Monday, December 31, 2012

Anthropomorphic Nouns‏

The English language has some wonderfully anthropomorphic collective nouns for the various groups of animals. 

We are all familiar with a

 Herd of cows
Flock of chickens
School of fish
 and a Gaggle of geese
 and a Pride of lions

However, less widely known is:
 a Murder of crows
 (as well as their cousins the rooks and ravens)
 an Exaltation of doves

And, presumably because they look so wise
 a Congress of owls

Now consider a group of Baboons.
They are the loudest, most dangerous, most obnoxious, most viciously aggressive and least intelligent of all primates.........

And what is the proper collective noun for a group of baboons?
 Believe it or not ……. A Parliament
Pretty much explains everything doesn't it?

You just can’t make this stuff up.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ask Edmonton to Let Lucy Pack Her Trunk!

Please send polite comments to:

The Honourable Stephen Mandel
Mayor of Edmonton
Edmonton City Councillors

Dear Sir,

For over 30 years, Lucy has been held captive in a small zoo enclosure in frigid Edmonton, Alberta, and for more than three years, she’s been without the companionship of other elephants.

Lucy’s life at the Edmonton Valley Zoo—which was identified by elephant biologist Winnie Kiiru as the worst zoo in Canada for elephants—is a miserable contrast to what she would experience in the wild. Female elephants are highly social and suffer greatly when kept in isolation. Edmonton’s freezing winter weather and the zoo’s policy of locking Lucy indoors during the winter and when the zoo is closed means that Lucy spends the majority of her time in a small barn. When she is allowed outside, she is restricted to an enclosure that is less than an acre in size.

Lucy exhibits signs of mental distress and has health issues—including upper respiratory problems, arthritis, obesity, and chronic foot ailments—as a result of the substandard and inadequate conditions at the Edmonton Valley Zoo. These health problems are further aggravated by the region’s frigid climate.

The city of Toronto recently agreed to release the elephants at its city zoo to a sanctuary by the end of 2012 and also formally urged Edmonton to do the same with Lucy. This is a huge step forward, and it’s time for Edmonton to follow Toronto’s example!

The only way to ensure that Lucy’s suffering doesn’t continue—and that her health conditions don’t eventually kill her—is to transfer her to a sanctuary. The Performing Animal Welfare Society sanctuary in California can offer Lucy ponds for bathing, fresh vegetation and foraging opportunities, the freedom to roam over many acres of natural habitat, and the company of other elephants.

I urge you and the Edmonton City Council to do whatever is necessary to get Lucy relocated to a sanctuary and to close the zoo’s elephant exhibit permanently.




