Marineland at Niagara Falls. (2nd petition)
  10. Stop Horrific Neglect Of Animals at Marineland at Niagara Falls. (3rd petition)
  11. Animals Flown as Cargo Get a First-Class Upgrade
  12. Ask the Army National Guard to Replace the Use of Pigs in Combat Trauma Training Courses
  13. Make an animal abuser registry available nationwide
  14. Ban Horse Carriages in NYC
  15. STOP THE KILLING, We Demand an Investigation of Lewisburg Animal Shelter's Practices
  16. Retire Grazing Permits - Give Mexican Wolves Freedom to Roam
  17. Protect America's Wolves!
  18. Don't roll back 40 years of wolf protection.
  19. List Mountain Lion as Endangered in Nebraska
  20. Don't Let Children and Teens Get Away With Animal Abuse
  21. Tell Federal Government to Increase Protections for Mexican Wolves
  22. Mexican Wolf Kill Order Rescinded, but Fox Mountain Family Will Still Suffer
  23. Tell Groupon: Show Love for Elephants!
  24. Stop animals from being victims of divorce
  25. Help Stop the Seal Hunt!
  26. California: End Cruel Bear and Bobcat Hounding
  27. ASPCA Offers $15,000 Reward in Puppy Cruelty Case
  28. Amend the Animal Welfare Act and to provide more humane conditions for dogs
  29. Stop the use of beagles in testing labs
  30. Stop the use of beagles in testing labs (2nd petition)
  31. Do not return the Dog Missy to her original owner Anthony Ortolani
  32. End Abuse of Roman Carriage Horses!
  34. Save the last orangutan refuge
  36. Arizona Department of Racing red-handed breaking the Arizona open records law.
  38. Australia, Go dairy free for a week!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share

  1. Vote - Poll on Lady Gaga's wearing fur (Gaga is winning so please vote!)
  2. Two State Fairs with Big Cat Acts
    Please let the Iowa & Nebraska State Fair know that it is bad business to exploit big cats
