Thursday, May 31, 2012

Story I like a lot

As usual I didn't put all the heartbreaking stories of rescues in my blog - so many of them weren't memorized. I don't know why I didn't do that when I get so attached and too emotional to them. But from now on.... I'll blog each one I like and put it right here!

Pepper, Our Treasure

Pepper was literally thrown away by her owners when she lost the use of her back legs, taking her to the vet to be put down. The Vet was not able to do it and tried to find her a home. He could no longer keep her as she was already there for 3 months living in a cage and was going to have to place her into a shelter. Enter ME - not looking for another dog - we already had 3 rescues - I found her on the S. Fl Dachshund Rescue site. I had no idea what a "downed Doxie" was and thought she just needed rest to get better, not realizing it meant she was paralyzed in the back. My son and I drove 3 hours to get her and when I first laid eyes on her and saw her dragging her back legs behind her to "scoot' everywhere I cried. We have had Pepper for 2 years now & with love & prayer she is now walking again, no more cart for HER, she is even running with the other 4 (we have added another rescue - Oscar, but that's another story......) and taking corners in the house at a high speed LOL. She has taught me so much - patience & understanding & how to persevere. She is a feisty, yet loving & sweet. When we walk she wants everyone to pet her and say hello to Pepper. She has truly taught me that one man's trash is another man's treasure. I am proud to be Pepper's forever home.

Allison Roussel
Boca Raton, FL

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign&Share
  1. Stop Shark Finning and the Sale of Shark Fin Soup
  2. Stop Cattle Castration Without Anesthesia!
  3. $1.00 Plants TEN Trees :)
  4. Support the Egg Standards Bill!
  5. BAN Moon Bears as Pets in Vietnam
  6. Maximum Sentence for Maliciously tossing Kitten and Running Over Multiple Times
  7. Some animal welfare/rights petitions from other sites
  8. Stop Euthanizing Military Dogs
  9. Puerto Rico, U.S. (Pitbulls HOLOCAUST) That Exposes the murder of all PR Pitbulls Terier
  10. Stop selling Hermit Crabs in Markets!
  12. Stop the Rodeo!
  13. California End Savage Practice of Hounding Bears and Big Cats!
  14. Costa Rica Tourism Boycott
  15. TESCO: Keep your Promise to Replace Imported Veal with UK Veal
  16. Regulate Greyhound Racing in Ireland and Enforce the Welfare Act 2011
  17. STOP the Inhumane Treatment at Northern Puppies (Plattsburgh Plaza)
  18. Government Inaction Kills Coral Reefs
  19. Stop All Drive Hunts! (Whales and Dolphins)
  20. Stop Taiji Dolphin Slaughter and import of Live Dolphins to Entertainment venues to Australia
  2. Regional Administrator, National Marine Fisheries Service: Enforce the Marine Mammal Protection Act in San Diego
  3. Mayor of the City of Jesus Maria (Argentina) Gabriel Frizza: BAN "TAMING" / PROHIBICIÓN DE "LA DOMA"
  4. Tiger needs attention: Stop conflict between man and tiger - Naresh Kadyan
  5. Loews Hotels: Stop inhumanely trapping and killing healthy, neutered cats!
  6. Kuwait: Close down the Animal Friday Market
  7. City of Rising Sun: Stop Endorsing Camp Snapperfest
  8. Please help stop the sale of shark fin in the UK
  9. Return ALL in-shelter volunteers to the Bloomfield Animal Shelter now!
  10. Assist Japan with shutting down the Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant
  11. Please scrap Kelham Island hydropower plans
  1. Urge KFC to Use Environmentally Friendly Paper Products
  2. Urge KFC to Stop Sourcing Paper from Indonesia’s Rainforests
  3. Protect California Condors From Lead Poisoning in Arizona
  4. British Government Kills Buzzards To Preserve Sport for the Rich
  5. Save the Yasuní Rainforest
  6. Restore Chelsea Wetlands in Hercules, California
  7. Mexican Farmers Take On Monsanto
  1. PETITION to UNESCO against the declaration of bullfights as World Intangible Cultural Heritage. (confirmation needed)
    Everything you need to know about this is - HERE
  2. Drop jackets with fur from your stores (Sportmaster)
  3. I was incredibly happy when I found out that you have chosen to distance yourself from the cruelty by adopting a fur-free policy. It shows a high degree of accountability. At the same time, I urge you to include rabbit fur on your coat-free policy, since the conditions of rabbit breeding is identical to the mink and fox farming. (Føtex)
  4. Against fur sale (Mr. Gabriele Zambelli)
  5. Stop using fur (Baum und Pferdgarden)
  6. Stop using fur (Second Female)
  7. Stop using fur (Malene Birger)
  8. Please Stop Funding Burn Experiments at UTMB
  9. Slow lorises need our help in Indonesia
  10. Protect Disappearing Corals
  11. Don't let 'Free Range' become 'Factory Farmed'!
  12. Save Northern Beaches Wildlife
  13. Stop Dog-killer from Creating Sculpture for NY Public Library
  14. Save the New Zealand dolphin
  15. Urge the FDA to require mandatory labeling of genetically engineered fish!
  16. Travel Management: I value Smith River Area wildlands!
  17. I Support Protecting Bristol Bay from Pebble Mine
  18. Governor Brown: Speak for the Forests and Stop the Clearcutting! (US)
  19. Congress: Stop the Reckless Big Cat Trade (US)
Updated on October 3.

