Friday, June 29, 2012

Story I like a lot

From trash to Treasure

We adopted Kali (chi-weenie) because on a trip to PetsMart for dog food it was love at first sight. She is a rottweiler in a tiny package and rules the "pack".
Lexi, the little terrier was found through PetFinder, and adopted from a horrible kill shelter that the rescue I volunteer with pulls dogs from before their "expiration date". I drove over 200 miles to get her (they wouldn't release her to our rescue). She was a dirty, matted, terrified creature huddling at the back of her crate. I was wondering how she would fit with our "wild" pack, but we paid the fees and took her to a vet there, they hadn't given even rabies vaccine since they usually kill.
Back home our current pack greeted her nicely, though she continued to be terrified. I left her crate door open in my walk-in closet and she only came out to potty or eat, then would dash inside and hide.
Over the course of months, she came out more and more, learned what treats and petting was all about and learned from the rest of our dogs that she was in a good place. She continued to gain confidence and it was then that I'd realized she'd been pilfering and hoarding in her crate - probably from never having too much. It was heartbreaking.
Fast forward to two years later - she is a confident, sassy little girl that while she's the lowest in pack order, she is loved by all of her packmates, dogs included. She loves life on the farm and can be seen sharing her buddy Tucson's dinner (palomino gelding) kissing her kitty friends or playing chase and wrestling with her border collie and chi-weenie buddies until they flop down exhausted in the grass. Life is good.

Grand Junction, CO

Petitions - Please S & S

  1. Vote - Do you agree with the badger cull? NO! (we are losing seriously)
  2. Mr. Prime Minister -- stop killing whales!
  3. Tony, stay strong for our seas!
  4. Justice for Titisch
    Mr. Prosecutor of the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Nanterre (France)
    We, the undersigned, hereby inform you of the petition that we signed in the framework of the murder of Titisch, by an agent of communal green spaces in the town of Neuilly-sur-Seine. Indeed, Titisch which had been put to death by stoning for the municipal officer September 28, 2011, died October 27, 2011, the result of his injuries. This act of cruelty was committed in a premeditated, deliberate, free and extremely violent. Injuries caused, an absolute gravity, which resulted in a coma, a deep penetration of the skull, and three heavy surgery, testify to the violence of the launch, the launch distance and the large size of the stone used. And this happened because Titisch urinated in the park. (confirmation needed)
  5. 32 monkeys will be drugged to death this week in a laboratory near Lyon to examine, after death, the tissues of their bodies. (confirmation needed)
  6. For a final stop on animal sales through advertising (confirmation needed)
  7. Stop Fish Collectors from Killing Coral Reef Wildlife!
  8. Urban Decay : Please Don't Pay for Animal Tests!
  9. Tell Revlon to Come Clean About Animal Testing in China!
  10. 1 Million to Ban the Lion Trade
  11. Save the Cross River National Park in Nigeria.
  12. Support Grazing Allotment Closure for Mexican Lobos
  13. Relist wolves
  14. Navy to deafen 11,200 whales and dolphins and kill 1,600 more - Stop the killing of 1,600 whales and dolphins and the deafening of 11,200 more by ceasing the operation of the Navy's underwater sound system in the Hawaiian Islands and California coastline.
  15. Stand up for life-saving soot protections.
  16. Save the Reef
  17. Save Bella
  18. Support a NSW Animal Cruelty Register
  1. Stop Plans for a Marine Animal Park in India
  2. Ask to Church to Stop Planned Pig Abuse
  3. The Land and the People are Dying: End Oil Spill Devastation in Niger Delta Region
  4. Protect Feral Rabbits from Being Killed
  5. Demand Protection for False Killer Whales
  6. Don’t Allow Indian State’s Tourism Industry to Deplete Water Resources
  1. Max. Penalty for Animal Abuser Kevin Gdowik
  2. Let's put an end to unlicensed puppy and kitten mills today!
  3. Castigo a los torturadores del cachorro en Osorno - Chile
  5. Ayudemos a los gatos de Proyecto Gato
    Help the 500 cats we are responsible for , in addition to castrate them, they need food, veterinary expenses, medicines, etc..
  6. Governor of New York and Officials: Stop all carriage rides in New York
  7. President Obama & The United States Congress and Senate: Remove the fate of our wildlife from the murdering hands of the BLM
  8. Rowan County Animal Control Shelter: Ban Gas Chamber Euthanasia for Shelter Pets in Rowan County, NC
  9. Public Sanity and Tourism Department of the Dominican Republic: Act against massive dogs poisoning on touristic beaches ordered by hotels
  10. Por el fin de los espectáculos con cetáceos en los delfinarios
    (Stop the the circus with animals in delphinariums)
  11. The White House: Legalize Hemp
  12. Indonesian President: Immediately halt all the destruction of Tripa. Enforce Indonesian law.
    Horrifying Scenes of Feeding a Live Donkey to Caged Lions [18+]
  2. A second chance is the only chance for Caboodle Cats
  3. Bear Dancing Is Cruel, Not Cute!
  4. Bear caged alone in Saudi Arabian pet shop for five years
  5. Do not torture puppies
  7. Stop killing lions in Kenya
  8. Pet Project in desperate need of homes for dogs and cats in Kansas City
  9. Brazilian president to veto 'catastrophic' forest code
  10. Starved puppy clinging to life discovered in Louisiana
  11. Hydro One Goes On A power Trip

