Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share

  1. Criminal Charges for Captain the German Shepherd's Killer
  2. Dog burned alive by a group of youngsters in Tessala (confirmation needed)
  3. Ask Harvard to Release its Endangered Cotton-top Tamarins to Sanctuaries
  4. Against the extermination of jaguars in Colombia
  5. Tell Groupon to End Deals for Cruel Circuses!
  6. Act Now! Dangerous Bill Would Gut Laws Protecting Animals! (US)
  7. Seals are dying and you won’t cancel the hunt
  8. The ugly truth about botox
    (Notice that there are 2 petitions to sign. Once you signed the first, another one will appear)
  9. Urge Enbridge to Hold Public Meeting on Pipeline Impacts on Reynolds Creek, Indiana
  10. Ban Lightweight Plastic Bags in the Yarraville Village
  11. Tell Yahoo! to stop featuring endangered whale products on its site.
  12. Präsident Obama, kein Essen in den Tank!
  13. Repeal Shell's Permit to Drill in the Arctic
  14. Retire Animals Used in Olympic Opening Cermony to Sanctuaries
  1. USOC: Please Don't Allow Our Olympians To Glorify Trophy Hunting
  2. BC Provincial Court, Kelowna: Release the dog "Diesel" to the custody of his owner
  3. เรียกร้อง 2ผู้ว่าทำหน้าที่ยุติการค้าเนื้อสุนัข
    The second claim is made ​​to terminate the dog meat trade. (Thailand)
  4. Dogsbite.org is not an "expert" organization when it comes to canine behavior.
  5. Ask for Removal of Rogue Dog Race Regulator
  6. Parker County Sheriff's Office: Please sign my petition so the cruel people will get a heavy sentence.
  7. Congressional Animal Protection Caucus: Outlaw Breed Specific Legislation in the United States
  8. Tell Lottemart and Teh Botol Sosro to STOP supporting traveling dolphin circuses!
  9. Ayuda a evitar las matanzas de lobos en el Parque Nacional de Picos de Europa
    Councillor Development Planning and the Environment: Do not allow hunting of wolves in the Picos de Europa
  11. The Mayor and City Council of Seattle, WA: Restrict Ellen Taft in Seattle
  12. BSL: Stop Banning Breeds
  13. Elizabeth II: Lets tell Elizabeth II to Ban seal slaughtering in Canada
  14. Kentucky State Senate: Animal Abuse Laws: More Strict and More Harsh
  15. Wyoming and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Protect the Gray Wolves!
  16. Remembering Lily A Reason for Change -- Killed by Fort Worth Police Department -- Stop the Killing
  17. Cancel CRUEL Piccadilly Circus!
  18. U.S. House of Representatives: Support H.Res 736 to Ban Gas Chambers for Use Of Animal Euthanasia
  19. BC Provincial Court Kelowna, Regional District of Central Okanagan: Rule against euthanizing innocent dog, Diesel Smith in Kelowna, BC
  20. FDA: Get cancer-causing chemicals out of ALL food packaging now!
  21. The Governor of TX: Allow Dr Ron Hines DVM to keep his website open & keep his license (US)
  22. Ban Gas Chambers in Illinois (US)
  23. Help stop the starvation and abuse of animals in TN (US)
  1. Urge Madigan Army Medical Center to Stop Tormenting Ferrets!
  2. Captain the dog left to die in a dumpster
  3. Boycott Barkworks!
  4. Demand the Grand National to be banned!
  5. Help Florida Veterinarians End Breed Discrimination!
  6. No More Zoos in Chile
  8. Ban Chinese Tiger Farms
  9. Stop Seal Clubbing in Namibia!
  10. Stop Facebook's Animal Cruelty
  11. Urge NYC to Remove Glue Traps from Parks
  12. Stop Whale Shark Feeding in Oslob, Cebu, Philippines
  13. Save Right Whale with Reduced Speed Limits
  15. LENNOX - The Lennox Law Campaign on Facebook
  16. Graywater Doesn't Have to Be a Waste - It Can be a Resource!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share