Petitions - Please Sign & Share 12/16

  1. KFC Stop Destroying Southern Forests
  2. Czech Republic: Protest against Fur Farms
    (click on: Stop the Killing, at the right)
  3. Against the Fox Hunt in Flanders, Belgium (confirmation needed)
    First name, last name, email, password, plaats=town, teken=sign.
  4. Stop P & G form torturing & testing their products on animals.
  5. Like a Duck to Water Campaign
  6. Thank you for making a difference to the lives of farmed ducks
    Tesco has committed to stocking duck meat from farms implementing RSPCA welfare standards and therefore providing ducks with full body access to water.
  7. Help Save 70 Beagles From Experimentation
    Beagles were saved :)
    Victory: Dozens of Beagle Puppies Saved From Cruel Testing Lab!
  8. Urge Air India to Keep Ban on Shipping Animals to Labs!
  9. Fortnum & Mason: Stop Foie Gras Cruelty
  10. NOT another 50 Million to Huge Chicken Factory Ukraine
  11. Ask for a legislation to guarantee minimum welfare standards for Europe’s dairy cows.
  12. We Can't Trust Enbridge -- Stop the Tar Sands (US)
  13. Don't Drown out Dolphins' Voices (US)
  14. Ask Edmonton to Let Lucy Pack Her Trunk!
  15. Urge Virginia to Ban Cruel Penning, Mauling of Foxes!
  16. Tell the U.S. Forest Service to Prioritize Bat Protection
  17. Stop Wasteful Experiments On Marmoset Monkeys To Study Human Communication (US)
  18. NYU Left 10,000 Animals to Drown During Hurricane Sandy
  19. Tell NRC & Congress: Strengthen or Close GE reactors (US)
  20. Payback Time! Boycott the Brands that Helped Kill Prop 37
  21. Please stop the cruel radiation experiments at Jacobs University!
  22. Stop the use of animals in Palini and folk festivals
  1. Stop Eating Monkey Brains
  2. Save Orangutans – demand only sustainable palm oil is used by Supermarkets/Manufacturers!
  3. Save Rocket from BSL
  4. Cameron Missouri Anti Tether Ordinance
  5. Loving Kindness can stop the Canadian seal hunt
  6. Stop the use of reindeer for public entertainment (confirmation needed)
  1. We speak for those who can not
  2. Fireworks
  3. Standardized symbols and colors for guide dogs
  4. Access on the beach for the pets.
  5. Fenced green areas in the parks for animals.
  6. Shelter for cats in danger
  7. No barrels to New Year's Eve in Vicenza and its province.
  8. We protect Mother Earth! We need more trees.
  9. Hunting In The National Park Stelvio
  10. "The Right to Live 2012" - For a circus without animals
  11. Vivisection = Death. We need 500,000 signatures for referendum
  1. USDA: No More Lion Burgers! Ban the Sale of Lion Meat
  2. Stop Fish and Game from taking my raven!
  3. Help Create a Better Future for Polar Bears
  4. STOP culling of wild monkey, boars and blue bulls in India - Naresh Kadyan
  5. Protest against savage Festivals in New Caledonia
  6. U.S. State Department: Help the Endangered African Elephant by Supporting a New Barter System
  7. Snohomish County Council Members: Pass Ordinance No. 12-106 to ban the slaughter of horses.
  8. Pres. Obama, reinforce Statements made while Senator against Canada's annual Seal Hunt
  9. The North Carolina General Assembly: Ban gas chambers and heartsick for the killing of shelter animals
  10. Help Make France a Cat-Friendly Country. (no specific target)
  11. White Tiger: We can stop this abuse in our generation - Naresh Kadyan
  12. Justice for all dogs who have basic rights to bark! - Ms. Sukanya Kadyan
  13. Stop killing African elephants for illegal ivory trade!
  14. Restore Tiger occupancy area which shrunk by 20,000 sq km in India - Sukanya Kadyan
  15. Death camps and Nazi like moneymakers
  16. Completion and closing dolphins park in Boudewijn Seapark Brugge Belgium
  17. Termination of two dog breeders from Hillsborough County's Animal Advisory Committee
  18. USA needs Animal Cruelty Surcharge to help fund Spay/Neuter programs in Each State
  19. Tell IHOP to stop using eggs from confined cages
  20. Oppose the Cruel Practice of Factory Farming of Egg-Laying Hens
  21. Tax Meat Products, Reduce Meat Consumption and Global Warming, and Save Animals
  22. STOP cruel camel transportation by BSF for Republic day - Naresh Kadyan
  1. Applaud Australian Supermarkets for Phasing Out Factory Farmed Animal Products
  2. Demand Animal Hospital Stop Turning Away Animals in Need
  3. Stop Deadly Party Pills Drug Testing on Animals in New Zealand
  4. Protect Lions from American Poachers
  1. Stop the ruminal cannula - permanent access to a cow's stomach to analyze the feed process
  2. Tell the CPUC Not to Pass Gas
  3. BAN the retail of caged eggs (no specific target)
  4. Please help us save our family dog from being destroyed.
  5. Please help us save our family dog. (2nd petition)
  6. ALL USA Citizens Sign My Petition to President Obama and Congress for the Dogs!
    petition is inside!!
  7. Tell LADWP to Enforce Water Restrictions
  8. India - Stop Classifying Fruit Bats as Vermin
  9. Better Animal Habitats At Lagoon!
  10. Stop Tasmania labradoodl breeding center
  11. Steve-O, STOP Promoting the 'Bully Breed's' Bad Image!
  12. Tell Florida: Keep Bestiality Illegal!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tell USDA to IMMEDIATELY fine University of Southern Mississippi


Dr. Elizabeth Goldentyer

920 Main Campus Drive, Suite 2000
Raleigh, NC 27606
(919) 855-7100

Dear Madam,

HATTIESBURG, MS – A University of Southern Mississippi research laboratory is apparently allowing ticks to feast on rabbits and hamsters
The horrific research has led to gruesome conditions where test subjects are so infested they are being eaten alive, according to a horrific report obtained by a national research watchdog organization.