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Petitions - Please S & S

  1. Protect Our Water From Diesel
  2. Please Help Put an End to Animal Homelessness in 2012 (US) (this is very hypocrite , who says it!!!)
  3. Subject: Don't let the TPP become an Internet trap
  4. Take Action: Support Overdraft Fee Reform
  5. Stop Killing Animals in Cruel Military Training Exercises
  6. Protect Koalas, Pika, and Lynx from Climate Change (US)
  1. Hold Zoo Responsible for Animals Killed in Flood
  2. Ask California Laboratory to Stop Cruelly Poisoning Ground Squirrels
  3. Relocate Severely Confined Lion to Wildlife Sanctuary
  4. Livestock Die From Cyanide-Producing Genetically Modified Grass
  5. Ban the Import of Puppies from Korean Puppy Mills
  6. Demand Tougher Air Pollution Restrictions for Louisiana Industrial Plant
  7. Stop Industrial Expansion into Australia’s Protected Barrier Reef Port
  8. Don’t Let Congress Change the Definition of ‘Clean Air’
  1. Daniel's Law - Senate Bill 1329
  2. Government of India; Ministry of Environment; Ministry of Law & Justice: Strongest possible laws against wildlife traffickers, traders and poachers
  3. Help end the legal cruelty to animals
  4. Urgent! Take Action to Save Lonely, Miserable Elephant
  5. Help Protect Delicate Dwarf Seahorses
  6. Jamba Juice: Stop using styrofoam cups.
  7. Skanska USA Commercial Development (CDUS): Cease motion to drain and fill Lake Thicket.
  8. Tim Hortons: Recycle the Rim - Let us recycle our cups in all of your restaurants
  9. Bring Diego home (US)
  1. End Michigan's Mute Swan Killing Policy!
  2. Stop the Belo Monte Dam
  3. Create 12 New Marine Protected Areas throughout Canada
  4. Urge Costco to say no to dirty gold
  5. Save the Gulf from Drilling
  6. Save our trees!

Story I like a lot

Sweet Lily

One morning, the manager of the cat shelter saw a man carrying an all-white cat. When the manager came to the window, he threw Lily into the middle of the four lane busy street outside. I'll be forever grateful to the shelter manager, who ran out and truly rescued Lily. When I was visiting the shelter the next week, I picked Lily up and she immediately fell asleep in my arms. I fell in love.