In loving memory

Among many dogs euthanized every day I come to see only few of them on photos shared on Facebook searching for adoptions/rescuing. Many of them find good rescuers but many more end up being put down :(
Here are only couple of dogs that didn't have luck in this world. I'm more saddened I didn't start doing this earlier so their photos are remembered forever.
- Albums where these photos are in, are full of animals that were unwanted. So very sad :( May they rest in peace.

Joy is a 2 year old female pitbull who is a possible victim of dog fighting. Joy came into the shelter with her two 1 week old puppies because her owner claimed he could no longer control her when pulling her back to "scratch". Joy is extremely sweet with people but MUST be the ONLY canine recipent of a family's love. She is wonderful with people. This family needs to go to a Pitbull Rescue.

Taken from the album "In Memoriam 2"
Joy, left to die at North Carolina shelter
Like so many other dogs, Joy's puppies were adopted out and no one wants Joy.

Joy has fence marks on her face which have been mis-diagnosed as fighting scars. What these marks truly represent are scarring from a dog who's been confined to a backyard with no stimulation. Why are there no marks on the rest of her body?

Because the shelter is operating on mis-information, Joy is not being put up for adoption and is only available to rescue.
One volunteer has fallen in love with Joy and is begging for help to save her. Joy only has until Friday.

Unfortunately, Joy doesn't come with fifty thousand dollars like the famous Vick dogs who were actual fighting dogs. Perhaps if Joy had fifty thousand dollars incentive, the big affluent groups might hop in an airplane to come save Joy. The fact of the matter for dogs like Joy is there are no books or television shows about them. These poor dogs just have a little story in the American Pit Bull Examiner to try and help them.

Hi, I'm DJ. I'm a handsome fellow, even though one of my ears seems to be missing from an old injury. I'd love a new home! According to the shelter I am a pit x, male, 2 years old.



GONE 5/24/12

My name is UNO. I am a male white and black pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 2 years old.
I came in the shelter as an owner surrender on 05/18/2012. Owner surrender reason stated was NEW BABY.

RIP Uno.

Taken from the album "Gone but NOT Forgotten 18"

GONE 5/21/12

My name is TYSON. I am a neutered male br brindle and white pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 6 years old.
I came in the shelter as a owner surrender on 05/12/2012. Owner surrender reason stated was NEW BABY.

RIP Tyson.

Taken from the album "Gone but NOT Forgotten 18"

I just found out that he was picked up on Jan. 13 2012, and adopted in the same month.
His old thread (2nd photo) is in the SAFE 37!!!! album.
Safe albums should have happy endings :(

Someone noticed how happy was he in January and sad in May :'(

I am a female black and tan Labrador Retriever mix.
The shelter staff think I am about 9 months old.
I was turned in by my owner and I am available for adoption.

RIP Calest.

Taken from the album "Gone but not Forgotten 19"
Since it stated "TBD Unknown Status - will update ASAP" I  was checking for updates only to find out he's gone :'( 
The two photos are linked to each other as to original thread of the dog when he first came to the shelter (album "Photos Linked to Main Threads #18") and the one from the "Gone but NOT Forgotten 18" album (1st photo) :(


GONE 6/7/12

My name is SANTIAGO. I am a male gray and white pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 2 years old. I came in the shelter as a stray on 05/23/2012

RIP Santiago.
With so many photos in "Gone but NOT Forgotten" albums, the pic of this beautiful boy is the first you'll see when you enter the album No. 18. I feel so sad just by looking at him.
Still, while browsing through other albums I my eyes landed on a dog with happy, adorable face. Not knowing it's the same dog, I immediately checked his status to see he's gone :( My heart was broken :(


GONE 5/19/12

My name is STANFORD. I am a male gray and white am pit bull terrier mix. The shelter thinks I am about 3 years old.
I came in the shelter as a stray on 05/10/2012.