A recently obtained federal report discloses that holes were eaten in animals' ears, they bled from the rectum and eventually had to be euthanized – leading to multiple federal violations, charged Ohio-based SAEN,
which has filed an official complaint with the USDA requesting a full federal investigation.

A scathing, four-page September, 2012, USDA inspection report reveals multiple federal infractions at USM. The facility is cited repeatedly for inadequate supervision of an experiment that literally feeds rabbits and hamsters to colonies of ticks.
The animals have been so consumed by the ticks that they developed holes in their ears, bled from the rectum, and required euthanasia.

One animal is described: "...Rabbit 60RBJT was used to feed Ablyomma maculatum for 13 days... Lab staff noted that there was a tremendous damage to the animal's ears.
At end of feeding on 2/6 animal has large holes in the ears, ear color was blue, and there was tip necrosis noted on 2/3. On 1/30/12 the animal was noted to be bleeding from the rectum.”

The inspection report indicates that USM administration suggested it knew about the employee, noting that: “Attempts to address this situation appeared to be unsuccessful based on facility documentation.”

In a letter to Dr. Elizabeth Goldentyer, Michael A. Budkie, A.H.T., Executive Director, SAEN states: “The level of abuse that this process is allowed to reach is astonishing to me, and I have been reading USDA inspection reports for over 20 years.”

I insist that you take immediate action against the University of Southern Mississippi for allowing rabbits and hamsters to literally be eaten alive by ticks.



Petitions - Please Sign & Share 12/15

  1. Urge Congress to Act to Protect Animals: Two Automatic Letters
    petition inside => Urge Congress to Act to Protect Animals!
  2. Take Action: Stop Owyhee NOW!
  3. Cat Fight In Rome: Beloved Shelter Faces Closure
  4. Show the Australian Racing Board that cruelty is not profitable
    (Australian residents only)
    you can use the email and sample letter provided to send your own letter.
  5. Stop brutal torture of dogs and dog meat consumption in South Korea.
  6. Tell Officials the Killing of Yellowstone Wolves Has to Stop!
  7. No grey seal slaughter
  8. Tell Loro Parque to Let Morgan Go Home!
  9. Crippled Elephants at Ringling Still Suffering
  10. Protest against the plans of the Icelandic government to weaken the EU Birds Directive
  11. Protest against bird trapping on Cyprus
  12. 100 million dead wild birds are too many, Mr Potočnik!
  13. Tell Your Members Of Congress To Throw Big Oil Off The Fiscal Cliff, Not The Environmental Programs We All Depend On! (US)
  14. Ban backyard butchers and military, drug testing on animals
    => Take Action Against Backyard Slaughter!
    => Ask the Department of Defense to Investigate Animal Killings
    => Dogs shouldn't die so humans can get high.
  15. Say no to the TPPA - Say yes to choice
  16. Ask the European Commission to stop imports of meat from US horses today
    (EU member countries only)
  17. Feedback on Parks Canada’s proposed National Marine Conservation Area
  18. President Obama, Enact Harsher Animal Cruelty Laws in the United States (US)