Lily is deaf, toothless and clawless. Despite her hard life, Lily loves all people. Her favorite thing is to be held upside down like a baby. But she's scared of my other cats; because she can't hear them, she thinks they "sneak" up on her!

Lily knows sign language for "come" and "no" but, being a cat, she pretends not to see me sometimes - usually when I'm trying to show off her skills. Lily gives me all the love in the world - animals in rescue are just waiting for their chance, too.

Lisa MIllman
Chicago, IL

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign and Share

  1. Stop the death of cattle due to the fragmented cans in the hay (confirmation needed)
  2. For a heavy penalty for Rocco-Luka who has tortured animals. He has to serve as an example that such disgusting behavior is not accepted (confirmation needed)
  3. FDA: Close the Loopholes to End Overuse of Antibiotics on Industrial Farms
  4. Triple B Complex Scoping: Please Count My Comments! (very URGENT, before June 28)
  5. Stop Sea turtles being cut up and killed in Australia
  6. ASPCA: Stop euthanizing pit bulls!
  7. Protect Our Woods (UK)
  8. Call the EPA: Stop an Army Corps rubber stamp for Keystone XL
  1. Megan Herriett and her Dangerous Dog Law: Stop her dangerous dog law from harming and doing injustice to animals
  2. ArenaNet: Immortalize Lonesome George in Tyria!
  3. Boycott Chinese Trade; Horrible! Also kills 2 million cats/dogs skinned alive!!!
  4. To all those animal lovers and humanitarians: Support Mumbai for horses to ban horse drawn carriages in Mumbai.
  5. Petco, Pet Smart and every single pet store who sell Beta fish.: Please let Beta fish have more space to swim around in.
  6. Evento "Sacrificio cero" en la perrera de La Rioja: A quien corresponda
  7. Justicia para los animales de la perrera de Movera
  8. Governor of Tennessee: Stop abusing and soring horses for competition
  9. BLM: Start using more humane methods in wild horse and burro gathers.
  10. State of Arizona: Revise AZ Statute 13-2910, include exposing animals to heat over 90 degrees
  11. Congress, President Obama: Protect the Point Arena-Stornetta Public Lands
  12. Justice for Tony (US)
  13. The President of the United States: Support bill to reclassify US Military Dogs as members of Armed Forces (US)
  1. Support the Creation of the South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary
  2. Don’t Allow Increased Logging in Spotted Owl’s Old-Growth Forest Habitat
  3. Evaluate Soundness of Grand Canyon Watershed National Monument Proposal
  4. Senate Rejects Discussion of Key Animal Welfare Issues
  5. Protect the Gulf of Mexico from Agricultural Pollution
  1. Save Southwestern Ocelots
  2. Protect Lynx in New Mexico
  3. Save the New Mexico Cougar
  4. Save the Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  5. Remove Judge Grace Nabor in Greenlee Co., City of Clifton, AZ
  6. Remove Clifton, AZ Justice of the Peace, Grace Nabor. Death sent. for Innocent Dog, Tony!
  7. Puppy Needs Help
  8. Keep Protections for Florida Black Bears
  9. Precious white boxer puppy to die in Texas
  10. Pet safety on the Fourth of July
  11. Pennsylvania pit bulls need a helping hand
  12. Save the Frogs
  13. Save the Frogs (2nd Petition)
  14. Don't Kill Florida Black Bears!
  15. Signs of heat stroke or exhaustion in cats
  16. Bear Dancing Is Cruel, Not Cute!
  17. Stop Greenland Killing Whales to Feed Tourists

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

For their new happy life #7

For their new happy life
For their new happy life #1
For their new happy life #2
For their new happy life #3
For their new happy life #4
For their new happy life #5
For their new happy life #6

