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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 10/30

  1.  Don't Let Tobacco Companies Conduct Cruel Animal Experiments
  2. 500,000 French sows: Urgently need your help
  3. Ban Animal Tested Cosmetics 2013
    FOUR PAWS: Sign our Petition urging President Barroso to enforce the full 2013 ban on animal tested cosmetics - with no exceptions!
  4. URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Pro-Animal Research Floods YouTube With Negative Comments About The Multi-Billion Dollar Lie: Animal Experimentation
  5. Revelations about the cruelty of foie gras!
Serbian Petitions
Ime - name
Prezime - surname
Grad - town
Država - country
email adresa - email address
Your e-mail will never be shown in public. If you want your signature to be visible click on "Da", if not "Ne". All these petitions need confirmation, so you will receive an email where you must click on the second given link where it's written: "Da POTVRDITE Vaš potpis ili da UKLONITE potpis, molimo Vas da otvorite sledeću stranicu"
  1. Justice for the tortured siamese cat in Krusevac
  2. Petition to form an animal police in Serbia
  3. Petition to help to open a dog shelter
  4. Against BSL
  5. Petition to stop the killings of abandoned dogs in Krusevac (this is a town with a lot of crazy hunters who kill animals for fun)
  6. Against the ban to walk your dogs in Banja Luka
  7. Petition to change the directors of the animal shelter in Banja Luka because of inhumane killings of poor animals
  8. Petition to obey the Law for animal welfare and TNR
  9. Help open the temporary shelter for abandoned animals in Bar (Montenegro)
  10. Petition to open a shelter for dogs in Bijeljina
  11. A help for the animal shelter in Krusevac
  12. Petition to open an animal shelter in Cetinje
  2. Justin Bieber: Stop promoting the captivity of marine mammals
  3. Tulane University Administration: Green the Green Wave! Build Zimple Residence Hall with solar water heating
  1. Stop Sharpshooters From Carrying Out Massive Deer Cull in D.C.
  2. Save the Blue Whales in Sri Lanka’s Waters
  3. End the Inhumane Slaughter of Birds in the United States
  4. Remove Climate Change Skeptic from UK Climate Change Committee
  5. Microsoft: Don’t Power Windows 8 with Dirty Energy
  1. Make it illegal not to spay or neuter pets!
  2. Stop Killing OUR Wolves in the Northern Rockie Mountain States, Wisconsin and Alaska NOW
  3. Subjecting kittens to appalling cruelty for insignificant reasons.
  4. Boycott Brownsville Pet Smart
  5. Close companies producing flea and tick medicine causing animals to become ill.
  6. Stop slaughtering sharks in Dibba - Oman
  7. Introduce law to add bittering agents to antifreeze to save life
  9. Stop Slaughter of Giant Potato Bass in Mocambique
  10. Stop Dropping of 1080 Poison on Stewart Island
  11. Ban the sale of fireworks to the general public
  12. Prevent Deforestation Throughout the World!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 10/29

  1. Vote to help highlight the unacceptable inclusion of bloodsports exemptions in the Irish Animal Welfare Bill, ICABS has entered a campaign video into the 2012 Better Together Awards.
    Please vote for us at:
    You can vote once every 24 hours up until 19 November 2012.
    Please encourage your friends and family to vote.
  2. Action Alert: Comments Needed by Oct 27 on Proposal to Release a Few New Mexican Wolves
    Talking points are included which can be used in a letter.,,,,,, (contact form)
  3. Time is running out - help save 18 belugas from a life in captivity
    Petition under 'How do I make my comments?' section with talking points included.
  4. Stop Greyhound abuse in Spain
  5. Don’t touch the Thai dogs (needs confirmation) VITTORIA
  6. Green Hill must be closed forever (needs confirmation)
  7. Act now to save the Maui's dolphin from extinction
  8. Apply the law against cruelty to animals in New Caledonia
  9. Urge Air India to Keep Ban on Shipping Animals to Labs!
  10. Tell the Dutch Government to Let Morgan Go Home!
  11. Tell Bristol-Myers Squibb to Implement Non-Animal Tests
  12. PETCO 'Relinquishment Program' Sends Pet Turtles to Meat Farm
  13. Please object to RWE’s plans to burn millions of tonnes of wood a year long-term at Tilbury
    (there are 2 petitions - once you sign one, other one opens)
  14. Put the bite on plans to hunt great whites.
  15. Urge NM Leaders to Investigate Capture of Fox Mountain Loba
  16. Requirement in Brazil SEAL on products not tested on animals (needs confirmation)
  17. 'Haunt' UW-Madison for Killing Cats
    This a postal letter to send
  18. Help us convince Resorts World Sentosa to PLEASE LET THE DOLPHINS GO by sending a polite personalised message to them.