  19. Tell General Mills: No GMOs for breakfast!
  20. Protect California Great White Sharks Under the Endangered Species Act
  21. OBAMA: Put a Moratorium on Faulty Coal Waste Dam Construction
  22. Let's mobilize against the dynamite fishing in Lebanon
  23. Crack Down on Spectators at Animal Fights
  24. Our 5 pledges to help animals and improve their welfare
  25. Wendy's: Stop Selling Livers in Japan!
  26. Show Love for Lonely Elephants at Seattle Zoo
  27. Clean Water, Wild Forests Petition
  28. Support a Trap Ban in the Mexican Wolf Recovery Area (Wolf Den)
  29. Tell USDA to IMMEDIATELY fine University of Southern Mississippi
  1. Stop the Wrongful Confiscation of Pit Bulls
  2. Stop Animals From Being Sold on the Street in Barcelona
  3. Don’t Euthanize Animals Seeking Adoption
  4. Protect Rabbits in Los Angeles
  5. Protect Animals Sold by Large-Scale Breeders
  6. Encourage Apple to Reduce Electronic Waste by Developing Built-to-Last Products
  7. Encourage Opti-Free to Reduce Plastic Waste with Contact Lens Solution Dispensaries
  1. City Officials of Saginaw, MI: Allow Mr. Edmondson to keep his condos on his property.
  2. Restaurants serving Veal and Foie Gras in Jacksonville, FL: Please stop endorsing extreme animal cruelty
  3. Stop the suffering of animals during the slaughter.
  4. Stop killing whales, Denmark
  5. France: Abolish horse meat
  6. Spain: the cure or care for a sick or injured animal is a legal and moral duty, not a whim or a luxury.
  7. Prevent the electrocution of Costa Rican wildlife
  8. Argentina: Pupin was savagely murdered! Abolish animal abuse!
  9. Protest against the horror in the kennels of Rivadavia, Argentina
    Corruption and cruelty to dogs have no limits, especially in the hands of so-called politicians. Let us support animal organizations and eliminate these atrocities.
  10. Spain: stop the animal cruelty in the festivities.
  11. Mayor and City Council Environment Cordoba: Help for the protectors to sterilize stray animals. Sterilize stray animals. It would be a more humane solution than killing, and ultimately more beneficial to the city.
  12. D. Jose Antonio Nieto, Hon. Mayor of Córdoba (Spain): the City of Córdoba honor its commitment to Noah's Ark Córdoba
    Cordoba, Spain. If the City Council does not keep its commitment , demolition of the Hostel Association will start in March 2013. All the animals will be strays again or kept in kill shelters. It would mean the cessation of the altruistic work of the Association.
  13. Prime Minister: Amendment Protection Act of Pets
    Spain: Adapt the Law Protecting Animals: Prolong the staying period in a shelter of an animal without identification.
  14. Government of Denmark: Stop the ritual dolphin killings!
  15. Spain's government: No hunting in any reserve or park in Spain
  16. Italy: NO permission for HARLAN to Import Animals for Vivisection
  17. Chihuahua, Mexico: Punishment for guards who dragged two dogs tied to a car.
  18. Netherlands: Stop the Cruel Slaughter of Dolphins/Whales in Taiji, Japan!
  1. The ethics of altering a petition without acknowledging it.
  2. France: Prevent the senseless killing of deer.
  3. Urge P&G To Stop Testing On Animals.