From "JUNE Rutherford County, NC URGENTS!" to "ALBUM 14 Adopted, Rescued RTO"
From "**DEATH ROW**Okefenokee HS in Waycross, GA** Rescue Needed NOW!" to "~~☆☆☆•*¨*•.¸¸❤ SAFE ALBUM #26❤¸.•*¨*•☆☆☆~~"
In my album No. 5 where I put the photo of Shasta there was a video in her thread of her and Duke. Well, here he is :)
From the very same album as Duke comes this little fellow.
 From "URGENT - Dogs Needing Adoption/Rescue Immediately!" to "Happy Endings - June 2012"
ADOPTED!!! 6/25/12 ♥
From the same album come these two dogs I've been following. One I left in my SAFE bookmark folder and other one was still pending. One day, both links didn't work. OMG. Didn't know what what was wrong when I made a comment earlier that day and the link was perfectly fine. Well, long story short I found them in this Happy Endings album :)
ADOPTED!!! 6/16/12 ♥
This one made me all worried when she was still under a question mark but the link didn't work.
RESCUED!!! 6/18/12 Thanks, SOS Lab Rescue!!! ♥
From "4yo neutered miniature pinscher #A1314847" to "Adopted/Rescued from the Harbor Animal Shelter"
No Name
From "Urgent Dogs @ Pasco County Animal Services" to "Happy Tails @ Pasco County Animal Services"
No Name
 Written on his new thread "He's so happy to be "HOME!" he's been playing all morning since he left that place...tail hasn't stopped wagging!!! Already eating and drinking (hadn't while he was there)."
Comment from the thread "... I am pleased to report that at 7:00 pm this evening Harley went home with a wonderful forever family where he will recover from his neutering and start phase two of his life...." June 20
SAFE 6/25/12
First photo from the album "Photos Linked to Main Threads #21"
Second photo from the album "SAFE 51!!!"
Since outcome can be of any kind, it says..................RESCUED!!!
SAFE 6/27/12
 Previous name of the album "To Be Destroyed - WEDNESDAY 06/27/12"

Petitions - Please Sign and Share

  1. Vote - Should force feeding be banned? YES
  2. Caboodle Rach loosed because of PETA
    Based on PETA's evidence, officials seized Caboodle's animals. Now, after three days of hearing evidence in the case, Judge Greg Parker of Florida's Third Judicial Circuit, has ordered that all the animals be kept safely away from Caboodle for good!
    Judge Parker ruled that the evidence indicated "clearly and convincingly" that the animals were not receiving proper care and concluded that Caboodle "is not able and fit to have custody of the animals." These cats will finally have the chance to find happiness with responsible families who will give them all the love, attention, and catnip that they deserve.
    Just as importantly, Judge Parker ruled that Caboodle cannot possess or take custody of any live animals! By effectively shutting Caboodle down, the ruling spares thousands of cats from the misery of being shipped across the country, abandoned in hellish conditions, and left to die slowly of disease and neglect.
    Save The Caboodle Ranch, Inc: We want Judge Parker to overturn his ruling against the Caboodle Ranch.
    In the past there has been an similar petition on Many people say Caboodle Ranch is doing good things.
  3. Please Stop Plans to Imprison Dolphins
  4. Hold Zoo Responsible for Animals Killed in Flood
  5. Protect Atlantic Fish from Overharvesting
  6. Demand that Congress Stop Passing Anti-Environmental Legislation
  7. Stop the death sentence of Border Collie Casey, the horses Saar and Noortje
  8. Florida, Close Bestiality Loophole!
  1. Neuter feral cats at Turtle Bay Resort!
  2. Help Stop Horse Soring
  3. Meat Sales in Public School Menus of Colorado on Monday's: Ban the sales of meat in Colorado public schools on Mondays
  4. Let's Change CFE'S regulation on Factory Farming
  5. man burn sheeps !
    For More information: Google translate of the page shown in petition
  6. Grand Forks City Ordinance: A Pet Friendlier Grand Forks
  7. Siamese Cat and Early Death
  8. Save animals in Surabaya zoo
  9. Pound "laws"
  10. Wometco Enterprises Inc.: Retire the oldest captive Killer Whale, Lolita!
  12. Victorian Government: Protect the Penguins on Phillp Island
  13. Peace girls: Stop testing on animals
  14. Petland Discounts, NY: Stop selling rabbits for Easter
  15. ESDAW: We call for Spain - to modernize the country's animal protection laws.
  16. Loro Parque, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Spain: Free Morgan the imprisoned Orca
  17. गौरैया बचाओ
    Protecting insect habitats on farms and planting native plants in cities benefit the House Sparrow, as does establishing urban green spaces. To raise awareness of threats to the House Sparrow, World Sparrow Day has been celebrated on 20 March across the world since 2010.
  18. Massachusetts State Representative James J. Lyons Jr.: Outlaw Puppy Mills in Massachusetts
  19. Secretary of the Interior: Stop issuing permits to kill bald eagles
  20. Save the Barred Owl
  21. Open letter to Maya Princess of Hohenzollern.
  22. McClouds Pet Emporium: Stop selling puppies
  23. Ask Toyota Canada to stop promoting abuse of animals!: Stop the Calgary Stampede give away
  24. The President of the United States: Stop farm animal cruelty (US)
  25. The President of the United States: stop the killing of pit bulls start a law to protect pit bulls (US)