Do you support culling flying fox colonies when hendra is a recurring danger to a community?
  • Yes
  • No
  • No but I support colony relocation
  1. Save the wolves! (confirmation needed)
  2. Leaving a dog is an inhumane act. do not do it (confirmation needed)
  3. Testing of cats with eyes sewn. just torture (confirmation needed)
  4. We close the brothels of animals in Denmark (confirmation needed)
  5. No trade in ivory, endangered animals
    (confirmation needed)
  6. Exemplary punishment for a barbarian act  in AJACCIO (confirmation needed)
  7. Tuzla, Bosnia
  8. Stop Baboons being Killed in the Cape Peninsula.
  9. Stop Animal Experiments at Cardiff University.
  10. I’m writing to let you know that I’m strongly opposed to the proposed “Raven” coal mine on Vancouver Island.
  11. Urge the USDA to close the loophole for Internet puppy sellers
  12. Tell Trader Joe's to commit to antibiotic-free meat (US)
  14. Tell Monsanto: Endorse California's Proposition 37, Require GMO food labeling
  15. Boycott Beef to Save America's Wolves and Wild Horses
  1. Maharashtra Forest Minister: Secure freedom for Sunder, an abused elephant, and send him to a sanctuary
  2. UK Prime Minister: Stop veterinary negligence and malpractice
  3. Detener la ilegal Pelea de Caballos en Filipinas/Stop horse fighting in Philippines
  5. Regierung und Politiker in Frankreich und Spanien: Endgültiges Verbot von Stierkämpfen
  6. Criminalize Animal Abuse!
  7. Iowa Government: Stop backyard breeding in the state of Iowa
  8. Stop feeding dogs deceased dog parts
  9. Michael Vick: Donate profits from your clothing line to the American Humane Association.
  10. Skaist Taylor: Please Go Fur-Free!
  11. Canadian Federal Government: Protect the Woodland Caribou and their habitat, the Boreal Forest.
  12. FAO: Elected officials of EVERY Country with Breed Specific Legislation: END Breed Specific Legislation in its entirety, judge deed NOT breed
  13. Ringling Bros Circus, Staples Center: Fire Joe Frisco, head elephant handler
  14. The Chinese Government: Stop keeping emaciated tigers for their blood to make wine.
  15. STOP Bullock cart races in India - Sukanya Kadyan
  16. Queremos que no hayan más becerradas en Algemesí (Valencia, España)
  17. The Vicktory Dogs: The Little Engines That Will: Do not adopt a dog to Michael Vick
  18. President de les Illes Balears: Stop the cruel Corridas in Mallorca now!
  19. Tate and Lyle Sugars: Stop importing sugar from land-grabbers in Cambodia and compensate victims.
  20. Reinforce Pennsylvania Animal Cruelty Laws: Save the Frackville Fifteen (US)
  1. Save the Irrawaddy Dolphins from the Dangers of Fishing in the Mekong River
  2. Zoo Must Ramp Up Safety After Gorilla’s Tragic Death
  3. Put Kennel Owner that Drowns Puppies Out of Business
  4. Save Louisiana Wetlands from Illegal Construction Projects
  5. End Elephant Tourism in Thailand
  6. Dog Killing Is Out Of Control: Demand New Management At Georgia Shelter
  7. Something’s in the Water: Protect South Florida’s Caloosahatchee River
  8. Save Rare River Dolphin from Imminent Extinction
  9. Demand Protection for Rare Tennessee Crayfish
  10. Tell the Army to Stop Using Ferrets for Training
  11. Don’t Allow Hunting of Endangered Antelope
  12. Urge Trader Joe’s to Only Sell Antibiotic-Free Meat
  13. Save Protected California River Delta from Canal Project
  14. Urge Jamba Juice to Stop Using Styrofoam
  15. Ban Plastic Bags in Favor of Reusable Bags
  16. Don’t Allow Loopholes for Genetically Modified Crops
  1. Save Dre, a Pit Bull in Brighton, CO who has NEVER hurt anyone!
  2. Stop Sloth Bear Torture in India
  3. Stop the Somerset Badger Cull!
  4. Stricter penalties for animal cruelty
  5. Stop the mockery of animals!
  6. Stop Pet Shops selling Kittens and Puppies, in Australia
  7. Tell New York to Stop Importing Shark Fins
  8. Change the Law - Don't Take My Dog
  9. Stop Hunting Lynx in Europe
  10. Free Sunder the Elephant!
  11. Revoke Bear Parks License to Exhibit Bears
  12. Stop Pitbull Discrimination!
  13. USDA: Support Alternatives to Meat!
  14. Keep the Ban on Elephant Ivory
  15. Coca Cola supports animal abuse! Help stop this!
  16. No More Animal Cruelty For Art!
  17. Feral Colonies
  18. Save Australia's Coral Sea
  19. Demand the AVMA back off its proposed policy against raw feeding of domestic cats and dogs
  20. Demand the Australian Government End Puppy Factories in Australia
  21. Demand the Killing of Whales to Stop
  22. Stop Rodeos
  23. Ban Sugar Gliders as Pets in U.S.
  24. Stop Killing Wolves in Finland - 135 Left
  25. Save Golden Eagles From Marine Aircraft!
  26. UKC, Allow ADBA and AKC American Staffordhire Terriers and APBTs BACK in your registry!!!!
  27. BC - Please opt out of EAEA and take back right for provincial review of major projects