  4. Cut Polluter Subsidies, Not Environmental Programs

  5. Coffs Creek: Shut Down Foam Party Pollution
  6. Ban Outdoor channel
  7. Outlaw Cockfighting or "Sabong" In The Philippines!
  8. Remove Rossie Hayes from the position of Director of Columbus County Animal Control
  9. Stop The Slaughter Of Biodiversity In South Africa Livestock Farming
  10. OSPCA: Return our animals at no cost to us!
  11. Save the Indochinese Tiger in Thailand
  12. Ban Canned Hunting in Arizona

Friday, December 14, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 12/14

  1. Resist Fracking and Mountaintop Removal (US)
  2. African Lions Need Your Signature Now!
    => Help Protect African Lions from Hunters
  3. Urge Los Angeles School District to Halt Use of Glue Traps!
  4. Tell Loews Hotels to Drop Down!
  5. Stand up Against Animal Cruelty
  6. Please urge Greek Farmers to comply with the barren battery cage ban.
  7. Stop à la chasse le dimanche! (confirmation needed)
    Stop hunting on Sundays!
  8. Mettons fin aux monstreux sacrifices de Gadhimai (confirmation needed)
    Put an end to the monstrous sacrifices Gadhimai
  9. Revision du Status Juridique de L'Animal (confrimation needed)
    Review of the legal animal status
  10. Urge Peter Jackson to Ensure Animal Safety!
  11. Article - OH House Representatives laugh at bestiality bill and ignore Nitro’s Law bill - please go to #2 bill and send email to this idiot asking him nicely to bring this to a vote! - taken from:
  12. Urge Congress to Act to Protect Animals! (US)
  13. Pass the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act.
  14. Reinstate Wyoming's wolves protection under the Endangered Species Act.
  15. Make it illegal to leave a dog left tied "tethered" and unattended in Ohio.
  16. Oil: We Can 1/2 It!
  17. Please ensure retirement for all the New Iberia Chimps
  18. Sign a Pledge to Stop Puppy Mills
  19. Tell Congress to Protect Wilderness! (US)
  20. Protect Lions under the Endangered Species Act
    another petition: Help save African lions
  21. USA: Crack Down on Spectators at Animal Fights
  22. Sign the Trap Free New Mexico Petition
  23. Oppose Development of Canned Hunting Facility
  1. Stop Using Oceans as Landfills: Reduce Marine Debris Now
  2. Protect Animals Sold by Large-Scale Breeders
  3. Encourage Citizens to Participate in Protecting Portland’s Watersheds
  4. Urge Oklahoma to Create More Green Jobs
  1. Leis mais rigidas para punir a crueldade contra os animais no Brasil!
    We want stricter LAWS on Animal Abuse in Brazil!
  2. Protect Wolves in National Parks - Implement Buffer Zones Around Parks
  3. Pennsylvania Lawmakers: Crack Down on Amish Animal Abusers
  4. Implement the No Kill Equation for Sonoma County Animal Care and Control
  5. Say No to Dog in captivity : Adopt spay and neuter - Sukanya Kadyan
  6. Stop animal abuse : Amend the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960
  7. Mrs Jayanthi Natarajan: Rethink on Ban of Tiger Tourism in India
  8. Protect cows and their sacrifice be ban in India - Naresh Kadyan
  9. Stop Elephant abuse : Rider and keeper license be mandatory - Sukanya Kadyan
  10. Support Draft Animal Welfare Act, 2011 in India - Naresh Kadyan
  11. Ban Elephant Polo in India - Sukanya Kadyan
  12. Protest against working group suggestion to lift ban on beef exports from India - Sukanya Kadyan
  1. Tell U.S. - BAN Cat Declawing
  2. Save Kitty and Puppy Haven
  3. Stop Dogs Fight in Lebanon.
  4. Take Action on Global Warming
  5. Palm Oil production Destroys the Rainforest! STOP using it Trader Joes!
  6. Tell Dennis Basso, "No More Fur!"
  7. Jail Time for Animal Abusers
  8. Alive monkey's brain is not food!
  9. Stop Loken Farm selling animals to test laboratories in Europe
    no specific target
  10. Stop the selling of pets at Christmas!
  11. OPPOSE the proposed dog ban on Mornington Peninsula's beaches
  12. Russia - Ban the Import of Polar Bear Pelts
  13. Kellogg! Stop the Greenwash and Deforestation and Use Sustainable Palm Oil Now!
  14. Tell Lush to clean up their act.

  15. Tell the U.S. Forest Service to Prioritize Bat Protection
  16. Remove "Bamazon" Now!
  17. Tell President Obama to Protect Us from Fracking!
  18. Stop Florida's Python Killing Contest!
  19. Stop Florida's Backyard Butchers!
  20. Save the Sumatran Tiger from Extinction
  21. Serenity Horse Rescue Duped Me FaceBook Page
  22. Open A Low Cost Spay/ Neuter Clinic In Durham Region
  23. Stop Feeding Growth-Promoting Drugs to Chickens!

  24. President Obama: Make Climate Action A Priority
  25. Norway - End Accidental Porpoise Slaughter
  26. Save the Red Wolf from Extinction
  27. Tell Belgium Filmaker to STOP Throwing Cats!
    additional petition: Stop kattengooiende filmmaker Jan Fabre
  28. Stop Bullfighting in Peru
  29. Thank Portugal for Saving Lab Animals
  30. Mother Wolf Shot Just Outside Yellowstone
  31. Let's Urge the Government of Canada to Ban Cosmetic Testing on Animals!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 12/13