Men take the initiative

July 1925, New York City: A policeman stops traffic so that a mother cat, carrying her kitten, can cross a busy street.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign and Share
  1. Don't allow tigers and jaguars to be killed for fun in South Africa.
  2. Let's Make A Stand and Save our Wolves
  3. Petition to Adidas: Stop using kangaroo leather
  4. Zeg NEE tegen de Provincie Groningen, voor het verlenen van de Natuurbeschermingswet vergunning aan
  5. Protect Bristol Bay
  6. To demand that the maximum jail sentence for dog killed by throwing it into oncoming traffic.
  7. CareerBuilder: Stop using chimpanzees in ads
  8. SAVE the Tennessee Walking Horses from Jackie McConnell Stables!!!!!
  9. Zouzou the Fox need your Help !!
  11. Allow Private Groups To Adopt Animals
  12. Say No To Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Release In Florida
  13. We Don't Want to Eat Salmon Flu or Heart Viruses
  14. Banning Trapping in National Wildlife Refuges
  15. Governor Kasich for Signing Dangerous Wild Animal Act into Law
  16. A hundred of young cormorants with cut off beaks
  17. Cancel Shark Wranglers
  19. The Governor of VA: End Cruel and Unsporting Fox Pens in Virginia
  20. Urgent Urgent Ends July 30th Nation's Biggest Wildlife Killer Unmasked
  21. The Frederick Keys minor league baseball team to discontinue the monkey rodeo
  22. Help Save Research Pigs In Ontario Canada
  23. Hold The EU Accountable For The Hen Battery Cages
  24. United Airlines, Don't Ship Animals for Research
  25. Israel: Outlaw Monkey Breeding Farms!
  26. Arm and Hammer smashes animals!
  27. Tell 'Price Is Right' Producers to Keep Cruel Prizes out of Prize Packages
  28. Enforce the law protecting Tripa Peat Swamp and its Orangutan populations
  29. The 26th Annual Monster Shark will be held 7/19- 7/21 in Oak Bluffs
  30. Legalize Hemp farming in the united states
  31. Prohibit the use of air rifles in South Africa
  32. Chevron: Clean Up Your Toxic Mess in Ecuador
  33. President Obama: Pardon Environmental Activist Tim DeChristopher
  34. Please Protect the Panama Bay Wildlife Refuge Mangrove Wetland
  35. Please Protect the Panama Bay Wildlife Refuge Mangrove Wetland (2nd Petition)
  36. Cameron: Do More to Boost Green Industry
  37. Banning The Primate Pet Trade
  38. Ask New Zealand to Stop the Mass Poisoning of Animals!
  39. Ask New Zealand to Stop the Mass Poisoning of Animals! (2nd petition)
  40. Ban the use of Gas Chamber in Animal Shelters NC
  41. Ban the use of Gas Chamber in Animal Shelters NC (2nd Petition)
  42. Ask Your Representative to Support the Traveling Exotic Animal Protection Act!
  43. Help stop abusive greyhound racing in North America
  44. Make jail time mandatory for animal cruelty offenders.
  45. Oppose Grazing Improvement Act, Support Grazing Retirement
  46. Demand more protection for deer and stags in Devon, England.
  47. Canada - Don't Reduce Fish Habitat Protection
  48. Don't poison endangered species while fighting fires!
  49. Stop the cormorants' torture!
  50. Urge Circus World to Ban Acts Featuring Abused Animals!
  51. Tell the House: Stop Voting Against the Environment
  1. Ban Torturous Hanging of Greyhounds in Spain
  2. Save America’s Waterways
  3. Demand Justice for Shih Tzu Thrown Into Traffic and Killed
  4. Support the Creation of the South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary
  5. Stop Bowhunting in Florida
  6. Stop the Unnecessary Killing of Wildlife
  7. Ask Turkey Factory to Develop a Humane Accident Response Plan
  8. Ban the Selling of Real Fox Tails by Online Retailer
  9. Protect Clean Water in Kentucky
  10. Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Ships and Aircraft
  11. Enforce Fisheries Regulations Before Marine Ecosystem is Destroyed
  12. Demand Investigation into Killings of Environmental Activists
  1. Bring to Justice Torch Gallery and Katinka Simonse
  2. Protect the Lynx in Germany
  3. Deutsche Bank - Stop supporting Rainforest Destruction