Saturday, July 28, 2012

For their happy new life #16

For their happy new life #15

Adopted 07/27/12
Previously known "East Valley EXTREMELY URGENT * Dogs, Van Nuys, CA"
Rescued 07/26/12
 He and Hannah (photo previous of his photo) are rescued together!

Previously known "**URGENT AVAILABLE ANIMALS at North Central shelter**"
Saw on the official Harbor Shelter page Boxer is safe, but on the unofficial page they still didn't put him in safe album or at least wrote ***SAFE***..... Jeeezzz.... I'm so made when people are not organized properly. If they take this job of networking on themselves then they should do it right!!!
Safe 07/26/12
Album may change and link may go dead if photo is put to safe album.
Album may change and link may go dead if photo is put to safe album.
She was pulled by Pibbles & More Animal Rescue, Inc - PMAR
Photo from their page
Angel (Jenny) update ! This little lady has come a long way,
up almost a full 2 pounds from her shelter weight ! We are still
hopeful and medicating her right eye in hopes of her having
some vision it's not looking that promising but giving up isn't an option.
On top of her eye issues it has also been confirmed that she has CH ,
I would rate her between mild and moderate, she does get around
wonderfully and makes her potty every time.
Her personality is pristine , snuggling and purring constantly :)
1st photo @ SAFE #20
2nd photo @ Kitties rescued from NYACC
Rescued by Safe Animal Shelter along with five more dogs :)
Official page of the savior Safe Animal Shelter | Middleburg, Florida
SAFE 7/24/12
SAFE 7/23/12
MIST - Link
DEWY - Link
COIN - Link
Saved 06/20/12
Album "SAFE #15"

Friday, July 27, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share

  1. For a vegan department in Carrefour (confirmation needed)
  2. Microchipping of dogs in Wales
  3. Changes to Campbelltown Animal Care Facility
  4. Animal Equality Exposes The Cruelty of The Foie Gras Industry In Europe
  5. Oppose Removal of 580 Wild Horses and Testing of Dangerous Drug in Wyoming's North Lander Complex
  6. Speak Up For Wyoming Mustangs!
  7. Please do not export elephants and other wildlife to the National Zoological Park in Cuba
  8. Reject Keystone XL 2.0
  9. California: Protect Yourself From a Fracking Explosion
  10. Tell Big 6: We want off the pesticide treadmill
  11. Please Support Canadian Senator's Bill to End the Seal Slaughter
  12. Urge Danish Designer 'By Malene Birger' to Go Fur-Free
  13. Urgent: Ask Danny Boyle to Keep His Olympics Promise to the Animals
  14. Require Humane Care for Dogs and Puppies at Unlicensed Puppy Mills
  15. Tell USDA to Keep Apples Natural!
  16. Enact Carbon Pollution Limits Now (US)
  17. Stand with Brazilian farmers occupying land (US)
  18. Support strong carbon pollution standards (US)
  19. Resist Fracking and Mountaintop Removal (US)
  20. Ask Your U.S. Senators to Become Co-Sponsors of S. 3418, the BEST Practices Act (US)
  21. Coal-fired thermoelectric power plants and copper refineries pollute water and the air, and no one is stopping them (US)
  22. Stop Fracking in Maryland (US)
  1. www.dogsbite.org: Stop stereotyping the Pit Bull breed. Stop trying to KILL our pets!
  3. Suffolk Police: Release Buster To His Loving Responsible Family
  4. Dr. Lauby (Director of Cumberland County Animal Services): Remove and replace Lauby with a caring and trusting veterinarian.
  6. Tonto National Forest Service: Manage the Salt River wild horses humanely. Take removal off the table.
  7. PETITION: Charge soldiers who tortured monkeys with treason against Vietnam
  8. City of Hagerstown, MD: Stop the City wide ordinance against Pit Bulls.
  9. Department of Fisheries and Marine Research (DFMR) - Republic of Cyprus: Stop Illegal Shark Fishing in Cyprus NOW!
  10. Danny Serfer: Stop serving cruel foie gras
  11. CEO of Amazon.com: Donate the profits of Michael Vick's book 'Free Again' to animal welfare.
  12. Support a ban on devocalization of dogs and cats
  13. Please Help Stop Michael Vick
  14. Stop Killing Pets and Reinstate the No Kill Policy at the Macon-Bibb Shelter
  15. PA State Judges, Lawmakers & Law Enforcement: Allow the Frackville 15 to be Adopted to loving families!
  16. The Governor of MT: KPD Training in the handling of "Animals at Large" or "Vicious Dog" (US)
  1. Stop The Down Industry
  3. Stop Animal Slaughter for Food and End Animal Cruelty!
  4. Tell Lady Gaga that wearing a Wolf fur is not acceptable!
  5. Help Save Wombats
  6. Save BATs. Please vote 'NO' to AU poll.
  8. Stop Animal Abuse on Reality TV!
  9. Bullfighting Isn't Culture, It's Cruelty
  10. Giornata della Memoria e della Dignita  Animale 1 luglio
  11. Stop Plans to Kill Wallabies
  12. Stop Australia's Shark-Fin Export Trade
  13. Save the Colorado River!
  14. Tell McDonald's to Buy Organic Potatoes and Stop Supporting Cancer-Causing Pesticides
  15. Bulgaria, don't kill your solar industry!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share