RIP Stanford.



GONE 5/25/12

My name is TOMMY. I am a male chocolate pit bull mix. The shelter thinks I am about 1 year old.

I came in the shelter as a stray on 05/11/2012.

RIP Tommy.
First and second photos are from "Photos Linked to Main Threads #17" album.
Third photo is from "Gone but NOT Forgotten 18" album.

When it's set to date, it's set to date.
Album turned it's headline from "Devore Medium-Large Urgents: June 7, 2012" to "RIP: WE'RE SO SORRY (8)".

GONE 06/07/12

I am a female, blue and white Pit Bull Terrier mix. The shelter staff think I am about 1 year old. I have been at the shelter since May 25, 2012.

RIP Keisha.

Album turned it's headline from "Devore Medium-Large Urgents: June 8, 2012" to "RIP: WE'RE SO SORRY (8)".


GONE 06/10/12

I am a male, tan Shepherd mix. The shelter staff think I am about 6 years old.
I have been at the shelter since Jun 02, 2012.

RIP Richard.

The Album title didn't change ("New Faces from Carson Shelter (LA) 5/12/2012"), the description is still the same, and the only way to find out this creature is gone is from the comment below, stating "I called the Carson Shelter (310-523-9566) at 12:57 PM (EST) 6/10/12 and was told by the operator (Miss Holt) this beautiful girl was Killed on 6/01/12. Rest in Peace Baby Blue..."
 Transferred to album "Pitties That Never Made It Out x4"

GONE 6/11/12

I am an unaltered female, tan Pomeranian. The shelter staff think I am about 14 years old.
I have been found as a stray, thrown into a garbage can :( I have been at the shelter since May 19, 2012

*It has also been stated on her page she is not in the shelter but foster care through the ACC.*

RIP Spirit

Was bookmarked for about two weeks under the title
From the album "3yr TYSON MALE RR/MASTIFF*OWNER SURREN*A4434315 AVAIL NOW!" to "TYSON, SO VERY SORRY PTS 6/12 :(:(" (whole album is for him)


GONE 06/12/12

3 Years old.
Rhodesian Ridgback/Mastiff mix.

RIP Tyson.


In 1950, an elephant fell out of a monorail in Germany

In 1950, a three-year-old elephant named Tuffi was forced to ride a public monorail in Wuppertal, Germany. The animal was loaded aboard as a promotion for the Althoff Circus. This ride was supposed to be a lighthearted affair, but the world quickly learned that pachyderms and monorails simply do not mix.

Even though Tuffi was accustomed to train rides, the swaying tram upset the elephant such that she trumpeted, charged, and sent passengers scrambling for cover. 40 feet above the Wupper River, Tuffi decided that she had enough. The animal burst through a window and plummeted into the water below.

Miraculously, this monumentally bad plan to force an elephant to ride a monorail did not result in any fatalities, human or tetrapod — Tuffi (and some of the passengers) suffered only minor injuries. Although no photos exist of this incident, it has since been immortalized by the above, old timey, and widely circulated photo manipulation of Tuffi careening into the Wupper trunk-first.

In 1916, a circus in Tennessee sentenced an elephant to death by hanging

Mary the Elephant. The town considered guns,
electrocution and dismemberment
before settling on hanging.

In the early 1900s, it wasn't uncommon for humans to use their waxing technological prowess for the express purpose of torturing the hell out of animals. In one particularly mind-boggling incident, a five-ton circus elephant named Mary was condemned to death by hanging after her owners nixed executions by firearms, dismemberment, and electrocution.