  4. European Commission: Ban the chaining of dogs in the EU!
  5. JUSTICE for abused Elephants : Book Navjot Singh Sidhu - Naresh Kadyan
  6. Dr. Euishin Edmund Kim: Stop promoting dog meat as cancer treatment aid and prevention!
  7. The Birmingham Airport Authority in Alabama: Save Baby Honker and other Canada geese this summer
  8. To the authorities responsible for making the laws on shelter euthanasia: Stop use of gas chamber in shelter across the country.
  9. City of Shreveport, Mayor Glover: Give us our dog park!!
  10. Member of Parliament for Colchester: Maximum animal cruelty penalty for Andrew Summerfield
  11. Walmart: Stop the Selling of Betta Fish in Small Cups.
  12. Tell Cesar Millan that kicking dogs hurts!
  13. Anyone wanting to protect our native wildlife and their habitat: Save koalas affected by the Moreton Bay Rail Link.
  14. Go Green Billing!
  16. EBAY: Stop the selling of live fish on Ebay
  17. The International Olympics Committee (Complaints): Do not allow farm animals to be paraded in the Olympic Stadium in July
  18. Stop Poaching Tigers
  19. Stop the Hunting of Protected Species in Alaska.
  20. The Congress's Delisting
  21. Public Works Department, Government of Uttarakhand: Please withdraw your proposal to four lane Rajpur Road
  22. Jean-Paul (JP) Colaco, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Hulu LLC: Dear Hulu, Stop Advertising Dasani Water as Energy Saving
  23. Please Oppose Resolution 12-143. Public Park Lands are Not For Sale
  24. Governor Brown of California: Stop Clearcutting California Sierra Nevada Forests
  25. Breaking: Support First-Ever Limits on Carbon Pollution
  26. Indonesian government: Stop their citizens from burning their forest.
  28. The Governor of MD: Demand that Columbia Gas reroute the pipeline in Baltimore/Harford Counties (US)
  29. The President of the United States: Save Superior and the Boundary Waters! NO Sulfide Mines! (US)
  1. Navy to deafen 11,200 whales and dolphins and kill 1,600 more
  2. Deutsche Bank stop supporting rainforest destruction
  3. No circus with animals (confirmation needed)
  4. Save dogs from Cape Verde from the risk to be poisoned (confirmation needed)
  5. Against the creation of an halal slaughterhouse in Gueret (France) (confirmation needed)
  6. For the Universal Declaration of the Rights for  Animals (confirmation needed)
  7. CORRIDA ABOLITION - For a direction of French Heritage ethically neutral, with no conflicts of interest and therefore truly representative for French citizens and taxpayers. (confirmation needed)
  8. For the final closure of all slaughterhouses (confirmation needed)
  9. With this petition we ask all political parties, the senate, the parliament, the outgoing president, to include their intention to change the status of the animals, so it is no longer regarded as an object but as a living being with its own rights. (confirmation needed)
  10. Tell APHIS to Extend AWA to Internet Sales of Companion Animals (there is a sample comment to put in the formular)
  11. Killing wolves is Not cool
  12. Animals are not your coat
  13. Nepal - Stop animal sacrifice!
  14. They are going to kill 60 street animals in the Brazilian city of Jaraguá-GOIÁS...! (confirmation needed)
  15. I Pledge Never to Go to a Circus That Uses Animals
  16. US Horse Owners Against American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act
  17. Against the killing of stray dogs in Hungary
  18. Support a National Animal Abusers Database
  19. Shoot down NT croc hunting plans!
  20. Put an End to Duck Shooting!
  21. Please Protect the Spotted Owl's Ancient Forest Habitat
  22. Please commit Chile to a sustainable energy future without HidroAysén's mega-dams
  23. Thank the President of Mexico for Protecting the Coral Reef and Marine Wildlife of Cabo Pulmo
  24. Keep Sewage Out of the Great Lakes - Support the Clean Water State Revolving Fund
  25. Petition for a BC Park Acquisition Fund
  26. Obama Trade Deal Worse Than NAFTA (US)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