UPDATE: Judge Rules "All is Not Well" at LA Zoo Elephant Exhibit But Stops Short of Closing It Down

Do you think the Los Angeles Zoo's "Elephants of Asia" exhibit is adequate for its three current inhabitants, or do you think the exhibit should be shut down?
  • I think the exhibit is acceptable for the elephants and would like it to remain at the zoo.
  • I think the exhibit is not acceptable for the elephants and think it should be shut down.
  1. Urge 99 Cents Only Stores to Stop Selling Glue Traps!
  3. Stop the Monsanto Riders
  4. Find Your Elected Officials
    I want you to know that the Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act (GAPSCA – S.810) is at a critical juncture. Tomorrow, Wednesday, July 25th, the committee in which the bill rests will be meeting to "mark up" the bill... an essential step to getting the bill to the full Senate floor for a vote.
  5. Sign the Petitions to End Chimpanzee Research and Support our World Solidarity Campaign
    • U.S. citizens - Send an automated letter asking your federal Representative and Senators to cosponsor the Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act (H.R.1513/S.810)
    • Canadian citizens - Sign the Canadian Solidarity Petition to Ban Chimpanzee Research in Canada
    • Non-U.S. citizens (including Canadians) - Sign our World Solidarity Petition to End Chimpanzee Research in the United States
    • Scientific and Academic Petition: If you are an MD, DO, DVM, DDS, DMD, RN, PsyD, PhD, or EdD, please sign and please email your colleagues to do the same: Sign our Scientists Petition
    • Help release Wenka and all elder chimpanzees. Sign the petition.
    • Help us find out who the chimpanzees are behind the concrete and steel. Sign the petition.
  6. Please co-sponsor the Safe Chemicals Act
    This action alert is for residents of the following states only: North Carolina
  7. Urge President Obama to keep his promise and fix the dangerously outdated food safety system.
  8. We’re calling on Trader Joe’s to source only meat raised without antibiotics.
    (sign the petition now is on the left side)
  1. Tell the Public: Don’t Feed the Bears
  2. Support Greenpeace’s Attempts to Stop Shell from Drilling in the Arctic
  3. Demand Justice for Starved Miniature Horses
  4. Demand Justice for Service Dog Kicked by Airline Worker
  5. Commend Mediterranean Countries for Granting Critical Protection to Sharks and Rays
  1. Nobel Prize Committee: Kindly honor the "Meat Free Monday" by not serving meat at the awards.
  2. Santa Fe, Argentina: Tomen medidas con el caso del puma asesinado
  3. DEFRA: DEFRA - Please license wildlife contraception in the UK (eg, Gonacon)
  4. Cámara de Diputados del Estado de San Luis Potosí: No more bullfights in San Luis Potosí State, Mexico.
  5. Sign/Share Federal Petition: Prohibit Killing Companion Animals with Gas (HR 736)
  6. Free The Dogs In A Box
  7. Mayor, City of St. Louis: Stop all horse-drawn carriage rides when daytime temps reach 90 degrees.
  8. Justice for Aubie
  9. Council Bluffs Legislation: Remove the ban
  10. The Burea of Land Management: Stop the wild horse roundup.
  11. Richfield, Stop Clowning Around; STOP CRUEL CIRCUS!
  12. Mayor Bloomberg: End the War on NYC's Canada Geese!
  13. M. B. Gonzalez, Préfet du Lot : Non aux épandages aériens de pesticides dans le Lot
  14. www.Quikr.com: Stop the sale of dogs on your website
  15. Pass Lennox's Law in the state of MICHIGAN
  1. Ban 1080 poison in New Zealad used for pest control
  2. Save the Irrawaddy Dolphin from Extinction
  4. Ask MetroPCS to Stop Promoting Elephant Abuse
  5. Keep Front Yard Vegetable Gardens Legal
  6. Urge 99 Cents Only Stores to Stop Selling Glue Traps!
  7. Urge 99 Cents Only Stores to Stop Selling Glue Traps! (2nd petition)
  8. Tell Walmart to Stop Selling Gluetraps
  10. Tell EPA: Don't Jeopardize Our Water Supply!
  11. Stop the killing wild horses for meat
  12. Demand Justice for Endangered Monkeys Killed in Vietnam
  13. Ask Walmart to Stop Purchasing Inhumane Pork Products
  14. Stop Illegal Dog Fighting!
  15. Stand Against Brutal Chinese Dog Trade!
  16. Mr. Vick should NOT have the right to own a dog for what he have done..
  17. Ask U.S. to Help End the Illegal Ivory Trade
  18. Divers Supporting the Coral Sea Marine Reserve
  19. Cancel Shells Arctic Drilling Permit
  20. Stop Water Mining Project From Sucking Mojave Desert Dry
  21. Demand Stricter Gun Control Laws in Colorado