  1. California Fish & Game Abuses Public Safety Clause to Kill Two Lion Kittens
  2. Two lion kittens shot: please protest
  3. Tell Officials the Killing of Yellowstone Wolves Has to Stop!
  4. Petition against the kill shelters in the EU
  5. Stop Wasteful Experiments On Marmoset Monkeys To Study Human Communication
  6. Protect Mendocino National Forest from Destructive Post-Fire Logging
  7. NYU Left 10,000 Animals to Drown During Hurricane Sandy
  8. Urge Virginia to Ban Cruel Penning, Mauling of Foxes!
  9. Save the Dolphins of Florida's Indian River Lagoon
  10. Buffer Zone Around Yellowstone Park Needed to Stop Wolf Slaughter
    Send your mail please:;
    Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead: I demand an end to the assault on Wolves, and I urge you to immediately enact the much-needed buffer zone around Yellowstone National Park!
  1. Protect Animals Sold by Large-Scale Breeders
  2. Demand Disciplinary Action against Veterinary Clinic for Denying Starving Animals
  1. Charlton Bonham, Director, Department of Fish and Game: Consider change to mountain lion policies.
  2. National Geographic Channel: Take Doomsday Preppers off the air for slaughtering live animals.
  3. Animal Lovers Unite: Ban the Use of Inhumane Euthanasia Methods for Shelter Animals!
  4. City of Hagerstown: Give us a Dog Park
  5. Animal Neglect that Took Away the Life of My Dog.
  6. Erie County Sherrif's: Tranquilize dogs if they seem threatening.
  7. Sikeston, Missouri: Against Pitbull RoundUp - Overturn this Law/Ban on Pitbull and Pitbull Type Dogs.
  8. Please HELP us put an end 2 the brutal DAILY TORTURE of 6000+ animals!
  9. Stop Killing the Stray Dogs on the Seychelles
  10. Save Borneo and its orangutans for God's Sake!
  11. Stop Malaysian Palm Oil Companies Killing Orangutans
  12. Stop the Malaysian Orangutan Chainsaw Massacre
  13. Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) of Singapore: Stop the culling of innocent stray dogs
  14. Update; The BBB issued a warning "Stay Away From Help Save One"
  15. Faroese Government: Stop the pilot-whale killing in Faroe Islands
  16. Facebooks Policy on Grapic Images: Change YOUR policy on what you consider graphic images!
  17. Roberts Wesleyan College, Rochester, NY: Find homes for homeless cats in and around the Roberts Wesleyan Campus
  18. Alcalde de Palma de Mallorca no permita más sacrificios en Son Reus.
    Spain - Kennel Son Reus takes any excuse to condemn the dogs and cats to death and until recently were hidden in crates (considered unadoptable)
  19. DA Sec. Proceso Alcala and BFAR Director Asis Perez: Deny the export of the RWS 25 dolphins to Resorts World
  20. Irish petition against badger cull: To Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney 'Stop badger culling in Ireland'
  21. THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT: Pass Bill C-322 and End Horse slaughter in Canada
  22. prohibir la matanza de caballos, y el consumo de su carne
  23. Prohibir la matanza de caballos y el consumo de su carne
  24. SENAD HUSEJNOVIĆ vrsi besplatnu likvidaciju pasa na ulicama Sarajeva
    File criminal charges against SENAD Husejnovic, he created a website called "Sarajevo fleecer" which offers free liquidation of dogs on the streets of Sarajevo, prepares to commit many crimes of murder and torture of animals, which is criminalized by Article 318 criminal Code of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  25. Danny Cohen, Controller BBC 1: Stop the buying, selling & pricing of Ivory Products on your Antiques shows
  26. Stop the SLAUGHTER of Wild Horses in Alberta!
  27. City of Henderson Ky.: Do not build a new Animal Control Facility
  28. Stop allo Stabulario di Trieste No a the Vivisection
    Italy: STOP Vivisection
  29. Send a clear message to your elected officials banning horse-drawn carriages!
  30. Quick Kill Hunting Act (Against Bow Hunting)
  31. Justice for male calves in Dairy Farms in India, they are being killed for profit - Sukanya Kadyan
  32. Tell the US Department of Agriculture & the FDA to investigate disease-laden factory farms
  33. Create a Public Registry for Animal Abusers in India - Sukanya Kadyan
  34. Shut down slaughter houses in UP cancelling their license- Naresh Kadyan
  35. Be a Hero for Hens - Abhishek Kadyan, Media Adviser to OIPA in India
  36. Appointment of Abhishek Kadyan as Dy. SP in Haryana Police - Naresh Kadyan
  37. National Commission for Animal Rights and Welfare be formed - Naresh Kadyan
  38. National animals of India needs attention - Sukanya Kadyan
  39. We want to rescue all farm animals left in evacuation area of Fukushima.
  40. Support Senator Mac Harb-Help End Canada’s Commercial Seal Hunt Permanently
  41. Stop Dog Fighting in Indonesia
  42. McDonald's: Stop the Cruelty!
  43. Please Ban Sex With Animals Now!
  44. Señores del parlamento español : Leyes dignas de amparo a los animales.
    We ask for dignified Protective Animal Laws. Spain.
  45. Stop Rabbit Mast
  46. Protect the Caribou

  1. Stop Shooting Innocent Wolves
  2. Demand Permit for ALL Tiger Breeding in U.S.
  3. Stop Bobcat Skin Exports
  4. Saving Idaho's abused animals
  5. Endurecer las condenas contra el maltrato animal
    More severe sentences for Animal Abuse
  6. Abolish the use of animals in circus
  7. Help Death row animals at high kill shelters
  8. Save Lear's Macaw
  9. UNESCO - Please educate China and Korea - stop torturing and eating dogs!!
  10. S. Korea: Educate consumers and farmers of dog meat - animal torture must STOP
  11. CHINA - Educate consumers and farmers of dog meat - animal torture must STOP
  12. Stop Breed Targeting
  13. Protect African lions from unsustainable hunting