For their new happy life #6

For their new happy life
For their new happy life #1
For their new happy life #2
For their new happy life #3
For their new happy life #4
For their new happy life #5

This girl has been rescued by So Cal Pom Rescue.
The tumor has been removed.
previously "East Valley DOGS IN DANGER 6-5-12 MEDICAL/BEHAVIOR (Van Nuys, CA)"
From "To Be Destroyed - THURSDAY 6/21/12" to "SAFE 51!!!"
2nd photo from the album "SAFE 51!!!"
I've been following this little sweetheart for minimum 3 weeks, if not for a month. It was so hard waiting and checking everyday if she was rescued or not. And last week she had only time until 06/17 and after her time passed and nothing happened I just waited and waited til I saw she has been Rescued!!!
From "SUZETTE [A1308625] EXTREMELY URGENT! Has until 6/17!!" to "SUZETTE [A1308625] RESCUED!!!!!!" (whole album is about her)
Suzette brought me back to Jacob rescued about a month ago.
Photo from the album "JACOB [A1308069] RESCUED!!!" (whole album is about him)
"Our sweet blind chow mix Chowder went home today-
- thanks to Chow Rescue for finding her the perfect family!"
written on Humane Society of Rome page - Link
 No Name or maybe FAILE
Comments on this thread:
  • "FAILE HAS BEEN ADOPTED" - June 15 at 5:04pm
From "TBD Unknown Status - will update ASAP" to "To Be Destroyed - FRIDAY 6/22/12/" and "SUPER URGENTS THAT NEED OUT NOW!!!" to finally "SAFE 51!!!"
SAFE 6/24/12
I've been following the unofficial thread about this guy so I don't know the headline of the original thread, but now it says "Adopted/Rescued from the Harbor Animal Shelter"
Previous headline ""Jake" #A1309822 10 yo male Terrier Mix **SENIOR ALERT**"
From "JUNE Rutherford County, NC URGENTS!" to "ALBUM 14 Adopted, Rescued RTO" come these beautiful mastiffs.