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Petitions against bullfighting

  1. Stop Bullfighting Festivals in France!
  2. Campanha contra as touradas no mundo / Campaign against bullfighting in the world
  4. Stop Bullfighting
  5. Help Us To End Bullfighting
  6. Ban Bullfighting
  7. Mexico's government: Ban bullfighting in mexicali! Torture is not culture!
  8. Bullfighting in Spain
  9. Dacian Cioloş, Member of the European Commission: Stop funding bullfighting with EU money
  10. Government of France and Spain: Stop bullfighting in France an Spain
  11. Cámara de Diputados del Estado de San Luis Potosí: No more bullfights in San Luis Potosí State, Mexico.
  12. Basta ya! No más corridas de toros!
  13. AL GOBIERNO: No mas Corrida de Toros, ni Peleas de Gallos !!
  14. Stop Bullfighting Festivals in France!
  1. Pour retirer la tauromachie du patrimoine culturel français
  2. Non à l'inscription de la corrida au patrimoine culturel immatériel de la France
  3. Non à l'inscription de la corrida à l'unesco
  4. Pétition CONTRE LA CORRIDA EN FRANCE (confirmation needed)
  5. Pour que Bayonne devienne « ville anti-corrida » !
  1. Stierkampf darf nicht UNESCO-Kulturerbe in Frankreich werden
  2. Bitte helfen Sie uns, die grausamen Stierkämpfe in Spanien endgültig abzuschaffen!