After Mary killed her handler in St. Paul, Virginia because of abuse/poor training/a toothache/some nebulous combination thereof, the proprietors of Sparks World Famous Shows executed the pachyderm in the railyards of Erwin, Tennessee on September 13, 1916. As Blue Ridge magazine recalled in 1993:

Mary didn't perform for the matinee performance the day she died. She was chained outside the circus tent, and folks say she spent the entire performance time swaying nervously. The crowd's dissatisfaction with her absence was mollified by the announcement that Mary would be hung in the Clinchfield Railyards later in the afternoon — with no additional charge for admission.
 More than 2,500 people gathered to watch Mary swing near the turn-table and powerhouse on that drizzly afternoon; perhaps the number of eyewitnesses, as well as the unforgettable, sad spectacle of the event, explains the consensus on this part of the story [...] Wade Ambrose, who was 20 at the time Mary was hung, recalls that the roustabouts chained Mary's leg to the rail, then drove her companions back around the roundhouse.
"They had a time getting the chain around her neck. Then they hooked the boom to the neck chain, and when they began to lift her up, I heard the bones and ligaments cracking in her foot. They finally discovered that she'd not been released from the rail, so they did that."
 It doesn't seem surprising that the chain from which Mary hung snapped shortly after she was raised off the ground. It was, after all, just a 7/8" chain, and Mary weighed 10,000 pounds. She hit the ground and sat upright, immobilized from the pain of a broken hip.

Once the crowd realized that Mary wasn't going to bolt, she was again hoisted up and left on display for 30 minutes. The infamous photo above might be a real snapshot of this incident — there's also a chance she was hung again postmortem for a photo opportunity. For a similar (but far less depressing) affair, see the time idiot humans thought it would be a grand idea to put an elephant on a German monorail.

Top image via.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


  1. At the attention of shelters, vets, associations: no euthanasia without valid reason (confirmation needed)
  2. End bear bile farming in China
  3. Snares are cruel and indiscriminate. Polls have found that 78% of the public find this cruelty unacceptable.
    Submit this petition to the Rt Hon Caroline Spelman MP, Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, to urge her to end this silent killer in the countryside.
  4. Protect Antarctica's Ocean!
  5. Pledge to buy good wood and save orangutans, gorillas, jaguars and many other creatures that depend on the world's forests.
  6. Tell Congress to Investigate, Defund Wildlife Services (US)
  1. Save Petra's Horses
  2. Ban the use of plastic bags in St Albans, UK
  3. Stop Elm Street Tree Removal
  4. Tell KFC to STOP using rainforest resources for their packaging
    (Closed on June 30, 2012)
  5. No Confidence in Harper
  6. Save Prasonisi
  7. Save Digomi Forest Park
  8. Save Tbilisi Green - For an ecological environment, against cutting trees
  9. Save Wirikuta Lands From Mineral Exploitation!
  1. Jefferson County Washington County Commissioners: Create an ordinance that prohibits herbicides on roadsides in our county
  2. Make Maricopa Animal Care and Control in Phoenix, AZ Accountable in Doing Their Jobs!
  3. Green Hero Foundation: Against the puppy mill In Longueuil
  4. Protect Polar Bears!
  5. Governor: Stop gill-netting Wild Hawaiian Bonefish!
  6. Military dogs euthanized as 'equipment' under cruel law
  7. Waterfowl need our help!
  8. RIP Dear Little Louie - you did not deserve to die!!
  10. City of Vacaville Mayor: Allow Vacaville residents to raise chickens NOW!
  11. The horse has earned the title of our National Treasure and more!
  12. Presidente de la Republica de Ecuador: Stop Destroying Yasuni Rainforest - "Something must remain for the Huaorani"
  13. Petition to Save Lake Urmia
  14. The President of the United States: We need laws regulating the use of deadly force against our family pets. (US)
  15. Help stop the page "I hate pitbull owners" violence towards pitbulls (US)
  16. Stop the murder and torture of these beautiful animals. (US)
  1. Wild Horse Killers Released w/ Out Bond
  2. Stop Elephant Begging
Updated on October 2.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share
  1. Demand Permit for Tiger Breeding
  2. Prohibit Private Ownership of Big Cats
  3. Stop the illegal killing of strays in Ukraine
  4. Shut down fur-selling site!
  5. Ban Tennessee Walking Horses
  6. List African Lion as Endangered Species
  7. Pull the Cruelty out of the Isle!
  8. Support HR 4103 bill to reclassify US Military Dogs as canine members of the Armed Forces
  9. NC: Keep Your Scientists, Doctors and Conservationists
    RESULTS - Success! Senate Bill 851 failed in the North Legislature, protecting the integrity of the state's health and environment boards. Thank you so much for speaking out. Please continue to take action on the important issues below.
  10. The Wolf Petition
  11. Save the Pygmy Sloth From Extinction
  12. Support OR-7!
  13. Stephen Harper's REPLACEMENT & RESIGNATION!!!!!
  14. Stricter animal abuse laws
  15. Whole Food does not care about animals or its' customers!
  16. Save the Wolves!
  17. Halt Wolf Trapping near Denali Park
  18. Boycott Canadian Seafood
  19. Support Justice for Gizmo - 17lb dog brutally shot to death by Cumberland Co Deputy
  20. Save Pitbulls in Prince George's County Maryland
  21. Help enforce tougher animal rights laws!
  22. Stop Chinese Fur Farming!
  23. NO Antirrabicos! Exigimos Centros de Atencion Medica!
  24. Prosecute Puppy Abusers to Fullest Extent of Law!
  25. Close the Kas Dolphin Park
  26. End Bullfighting in Mexico
  27. Stop the illegal pet trade
  28. Stop the illegal pet trade (2nd Petition)
  29. Save the Northern Spotted Owl
  30. No Whale Shark in captivity in Kenya
  31. Ban Pinfiring in the United States
  32. MaGee Stalling NY Anti-Horse Slaughter Bill
  33. Stop Whole Foods from using palm oil in their 365 store brand products
  34. Demand Congressional Regulation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