  3. Racism kills! - LENNOX had to die because he was a 'Pitbull' 
  4. Save the Alpine gems!
  5. Against dog fighting (confirmation needed)
  6. Justice ... Dog dragged for about 1 km by car (confirmation needed)
  7. We appeal to international aid to help the animals of Zoo Ain Sebaa, Casablanca (confirmation needed)
  8. For a ban on bullfighting in France (confirmation needed)
  9. No super trawlers. Not here. Not anywhere.
  10. Tell Enbridge: Stop misleading the public and pull your misleading pipeline ads immediately.
  11. Helping Varna (Bulgaria) municipality to deal with the problem of stray dogs.
  12. Support Sea Turtle Friendly Development on Mentawak Beach, Kg Juara, Tioman Island
  13. Protect Endangered Whales in the San Francisco Bay! (US)
  14. Stop savage 'pig dogging' in Australia
  15. Join the Global Frackdown for a Ban on Fracking!
  16. Meet or beat J&J's commitment to safer cosmetics worldwide
  17. Stop using beagles in testing labs
  18. RPU: Stop Funding Dangerous Energy, Fund Clean Energy
  19. Save The Leaf-Scaled Sea Snake
  20. Restore funding for river restoration programs (US)
  21. Keep Sewage Out of the Great Lakes - Support the Clean Water State Revolving Fund
  22. Keep a Mother Wolf With Her Family and Free (US)
  23. Co-Sponsor Legislation to Designate Bison the U.S. National Mammal (US)
  1. No Hydrofracking in New York State
  2. Animal Welfare Act Bill HR3359
  3. Animal Welfare
  4. Degrading Women Doesn't Save Animals; Stop PETA Porn Site
  5. Relieve laying hens from cruel battery cages.
  6. Compassion for Animals!!!
  7. Curbing Pesticide Use Through Green Label Reform
  8. Ban Horse Slaughter Now!
  9. Animal Rights: How Long Should a Dog Stay in the Car?
  10. Animal Rights
  11. Stricter Laws Against Animal Abusers
  12. Animal Cruelty and No Punishment?
  13. Stop the needless animal slaughter by the National Park Servicenal Park
  16. Voice to the Voiceless
  18. Found Animal Report Law
  19. Stop Slaughtering Big Bend Burros
  20. Demand Governor Bill Haslam hold Warren County Sheriff responsible
  21. Label GMO's
  22. Vegetarian/Vegan Rights in Charles County Detention Center
  23. Tell the FDA that we have a right to know what's in our food.
  24. Occupy the Barn!
  25. Support Iowa Companion Animals through SSB3159
  26. Stiffer penalties for animal abusers
  27. Animal abuse
  28. We Have The Right To Know! Demand Labeling of ALL GMO!
  29. Protect Our Rural Environment
  31. Stop killing dolphins and whales
  32. Pass Justin's Law
  33. Require labeling of GMO food products
  34. Stop Killing Dogs - Euro 2012 Ukraine
  36. Horses are not raised for food...Stop Horse Slaughter before it begins
  3. Overturn The Legalization of Horse Slaughter for Human Consumption
  4. South Dakota Legislature: Make egregious acts of animal cruelty a felony in SD for companion animals
  5. Miami Dade County: Repeal the Pitbull Ban
  6. Stop Marineland Canada from Torturing Animals!
  7. Save Woodlawn Stables phase 2
  8. Airlines: Eliminate the extra charge for a pet on board
  9. FDA: Stop poisoning our pets with tainted pet food from China
  10. Ringling Brothers Circus-TD North Boston "Saddest Show on Earth": Stop TDNorth from supporting the abuse of circus animals for money
  11. The Ministry of Forestry: Close Down the Banjarmasin Zoo and Rescue the Animals
  12. Chinese and Vietnamese government: STOP THE CARNAGE OF DOGS AND CATS IN VIETNAM
  13. United States Congress: Stop the violent abuse of horses.
  14. International Olympic Committee: Stop the use of horses in Olympic events
  15. Mayor Dean Fortin, please ban the use of horse-drawn carriages in Victoria
  16. Ontario Canada Government: Prevent the slaughter of tens of thousands of race horses
  17. The state of Oklahoma: Stop the delivery of animals to research institutions
  18. Anyone and everyone!: Stop the inhumane murder of innocent animals for their fur in China.
  20. Hartz Mountain Corp: Stop the sale of their Flea & Tick Products for Cats & Dogs
  21. State of Minnesota: stop the use of Gas Chambers to euthanize dogs and cats in Animal Shelters
  22. Entertainment Director, Bristol Renaissance Fair: Do not allow Elephant Walk at this year's fair or any future fairs.
  23. US, China, North Korea, South Korea: Stop killing cats and dogs for food
  24. Don't Kill for Game - No Mates para Jugar
  25. Hon. Ed Fast, Min. of Int. Trade for the Asia-Pacific Gateway: Prevent the import of fur from dogs and cats from Asia
  26. JUSTICE for Elephant abused in Jyotiba Temple : Sukanya Kadyan
  27. City of Ashkelon: STOP CATS POISONING!!!!!!!!!!!!
  28. Free Sundar and Send him to a sanctuary
  29. Lake Haven Animal Rescue of Newaygo MI: Stop Declawing Rescued Felines
  30. City of Santa Ana - Animal Control Services: Stop the Capture & Euthanasia of feral cats in Santa Ana
  31. Corea del Sur: Detener la vida imposible y la muerte torturado de perros y gatos
  32. Japanese government: To stop allowing companies to skin dogs and cats alive for their fur.
  33. Vietnam, China, and other Asian countries: Stop the butchering of dogs and cats and dolphins
  34. Spring Valley trailer Court: Stop the trapping and illegal dumping of cats and other animals.
  35. UVA President: Stop cruel outdated trainings on cats
  36. The NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell: STOP the sports shooters from getting access to our NATIONAL PARKS