Bullfighting: The Facts

Campaign for Avaaz.wmv

Toro Jubilo Medinaceli, Soria, Spain

Petitions - Please Sign & Share

  1. Save Rocket from BSL
  2. Against horse meat
  3. Please Discontinue the Sale of Glue Traps
  4. What's on Morrissey's Mind? Animal Overpopulation
  5. Please Release SeaWorld's Animals to Sanctuaries
  6. Please remove elephant Sunda from Topeka Zoo
  7. I Support the Florida Grasshopper Sparrow
  8. Reduce Shark Bag Limit
  9. Don't let Apache Alaska Corporation conduct seismic surveys in Cook Inlet
  10. Thank the President of Mexico for Protecting the Coral Reef and Marine Wildlife of Cabo Pulmo
  11. Time for a ban on the commercial trade in polar bear parts
  12. Your Voice Is Needed to Clear America's Western Skies!
  13. Write Wild - Say NO to Plover Point Salmon Farm
  14. Write Wild: Stop Tar Sands Exports
  15. Tell EPA to Ban Hazardous Insecticide for Farmworkers and the Environment
  16. Protect the George Washington National Forest from Fracking
  17. Protect swift foxes from the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline!
  18. Tell your representative to protect the world’s forests and wildlife from illegal logging (US)
  19. Tell Congress to save the rainforests and their wildlife from illegal logging! (US)
  20. We Want a Fair Farm Bill! (US)
  1. Presidente, Director: Rehabilitate and Release Kshamenk back to the Wild.
  2. Save the Japan Dolphins
  3. A disabled veteran and his service dog were abused by United Airlines staff
  4. United Airlines CEO Jeff Smisek: Stop United Airlines employee's abuse of travelers with service dogs
  6. 1-800-flowers: Stand behind your promise of dog food for Lucky Dog Rescue
  7. Boycott Belfast, Northern Ireland
  8. Cancel Shark Wranglers
  9. Free Orca Morgan
  10. water4wildhorses (US)
  1. Demand Justice for Endangered Monkeys Killed in Vietnam
  2. Cancel Shell’s Arctic Drilling Permit
  3. Stop Water Mining Project From Sucking Mojave Desert Dry
  4. Applaud Conservation Efforts in Mongolia
  1. Stop 2 Year Old Pit Bull Kato From Being Killed.
  2. Mr. Vick should NOT have the right to own a dog for what he have done..
  3. Help End Illegal Trade of Endangered Animal Parts!
  4. STOP Killing Dogs & Cats In All the United States Shelters
  5. Gypsy, The Story Behind This Face
  6. Stand Against Puerto Rican Cockfights!
  7. Tell Thailand's Environmental Minister to step up the fight against endangered species crime rings
  8. Baby elephants captured, tortured and smuggled :(
  9. Help Animals Imprisoned by SeaWorld
  10. Stop The Pigeon Shot In Pennsylvania
  11. NYC, Stop Killing Your Geese!
  12. Save Arizona's Salt River Wild Horses
  13. Help Save Endangered Belugas!
  14. Tell Congress to save the rainforests and their wildlife from illegal logging!
  15. Tell Congress to save the rainforests and their wildlife from illegal logging! (2nd petition)
  16. Tell your representative to protect the world's forests and wildlife from illegal logging
  17. Tell your representative to protect the world's forests and wildlife from illegal logging (2nd petition)
  18. Thank the President of Mexico for Protecting the Coral Reef and Marine Wildlife of Cabo Pulmo
  19. Tell the Obama Administration to Help Save Polar Bears!
  20. Stop Singapore's Wild Boar Cull!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share

NASA: Improving Habitability, Mood & Diet through Bioregenerative Food Systems
During long duration exploration missions, vegetarian diets will be adopted, creating a challenge to meet the psychological need for dietary variety. Growing edible plants provides nutritional benefits and enhances variety and composition of food...

Dear friends. We are losing!!!
Wolves in Norway need your help. More and more Norwegians want them eradicated.
Motstanden mot ulv øker i Glåmdalen
In this link is a poll: "Vil du ha ulv i din kommune?" (Do you want wolves in your municipality?)
Please vote JA (yes) and click on Stem.
We are losing!!!!
The seal hunt continues
Your thoughts?
A) I cannot believe this kind of thing still happens. It is disgusting
B) I understand the need for population control. Although brutal, it is necessary.
C) Another animal thought to have aphrodisiac properties being hunted in Africa. No surprises there.
We are losing!!!!!!!!!
Fox hunting for children: "No stranger than football"
Is fox hunting a good hobby for young people? Vote Nej and click on Rösta.