  35. Defend Canada's Democracy and Environment from Bill C-38
  38. Protest against the tragic death of bear forced to drink soda
  39. Portugal against Unesco's proposal for bullfights
  40. Wild Horse Killers Released w/ Out Bond
  44. Support the Animal Fighting Spectator Prohibition Act of 2011
  47. Animals of Russia live like in the hell. We need changes.
  1. Indy Parks: Maintain foot-traffic-only policy for Eagle Creek Park's west side
  2. U.S. District Judge Harry S. Mattice, Jr.: Don't accept the plea agreement from horse abuser Jackie McConnell.
  3. Panthera's Remove a Snare Petition
  4. Keep the Franklin Animal Shelter OPEN!!
  5. Who's Watching Ohio's Vets? Ask Ohio Governor Kasich Who's Watching Your Pet's Vet.
  8., Maximum Prison sentence for the man who cut Dog's leg, so he cant run away!
  9. Pakistan Government: Stop bear baiting
  10. Wal-Mart Stores: Stop Selling Fish On The Shelves
  11. Kenneth Regan: Stop Cat Mutilation: don't force people to Declaw their cats!
  12. Urge China to respect Animal Rights and human Rights
  13. COSTCO, Safeway & Loblaws: We Don't Want to Eat Salmon Flu or Heart Viruses
  14. Stop L'Oreal From Animal Testing
  17. Denmark and the community of the Faroe Islands: Stop the grindadrap in the Faroe Islands
  18. The Association For Animal Welfare: Take the government to court for speciesism
  19. Ask Amazon to stop selling pro-violence / killing devices
  20. Ayuntamiento de Linares (Jaén): QUIEREN EXPROPIAR LA PROTECTORA DE ANIMALES ARCONATURA 22Mayo,2012.
  22. Waste Management: Switch to Bio-Deisel or another zero impact fuel for their new trucks.
  23. Your Dekalb Farmers Market: Stop wrapping organic produce in plastic!
  24. Vermont: Ban Plastic Shopping Bags
  25. Greater Monroe County Residents & Friends: Stop the destruction of Bald Eagle Habitat on Irondequoit Bay
  26. Veggie Burgers for Warped Tour across the U.S.A.
  27. Ironbound needs a Dog Park
  28. Stop gassing of animals in state of Missouri!!
  29. Indian Government: stop the extinction of tigers.
  30. National Geographic: Stop promoting Dog Abuse!
  31. Walmart: Stop the sale and abuse of Betta Fish
  32. Congresso Nacional, Presidencia, Ministerio Publico, Governors & Mayors: We DEMAND the creation of SANCTUARY areas in Brazil for the abandoned JEGUES
  33. Lima City Council/Lima Vicious Dog Ordinance: Stop breed specific legislation against the pit bull breed.
  34. Phoenix City Council & Staff: Please create a dog park along 1st St that's walkable for downtowners.
  35. Save Austin's Trees
  36. Osceola County Board of County Commissioners: Begin Residential Recycling Collection in Poinciana
  37. Ban Fracking Federally!
  38. Mayor Bloomberg and Sen. Gillibrand: End the War on NYC's Canada Geese (US)
  39. Say No to Pit Bull Bans (US)
  40. The Governor of CO: Lift the Pit Bull ban in Denver/Aurora (US)
  41. Help the Helpless (US)
  1. Stop Wastewater Discharge in Maui
  2. Keep Nuclear Power Plant Closed Until it can be Operated Safely
  3. Save Exotic Animals in Thailand
  4. Tell Mexico to Adopt Dolphin-Safe Fishing Methods
  5. Reimplement Protection for Vulnerable Fish Populations in the South Atlantic
  6. Stop Coca Cola Company from Using Eco-Harming Palm Oil
  7. Stop Devastating Oil Exploration On Native Lands
  8. Don’t Allow Major Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining Project to Go Forward
  9. Urge the Obama Administration to Stop Cozying Up to Oil Companies
  10. Boycott Soybean Production in Argentina