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 12/12

  1. NZ: greater climate commitment now!
  2. Stop P & G form torturing & testing their products on animals.
  3. Help Elephants Suffering at Seattle Zoo!
  4. Please Drop Foie Gras at Wendy's Restaurants in Japan
  5. Dogs shouldn't die so humans can get high.
  6. Write Wild - Help Manitoba's Reindeer This Christmas!
  7. Write Wild - Help Stop the Upper Lillooet Hydro Project!
  8. Write Wild - Save Langley's McLellan Park East Forest!
  9. Florida Horses Slaughtered On Hillsborough Country Farms (US)
    I didn't take this petition seriously, since it is just the copy/paste of the article and it is done sloppily.
  10. Take Action - No Apes in Entertainment
  11. Help Santa put a lump of coal in Shell's stocking
  12. I pledge to respect and protect the world's wildlife.
  13. Help Maintain Federal Wolf Protections
  14. We Can't Trust Enbridge -- Stop the Tar Sands
  15. Save the Manatee
    It says error, but the msg is actually sent, only failed to be delivered...
  16. Ask the European Commission to stop imports of meat from US horses today
    (EU member countries only)
  17. Sign WWF's card to David Cameron to tell him to take the reins on climate change
  18. Ask Florida Zoo to Halt Cruel Swims With Tigers!
  19. Pennsylvania - Stop The Senseless Slaughter Of Deer In Tyler State Park, Newtown, Bucks County (Pennsylvania residents only, deadline December 26)
  20. Fortnum & Mason: Stop Foie Gras Cruelty
  21. California Fish & Game Abuses Public Safety Clause to Kill Two Lion Kittens
  22. Petition to Ban Fracking in California
  23. Tell Governor Cuomo: Ban Fracking in New York!
  24. Sign the Petition to Ban Fracking Now!
  25. Pledge to Save Booty!
  1. Enact Stricter Protections for Rare Albino Deer
  2. Don’t Test Designer Drugs on Animals
  3. End Aquifer Depletion in the Midwest
  4. Train Colorado Police to Handle Lost Animals Nonviolently
  5. Ensure Protection for Rare American Bird
  6. Stop Animals From Being Sold on the Street in Barcelona
  7. Improve Pollution Regulation in Asia Before It’s Too Late
  8. Don’t Euthanize Animals Seeking Adoption
  9. Protect Rabbits in Los Angeles
  1. FAO, WHO, UNESCO, UNWTO of the United Nations: Sanction S. Korea for horrific cruelty of dog meat trade!
  2. Animals Are Being Shot: Ask the Department of Defense to Investigate
  3. Tell Secretary Salazar: No Drilling in the Arctic Ocean
  4. Don't let AVX escape from its responsibility to clean up toxic PCBs in New Bedford Harbor
  5. Help Clean Up the Potomac River
  6. Oregon Zoo: End Your Partnership with the Abusive, "Have Trunks Will Travel"
  7. Southwest Airlines: Stop supporting cruelty at Seaworld
  8. Humanity for Greene County animals! Help bring Sugar home!
  9. Oregon Zoo: Stop contract between Oregon Zoo and Have Trunks Will Travel
  10. Freddy Thielemans: Interdire les collets à Haren
    No snaring in Brabant, Belgium
  1. Stop the euthanasia of pit bulls
  2. Save These Hungry Horses

  3. Levi's: We Want Toxin-Free Jeans!
  4. Prevent The Destruction Of America's Wilderness
  5. Save the Fish, Turtles and Dolphins of the Vizag Coast
  6. United States of America: Remove the bans and discrimination of pitbull and pitbull mixes
  7. I need 25,000 Signatures to Stop Pitbull Dog Discrimination to White House USA
    original petition: Stop Breed Discrimination of Pitbulls and Pitbull Dogs Mixes Nationwide (US)
  8. Thank Judge Caldwell for Protecting the Truckstop Tiger
  9. Tell Fendi to Stop Using Rabbit Fur
  10. Stop animal hog and chicken confinements
  11. No killing python snakes
  12. Stop Poisoning Our Animals
  13. Stop the delisting of grizzly bears from the endangered list
  14. Stop Chemtrails and HAARP all around the United States of America
  15. Tell NYU Medical Center to STOP Animal Experiments
  16. Stop Pet Store Sales of Dogs & Cats in Ottawa, Ontario
  17. Demand Hunters to Stop Hunting Amur Leopards
    Demand Hunters to Stop Hunting Amur Leopards (2nd petition)
    and it's not Armur, but Amur leopard...
  18. Stop Killing Wolves
  19. Save All Those Abandoned Animals.
  20. Stop killing helpless stray dogs...
    Stop killing helpless stray dogs... (2nd petition)
  21. Stop Black Bear Hunting
  22. Help Elephants in Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 12/11