  1. Dogs Guard bittet um Hilfe: Der alte Mann und sein Hund oder Roger’s unglaubliches Schicksal.
    Magdeburg's "Lennox" is now called "Roger" and he is a Collie! Dogs Guard asks for help: The old man and his dog, or Roger's incredible destiny. The dog Roger was seized on 11 July 2012 with a judicial search warrant, although he is demonstrably NOT dangerous. We say: "Demonstrably dangerous dogs must be released immediately!" We therefore call on the Provincial Administration Office: RELEASE ROGER IMMEDIATELY!
  2. Vision Express - Stop using Primates in TV ads!
  3. Tell MetroPCS to Stop Promoting Ringling's Cruel Circus!
  4. Please End MetroPCS' Promotion of Ringling
  5. Against English badger 'cull'
  6. Thank you for putting the brakes on ivory trafficking in the U.S.
  7. Stop The Torture And Consumption Of Dogs And Cats In South Korea
  8. Help Give Sharks A Fighting Chance
  9. 2,000 Bornean orangutans need our help
  10. Main page where the petition starts when scrolled down to postcard http://www.tierschutzprojekt-italien.de/italia-basta-helfen-sie-den-hunden-in-italienischen-canili/
    ~Write a postcard and ask those responsible to finally do something from the "Schreckenscanili"!
    "Click" on the postcard below and it will open a window where you need to enter your email address and your name. The postcard will be sent in your name to the Italian ministries and politicians, as well as the Italian EU deputies.~
    Or the link that will take you there right away: http://www.tierschutzprojekt-italien.de/postkartenaktion-italia-basta/?gallery=98&image=http://www.tierschutzprojekt-italien.de/cm2/wp-content/gallery/postkartenaktion/postkarte_italien.jpg
  11. Petition against the legalization of environmental destruction (confirmation needed)
  12. Make the call Mark - end native forest logging!
  13. Declare Trees in Baguio Protected Species: These trees should not be harmed
  14. Save the Trees of Bearsden Road, Athol, MA
  15. Urge the EPA to increase its soot standards to decrease instances of pollution-related illnesses.
  16. Tell Secretary Salazar: I stand with Ocean Conservancy against Shell’s reckless plans to drill for oil in the Arctic.
  17. Stop Wealthy Water Brokers from Draining the Bay-Delta (US)
  18. Please Sign On To The Appalachian Community Health Emergency Act (H.R. 5959) (US)
  19. Tell the President: Don't back down on our waters (US)
  20. Don't cut funds for our clean water protection (US)
  21. Tell the EPA: Reject Shell's Arctic bait and switch! (US)
  22. Reform Wildlife Services Now! (US)
  23. Deadline Thursday: Tell the FDA - Keep antibiotics out of our food! (US)
  1. Eliminate Chaotic Animal Chase From Rodeo
  2. Ask MetroPCS to Stop Promoting Elephant Abuse
  3. Keep Front Yard Vegetable Gardens Legal
  4. Get Harmful Additives Out of Organic Dairy Substitutes
  5. Demand Maximum Sentence for Craigslist Cat Killer
  6. Stop the Solomon Islands from Illegally Exporting Exotic Birds
  7. Ask Walmart to Stop Purchasing Inhumane Pork Products
  8. Congratulate Yonkers for Revitalizing Historic River
  9. Ask U.S. to Help End the Illegal Ivory Trade
  10. Free Asian Elephant in Solitary Confinement for 35 Years
  11. Keep Diabetes-Causing Chemicals Out of Cosmetics
  12. Don’t Compromise Food Safety for Election-Year Politics
  1. Speaking up for the voiceless: Stricter laws and stricter punishment for Animal Cruelty in CT
  2. Saginaw County Animal Care Center: Stop breed-specific policy and the murder of dogs
  3. Arkansas Animal Abuse Registry
  4. Stop Michael Vick from getting a dog!: Mr. Vick should NOT have the right to own a dog for what he have done.
  5. Investigate Dead and Maggot Infested Monkeys at UC Davis
  6. S. Korea's Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and Goyang-city: Close down the illegal dog slaughterhouses now!
  7. Call on States to Ban Animal Gas Chambers
  9. PIERS MORGAN AND CNN LET VICK'S PITS VOICES BE HEARD: Invite Jim Gorant, author of "The Lost Dogs" to speak for the dogs
  10. Rabun County: Stop the euthanasia of innocent animals!
  11. Tom Corbett, Governor: Ban Micheal Vick from ever owning or possessing any animals.
  12. Commissioner Dugan: Shut Down the Route 9 Kennels
  13. NPRA Ban Animal Scrambles at your Sanctioned Events
  14. Discount Drug Mart: Stop promoting animal cruelty!!
  15. Keep The Sheep
  16. Stop Wealthy Water Brokers from Draining the San Francisco Bay-Delta
  17. Give Save Wild Oat Animal Rescue, Inc. the land for their rescue
  18. Marine Mammals Threatened by U.S. Navy Training
  19. U.S Navy: Stop using Sonar and explosives