  11. Prevent the Ski Industry from Building in Protected Utah Forests
  1. Vote - Do you think Costa Rican authorities should drop the charges against Paul Watson?
  2. Vote - Norway should insist on whaling? Vote NEI
    • Yes, the catch is sustainable and good resource management.
    • No, the catch is a shame for Norway.
  3. Say Yes to Orangutan Friendly Palm Oil
  4. Ask Toyota Canada to stop promoting their product with the abuse of animals!
  5. Breeders kill Shelter Dogs’ Chances! Tell McClouds you wont shop at their store until they stop selling puppies!
  6. Start Protecting Our Wombats
  7. The federal government is scapegoating wolves!
  8. Many people are shocked to find out that BC, along with Alberta, is one of only two provinces in Canada with no endangered species legislation to protect wildlife at risk, such as grizzly bears, Great Blue Herons, and rare desert plants. By taking action today - you can help change that.
  9. Against living keyrings in China (confirmation needed)
  10. For the martyr of Ponthoile
    Justice for a dog who has been enclosed for 3 years without light, from time to time some food. He died in atrocity because the owner accused him not having a nose for hunting. Neighbors heard the dog howl and scream (confirmation needed)
  11. “Rollkur / Hyperflexion / LDR and any such mentally and physically abusive methods need to be banned once and for all. We ask the FEI and all its associated federations to enforce their own rules and standards: the horses’ welfare must be paramount!”
  12. Horse Soring
  13. Please End the Use of Live Animals in Albert Einstein's Pediatrics Residency
    Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia informed PCRM this week that it has replaced the use of kittens with nonanimal training methods to teach future pediatricians.
  14. Protect America's Pets
  15. The coalition Government in Westminster has broken its promise, to “promote responsible pet ownership” after announcing a set of measures in a bid to tackle irresponsible dog ownership that fall well short of addressing the real issues. =>
    The Sun launch 'Safer Dogs' campaign which aims to make dog laws tougher to ensure irresponsible owners take responsibility for their dogs and calls for compulsory microchipping AND registration of dogs. Sign their petition here!
  16. The Seals Of Nam - End the seal hunt in Namibia!
  17. Protect Cabo Pulmo (VICTORY)
  18. Ban Fracking Ireland
  19. FUKISHIMA:  Petition the UN to urgently act on Reactor No. 4 NOW, before it is too late!
  20. We ask the town of Olbia and the Province of Olbia-Tempio for free access to the beaches of dogs accompanied by their respective owners. (confirmation needed)
  21. Urge Mexican Officials to Transfer Lonely Lion to U.S. Sanctuary
  22. For the abolition of Monsanto
  23. Against the skinning of reptiles for the luxe industry (the poor animals are alive!) (Gucci, Hermes, Cartier)
  24. No Horse Slaughter in the United States!
  25. Please don't slaughter wolves in the name of caribou protection
  26. Please stop the torture and consumption of dogs and cats in South Korea
  27. Abandon EPA Proposal to Exempt National Park-Polluting Coal Plants in the Eastern United States from BART (RIN: 2060-AR05)
  28. NO TO NALCO - No Immunity For Corexit Manufacturer!
  29. The San Joaquin River is our river. Speak up for it. (US)
  30. Tell your representative to reject a harmful energy and water spending bill (US)
Updated on October 2.