  1. Ask North Dakota State University to End the Use of Live Pigs in Trauma Training Courses
  2. Take Action Against Backyard Slaughter! (US)
  3. Help WildCare Pursue Stricter Rodenticide Controls in California
    Petition => Help Us Tighten Rodenticide Restrictions to Save Wildlife
  4. Petition to Support SB 1480 Consumer and Wildlife Protection Act
  5. Ecological Footprint Quiz
  1. Ban Otter Trapping in Illinois
  2. Ask Nordstrom to Stop Selling Animal Fur
  3. Applaud Montana Judge for Blocking Wolverine Trapping in Montana
  4. Save Asia’s Forests from Illegal Logging
  5. Push for Sustainable Alternatives to Plastic Bags in Salem, Oregon
  3. MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America): Create a new "Ratings" category for cruelty to animals
  4. U.S. Legislature: Stop the killing of seals by fishermen
  5. UK & EU parliaments (law) - DEFRA: Ban ALL antifreeze preparations unless they contain a bitterant
  7. UK needs Animal Cruelty Surcharge to fund Spay/Neuter Programs
  9. Katrina Hodgkinson: Stop animal abuse in abattoirs by introducing mandatory cameras #Abattoir
  10. Singh Sahib Gurbachan Singh Ji: Stop Anti-Gurmat Activity of Slaughtering Goats at Takhat Sri Hazoor Sahib
  11. Save Badgers from being Culled Don't buy Cows Milk
  12. Stop U.S. Forest Service proposal to burn the Linville Gorge Wilderness - Response to Scoping Letter file code 1950
  13. President Obama: Amb. Susan Rice's Tar Sands Investments are a Big Problem!
  14. PETITION: Ban exotic pets due to unnatural invasions, destruction of indigenous species and pandering perversions
  15. Trade & Tourism Nigeria - Benue State Government: Close the Benue State Zoo
  16. Stop Bob Lawrence @ The West Midlands Safari Park trade of endangered animals to the circus
  17. The United States Senate: Pass H.R. 1171 and S. 1119
  18. Mr Ovidiu Portariuc, Mayor of Botosani: collaborate with ADOR and implement a catch-neuter-return program
  19. Paws on Pearl Street Mall: Allow dogs on the Pearl Street Mall, remove section 6-1-17.
  20. Animal testing: Get the mask off
  21. Australians for Cruelty-free Cosmetics
  22. MOD: Stop cruely shooting live pigs for military training
  23. Review of dog breeding laws in the UK
  24. Queen Regnant of the UK and North Ireland: Save the Star Whales!
  25. Animals Are Being Shot: Ask the Department of Defense to Investigate
  1. JUSTICE FOR THEUNS! The Staffordshire Bull Terrier murdered! Shot and hung on 2 poles as a Trophy!
  2. Demand a Humane Leader for Chatham County Animal Control
  3. Boycott Jimmy John's Subs because he kills endangered species for fun
  4. Change the Federal Wildlife Killing Program
  5. Rainforest destruction imported duty-free
    original petition: Rainforest destruction imported duty-free

  6. Huge Victory for Our Mountains!
  7. Justice for Coal, My Rescue Puppy that was Wrongfully Killed
  8. Stop over harvesting of Maryland Bay oysters and blue crabs!!
  9. Keep Oregon Zoo's baby elephant from ending up in a traveling show
  10. DO NOT SIGN THIS PETITION: Restrictions on Pit Bulls
  11. Stop Tiger Poaching in India
  12. I didn't sign this one:
    Support the Expansion of Cayman's Marine Parks
  14. Stop Ocean Pollution!
  15. Georgia/USA-Save Germany Creek Wildlife Management Area
  16. Save the Amazon rainforest!
  17. Extend the Wind Tax Credit