  20. United States Environmental Protection Agency: Modify the decision to continue the use of neonicotinoid pesticides
  21. City Attorney, City of Compton: Arrest & Charge Audra Aldridge & Milena Popovich
  22. EGYPT: Close down all 7 governmental zoos that are nothing less than hell holes!
  24. BC Provincial Court: Rule against euthanizing innocent Alaskan Malamute Shadow Madsen Kelowna BC
  25. United Airlines: poor treatment of veteran Jim Stanek and his service dog
  27. Ban all snake and reptile skin products in the EU!
  28. Minister of Justice, New Zealand Government: Harsher penalties for animal abusers
  29. Cobb County Commissioners: Change current ordinances/policies governing animal control
  30. Michael Fuqua; Animal Control Officer / Animal Cruelty Investigator: Fire and bring charges to adoption agent/volunteer coordinator Kay Farrell
  31. Pedigree Adoption Drive: Co-sponsor "Bridge the Gap" Animal Welfare & Adoption Event in Pinellas.
  32. The Commissioner, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike, Bangalore: Extend Dr. Parviz Piran's term as Joint Director, AHD
  1. Free Roger - do not let it end like Lennox!
  2. SAVE Piggy
  3. Say NO to "humane" farming giveaway
  4. Tell Mars Candy Stop Animal Experiments
  5. Ban Pigeon Shoots in Pennsylvania
  6. Sanctuary for Kansas Zoo Elephants
  7. Tell Thailand to End Smuggling and Torture of Baby Elephants
  8. Tell Coca-Cola to Stop Sponsoring Bullfighting
  9. Urge Opening of Conservation Reserve Program Land Due to Drought
  10. IF NOT HERE, WHERE?! Urgent! - Stop Ventura County Government's Forced Disposal of Wolves!
  11. Stop Promoting Circus Cruelty
  12. Stop the killing of whales in Faroe Islands
  13. Save Critical Tiger Reserve
  14. Protect the Clouded Leopard
  15. Protect the Clouded Leopard (2nd petition)
  16. Justice for Ruger - Dog locked in crate to starve to death
  17. San Francisco Gives Dogs to Panhandlers
  19. CNN LET VICK'S PITS VOICES BE HEARD: Invite Jim Gorant, author of "The Lost Dogs" to speak for the dogs
  20. Rabun County: Stop the euthanasia of innocent animals!
  21. Tom Corbett, Governor: Ban Micheal Vick from ever owning or possessing any animals.
  22. Do Not Wait 6 Years- Ban Endosulfan IMMEDIATELY
  23. Do Not Wait 6 Years- Ban Endosulfan IMMEDIATELY (2nd petition)
  24. Retire Grazing Permits - Give Mexican Wolves Freedom to Roam
  25. Time to call a halt to tiger farming
  26. Rescue Animals In Egypt Zoos
  27. Keep Diabetes-Causing Chemicals Out of Cosmetics
  28. Tell MetroPCS to Stop Promoting Ringling's Cruel Circus!
  29. Commissioner Dugan: Shut Down the Route 9 Kennels
  30. Free Asian Elephant in Solitary Confinement for 35 Years
  31. Ask U.S. to Help End the Illegal Ivory Trade
  32. Michael Vick Wants a Dog? No. Just No.
  33. End Breed Specific Legislation and Bring Responsible Dog Ownership Law to Ontario
  34. Lost Cat Help
  35. NPRA Ban Animal Scrambles at your Sanctioned Events
  36. Remember Nathan and Contact Ft Worth Mayor and City Council to End Dog Fighting!
  37. Demand Justice for Starved Miniature Horses in Florida
  38. Tell Obama: Reject Shell's Excuses
  39. Saginaw County Animal Care Center: Stop breed-specific policy and the murder of dogs
  40. SPCA: Stop euthanizing pit bulls without giving them a chance at life!
  41. Stop Industrial Fisheries from Murdering Endangered Salmon!
  42. parem els correbous (the 'correbous' are a form of animal torture)
  43. Woman Arrested for Bringing Water to Animals in Scorching Heat
  44. Help Save Gorillas
  45. Help Save Gorillas (2nd petition)
  46. Name the leaders of the Middle Fork pack of the Greater Gila Bioregion
  47. Mayor of Chicago: Make Chicago Animal Care and Control a NO-KILL shelter
  48. Rembrandt. Picasso. Fish in a Blender?
  49. STOP THE KILLING, We Demand an Investigation of Lewisburg Animal Shelter's Practices
  50. Stop the selling of live animals at open flea markets through out Florida
  51. Stop Japanese Whaling
  52. Keep Great White Sharks Protected
  53. Discount Drug Mart: Stop promoting animal cruelty!!
  54. End Puppies for Sale at Pet Shops | Don't Buy a Puppy at Pet Stores
  55. Keep The Sheep
  56. Gov. Brown: Use Found Money to Fund Threatened State Parks!
  57. Texas, Stop Damming and Conserve Water!
  58. Australia - Don't Remove Protection for Great White Sharks
  60. Reject Shells Permit to Drill in the Arctic
  61. Stop Wealthy Water Brokers from Draining the San Francisco Bay-Delta
  62. Tell the EPA: JUST SAY NO to Arctic drilling
  63. Stand Against Idaho's Pro-Trapping Amendment!
  64. Campaign for America's Wilderness
  66. Deadline Thursday: Tell the FDA - Keep antibiotics out of our food!