Friday, May 25, 2012


  1. Ask the USDA to begin enforcing a law that prohibits trainers from inflicting unnecessary pain and suffering on show horses.
  2. Don't let white-nose syndrome deplete the bat population that saves America billions each year!
  3. For the closure of the site UNIMALIA .The owner connects pet owners in order to let breed their pets (confirmation needed)
  4. No, an animal is not an object of consumption: Prohibit individuals from selling animals for ads!
  5. Stop Australia's Wildlife Slaughter
  6. Stop using dogs as shark bait | Stop the usage of dogs as live bait for sharks
  7. Urging South Korea to end its torture and consumption of dogs and cats.
  8. Animal Welfare; Retail Pet Stores and Licensing Exemptions
  9. Protect Arctic wildlife in the NPR-A
  10. Help protect whales and dolphins in Scotland
  11. Help protect one of the Earth's last great wildernesses
  12. Support Safeguards for Forage Species in the Pacific
  13. Dear EPA: Fix broken safety rules for common pesticide, please. - EPA missed the boat on chlorothalonil. This nearly-impossible-to-pronounce pesticide, widely used in conventional potato fields throughout the country, is in the air people in neighboring communities breathe throughout the summer.
  14. Abandon EPA Proposal to Exempt National Park-Polluting Coal Plants in the Eastern United States from BART (RIN: 2060-AR05)
  15. Stop the Next Nuclear Disaster!
  16. End Fossil Fuels Subsidies - Fossil fuel subsidies drive climate change, drain public resources, and make it virtually impossible for clean energy sources to compete in the market. They must end.
  17. Stop the Dirty Water Gang
  18. We need your support to ban the bag (US)
  1. Exotic Animal Park Allows Kids to Play with Tigers
  2. Dino-Drama: A Showdown Over the Tarbosaurus
  3. Protect Reef Sharks Living Near Heavily Populated Islands
  4. Ensure Marine Protected Areas for Scotland’s Whales, Dolphins and Purpoises
  5. Save the Asian Unicorn from Extinction
  6. Replace Australia’s Dirtiest Power Plant with Clean Energy Alternative
  7. Urge British Columbia to Keep Tax on Carbon Emissions
  1. Let’s stop LetsBonus promoting bullfighting
  2. Stop Princess Polly selling real fur.
  3. NO to the Extermination of the Grey Squirrels The City of Nerves
  4. STOP wild animal hunting for profit in India - Abhishek Kadyan
  5. Residents of 18 Brookside Avenue in Livermore Falls, Maine: Stop the proposed operation of an Animal Incinerator in our neighborhood
  6. Sly Fox Brewery in Kimberton: Stop racing goats for entertainment
  8. Ban Plastic Bags In The Lehigh Valley: Charge 5 cents on all single use paper bags at retailers.
  9. Center For Alternative Grocery Bags: Ban the Use of Plastic Shopping Bags in Boulder
  10. Ban The Bag in Ocean Springs!
  11. Grocery Stores: Setup bag sharing stations to help customers re-use their extra bags
  12. Mayor for the City of Calgary: Opt for a central water container instead of disposable plastic bottles.
  1. Stop the UK Government from legalizing the use of stray pets in lab experiments!
  2. Stop Government Policy to allow stray pets to be used in lab experiments

  3. Support Reuniting Our Troops With Their Beloved Dogs!
  4. Stop Animal Cruelty in Saudi Arabia
  5. Stop the suffering of "dancing bears" in the Punjab region of Pakistan!
  6. Halt Wolf Trapping near Denali Park
  7. Chimps are not pets! (NO ADEQUATE TARGET)
  8. Do our 'clicks to donate' to breast cancer fund research that experiments and tests on animals?
    RESULTS - The petition "Do our 'clicks to donate' to breast cancer fund research that experiments and tests on animals?" is now closed. I am sending this petition to the Founder and CEO of Care2 Inc, Mr Randy Paynter. I will also ask him to give us an official answer to this question. When I receive his reply I will post it under Petitions, under Animal Welfare. Thank you for signing. Regards Susan Griffiths
  9. Block DFRA's proposal to imprison and/or kill our native buzzards.
  10. Stop the legal harvesting of Endangered Sea Turtles in Grenada
  11. Stop Importing Endangered Reptiles for Skins
  13. Justice for Rufus - Stop Police shooting Pets
  14. Protect the Leatherback Sea Turtle
  15. Find the man who threw a kitten to the sea for fun
    RESULTS - Thank you for signing the petition. The man who threw the kitten to the sea was found last night. (- results are from May)
  16. Ban Single Use Plastic Bags in Dallas, Texas
  19. END animal SUFFERING in Oman
Updated on October 1.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Petitions... Please Sign&Share