  37. Costco: Stop selling toxic Kirkland Brand "Flea & Tick control for Cats"
  38. Department of Agriculture: Permanently ban the slaughter and export of equines in the Unites States
  40. Help Animals in Yemen
  41. International Olympic Committee: Strip US Shooter Corey Cogdell of her Olympic Medal
  42. Every living being and International Media: Stop Live Animals From Being Sold As Keyrings In China!
  43. Tell Bulgaria: The indiscriminate slaughter of stray animals is genocide and pure fascism.
  44. The Ministers of Environment & Tourism and Fisheries & Marine Resources: Listen to scientists, don't let phosphate mining threaten Namibia's ocean
  45. Fairfax County Board of Supervisors: To Save Tysons Corner's Last Forest and Stream
  46. Ask Trader Joe's for meat without drugs
  47. Southold Plastic Bag Ban
  1. Seek Maximum Punishment For Man Who Beat Dog With Hatchet
  2. Urge PetSmart to Recall Tainted Dog Treats
  3. Save Pit Bull Unfairly Evaluated as Aggressive from Execution
  4. Outlaw Inhumane Torture of Captive Animals in Egyptian Zoos
  5. Don’t Let Children and Teens Get Away With Animal Abuse
  6. Applaud Massachusetts’ New Animal Welfare Law
  7. Eliminate Toxic Lead from Hunting Ammunition
  8. Put an End to the International Seahorse Trade
  9. End Barbaric Export of Live Animals From Australia
  10. Support Funding for Marine Sanctuaries
  11. Stop Genetically Engineered Salmon from Entering Our Food Supply
  12. Don’t Release Man Accused of Stomping Puppy to Death from Jail
  13. Restrict Hunting of Endangered Mountain Lion
  14. Eliminate Abusive Seagull Prank Video from YouTube
  15. Encourage a National Ban on Shark Finning
  16. Support Companies Committed to Farming Pigs Humanely
  17. Protect Rare Arizona Flora
  18. Don’t Let North Carolina Ignore Rising Sea Levels
  19. Ban Environmentally Damaging Factory Fish Farms
  20. Regulate Use of Chemical Dispersants in Oil Spill Cleanup
  21. Stop the Spraying of Pesticides in Dallas
  22. Demand Washington Paper Company Practice Responsible Waste Management
  23. Ensure Freedom of Speech Protections for Wikileaks Founder
  1. Petition to Save the Doberman Dog With Duct Taped Mouth in Mexico
  2. Save Demi from unjust Breed Classification
  3. Seek Maximum Punishment For Man Who Beat Dog With Hatchet
  4. Allow Memphis to be Adopted by Jeff Coltenback
  5. Fire Elementary School Teacher Who Beat His Dog To Death
  8. It's ILLEGAL to ABANDON Your CHICKENS, & Fair Oaks, Ca. Needs Signs Stating Such.
  9. Management Change at Sudbury District Animal Control
  11. Two State Fairs with Big Cat Acts
  12. DoT's Proposal to Improve Reporting of Pets on Planes Is Not Quite Ready for Take-off
  13. Don't Allow Dogs to Maul Pigs to Death
  14. Stop cruelty to marine animals at Marineland Waterpark
  15. Stop The People Making Horses Suffer In The Maltese Heat
  16. Stop the massacre of Pumas in Argentina
  17. Justice for Three Dogs Tied to Train Tracks!
  18. 3 Dogs Tied to Railroad Tracks, 2 Die by Collision
  19. Save California's Great White Shark!
  21. Stop Animal Cruelty at MarineLand
  22. Save Elephants! Stop Ivory Trade Permanently Now!
  23. Stop abusing horses during the palio of Siena and Legnano
  24. List African Lion as an Endangered Species
  25. Ban Lion Meat in the U.S.!
  26. Save Wolves in Wyoming!
  27. Ban the Meynell & South Staffordshire Hunt from National Trust land.
  28. Urge The President To Stop Factory Farming
  29. Stop the Senseless Slaughter of Dolphins in Taiji, Japan!
  30. Encourage the USDA to Investigate the Death of 400 Pregnant Cattle
  31. Ending blood traffic that is killing hundreds of horses
  32. Boycott Marineland in Niagara Falls, Ontario. help us get some laws to save these animals.
  33. Save Endangered Florida Panthers!
  34. Help for large animals in small zoos
  35. Marineland (animal suffering); A message to John Holer (owner) to provide better management and care
  36. Justice for the animals at Marineland Ontario Canada
  37. We Will Not Tolerate Animal Abuse At Marineland!
  38. Obama- DO NOT Delist the Wyoming Wolf!
  39. Stop poaching of Wolves in Finland
  40. Overturn The Legalization of Horse Slaughter for Human Consumption
  41. Stop Cruel and Careless Hunting in NSW National Parks
  42. Norway needs animal cops, Norway
  43. Give the Queens Guards faux skin hats
  44. Tell Lady Gaga to Stop Wearing Fur!
  45. We need you as promised during the election campaign, REALLY DRINKING WATER, collecting stray dogs on the streets VILLAGE!
  46. NYC animal shelters killing thousands of pets
  47. Stop the Abuse of Betta Fish
  48. Urge PetSmart to Recall Tainted Dog Treats
  50. Defend wildlife in the area of Santa Luzia
  51. Save Bicknell's Thrush!
  52. Make the City of Los Angeles do The Right Thing
  53. Support Funding for Marine Sanctuaries
  54. Save the nature reserve Harz
  55. Petition to Save Lake Urmia
  56. Demand Washington Paper Company Practice Responsible Waste Management
  57. Demand Chevron Protect Community from Hazardous Air Pollution