  1. Vote - Do you believe wolves in the Northern Rockies require federal protection?
  2. Protect Pigs: Implement the Ban on Sow Stalls in the EU
  3. Millions of pigs in Europe are confined to 'sow stalls' during pregnancy.
  4. Time for a ban on the commercial trade in polar bear parts
  5. Stop Canned Hunting in South Africa.
  6. Ask President Obama to Help Save the Pets of Our Service Men and Women
  7. Ask Congress to Help Save the Pets of Our Service Men and Women
  8. Poultry Inspection Rule Puts Corporate Profits Before Public Health
  9. Justice for our animals in Tennessee
    For little St Bernard Puppy was beaten and snout tied kicked beaten and then stabbed to death.
  10. Please support animal abuse registry law in Slovenia!
  11. Draft Plan Comments for National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska Integrated Activity Plan (Area-wide Plan)
  12. KFC is turning rainforest to trash
  13. Why is Shell still in the Sacred Headwaters?
  14. Reduction of the importation of soja (confirmation needed)
  15. Against the arrival of Rui Fernandes during the festivities in Ales, France (confirmation needed)
  16. For a blood bank for pets in France (confirmation needed)
  17. Against the closure of the shelter Toreilles in France (confirmation needed)
  18. Against the hunt on seals in Namibia (confirmation needed)
  19. Against the capture and perhaps euthanasia of cats in the streets in Beyne-Heusay (confirmation needed)
  20. Make a Difference for Millions of Egg-laying Hens (US)
  21. End Government Handouts to the Fossil Fuel Industry! (US)
  22. Urge the Ohio House of Representatives to Vote Down the State’s New Drilling Rules
  23. Stop Los Angeles Landfill Expansion
  24. Reduce Carbon Emissions by Requiring Power Plants Use Low Carbon Energy Sources to Generate Electricity
  1. Do not change petition tallies without providing evidence of errors
  2. Telemadrid, Castilla La Mancha TV y Cometa TV: CESE INMEDIATO DEL PROGRAMA "Quiero ser torero!"
  3. Require J.R. Simplot Co. to Clean Up Its Smoky Canyon Mine Superfund Site
  4. Beyond Nuclear-Uranium Network: Stop the Mkuju River Uranium Project at Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania
  5. Tell KFC to stop using rainforest destruction before it's too late!
  6. Justice For Hank
  7. Honeymoon Lake Board and Community Members: STOP the killing of Honeymoon Lake's Migratory Geese and Goslings!
  8. Put an End to Wildlife Services' Indiscriminate Killings
  9. Please support animal abuse registry law in Slovenia!
  10. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper: Stop the Harp Seal Slaughter
  11. Horses going through painful "soring" process
  12. Calif. Governor Jerry Brown: Stop the CA. Fish & Game Dept. from killing mountain lions 
  13. United States Senate: Block Passage of the Sportsmen's Heritage Act of 2012
  14. Tell Corporations to Stop Funding Climate Change Denial
  15. facebook friends coalition: Support Our Court Order, Hearing and Motion to Shut Down HAARP!
  1. FREE TiLiKuM
  2. Stop the Nambia Fur Seal Slaughter
  3. Stop Glyns Collections Selling Fur!
  4. Stop elephant training
  5. Vote NO to Sea Otter Fur Trade
    RESULTS - Thank you for your support with my petition in hopes of stopping the lethal force against our wildlife animals. This petition was specifically geared towards the unnecessary deadly force used by city and state officials in the recent event of the mountain lion who was shot down in Santa Monica, CA on May 22, 2012. The safety of the the general public is always of main concern, but the tactics used were irresponsible and prematurely aggressive. Your signature made a difference and this petition was sent to several local and state officials, from Santa Monica and surrounding cities all the way up to Sacramento. Success was accomplished in Santa Monica where a new wildlife response plan is now being structured and introduced. Please see the link below to be directed to that news article. We hope to see that this plan will be adopted by other cities where our wildlife animals deserve a fair chance. Thank you so much for your support! Cristina Cooper
  9. STOP BC GOV - $75,000 Fine/Two Years Inside for 'Talking' About Animals with Reportable Diseases
  10. Save the red knot!
  11. Let us save wolves with butterfly credits
  12. Defra - Don't Spend Taxpayer's Money on Harassing Buzzards
    RESULTS - Success! DEFRA has agreed to stop its plan to harass buzzards. Thanks for taking action! You were part of a great success story.
  13. Message to protest for the silence of the European Environmental Agency and the two main sports/foot
Updated on October 1.