  19. Tell Obama and Romney to Acknowledge Climate Change's Role in Hurricane Sandy
  20. Thank MTV for Helping to Break the Silence
  21. Stop Mountaintop Removal Mining's Extreme Destruction
  22. It's time for a better farm bill. Now.
    For the sake of our nation’s health, our farmers, and our natural resources, we need you to do your job. We need a better farm bill, and we need it this year! An equitable, sustainable, 21st century farm bill.
  23. Transition San Juan Generating Station to Clean Energy
    PNM holds the key to a brighter future. Please, make a commitment to truly power us away from coal to clean energy.
  24. Energy Plan for the Future
  25. (UK)
    Breaking news: MPs have said ‘No’ to a badger cull in a parliamentary debate. This vote marks a huge step in our campaign, now we need to ensure this reckless policy is scrapped altogether.
    Take action! Email your MP to say thank you if they voted, and if not, urge them to call on the government to rethink the cull!
    Check out the document on the right to see if and how your MP voted...
  26. Support Bison as our National Mammal (US)
Before you proceed to petitions I must put some personal remarks. Around 70% are Spanish petitions. Among them, maybe 20% are petitions that worth something. Other petitions either don't have a target or are so stupid that the target is the same as the person who started the petition! Some don't have background so I have no idea what I'm petitioning and 90% don't have a decently written petition letter. It is on you to choose which petition you will sign (there is a google translation below each petition) or you can sign the ones that have already gathered couple of hundered signatures. Thank you!
  1. L'Oreal: Stop testing on animals or using any animal products! Go cruelty free!
  2. Ministry of Justice-Supreme Prosecutor/South Korean Legislative Branch: Introduce Dog Meat Trade Task Force for the S. Korean Law Enforcement
  3. Greek Ministry of Environment, European Environment Agency: Protect baby bears in Greece
  4. Memphis, TN House & Senate Members: We Respectfully Request a No Chain Law
  5. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Return Fox Mountain mother wolf to her pups
  6. Hydro Tasmania: Pull out of destructive dam investments in Sarawak
  7. Cleveland Metroparks Zoo: New, stimulating exhibit area for Sun Bears
  8. Lisa P. Jackson, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency: Require disclosure of toxic materials in water infrastructure projects
  9. The State of Wisconsin: Stop the use of dogs for hunting Bears and wolves
  10. World Leaders: Save Polar Bears
  11. Diputación Foral de Bizkaia: Que se paralicen las obras en la Reserva de la Biosfera de Urdaibai.
    Provincial Council of Bizkaia: No to construction in the Biosphere Reserve of Urdaibai.
  12. Makhdoom Syed Faisal Saleh, and Shri A Raja: Stop inhumane training of bears
  13. Save animals and birds from the pathetic conditions of an illegitimate zoo in Anna park
  14. The Mayan Beach Club vs Endangered Sea Turtle Hatchlings: Save the Mayan Beach Sand Dune from being demolished
  15. Kentucky Dept of Fish and Wildlife: Stop Euthanizing black bears and relocate them instead
  16. Animal breeders: Stop breeding brother and sister cats to get twisty cats
    no specific target
  17. ZDF: Tiere gehören nicht in TV Shows
    ZDF: Animals do not belong in TV Shows
  18. Se pide la abolición de esta ley fascista hacia los animales.
    For the abolition of this racist law  towards animals.
  19. A los legisladores: hagan algo contra el maltrato y abandono de los animales de compañía
    Lawmakers: do something against the abuse and neglect of companion animals
  20. Empresas de cosmètica: Que no experimenten con animales
    Cosmetics companies: Do not experiment with animals
  21. Gobierno de España.: No a los espectaculos cirquenses con animales,incluido el toreo
    Government of Spain.: No to animal circuses, including bullfighting
  24. Ministerio de Agricultura, pesca y alimentación: una forma más humanitaria de sacrificar los mariscos
    Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food: A more humane way to slaughter seafood
    Change Org: protecting the OSEZNA ENTITLED TO LIFE
  26. Justicia Española: contra el abandono y maltrato animal
    Spanish Justice: against animal abuse and neglect
  27. Ministro de Interior: TIPIFICACIÓN CON DELITO PENAL, el maltrato a animales
    Minister of Interior: TYPING WITH CRIMINAL OFFENSE, the mistreatment of animals
  28. Comunidad valenciana, oficinas de la seguridad social.: STOP SACRIFICIO DE 500 PERROS DE LA PROTEC POR UNA DEUDA CON LA S.SOCIAL
    Valencian Community, social security offices.: STOP KILLING DOGS 500 PROTEC BY A DEBT WITH S.SOCIAL
  29. Freddy: no a la matanza de animales
    Freddy: no killing of animals
  30. Quiero dirigorlo a la ONU, u otros organismos que defiendan la vida animal: QUIERO PEDIR, QUE SE LOGRE UNA LEY CONTRA LA CRUELDAD ANIMAL EN CHINA.
    I want to address the UN, or other organizations that defend animal life: I want to ask, to achieve a LAW AGAINST ANIMAL CRUELTY IN CHINA.
  31. MEDIASET, ESPAÑA: Retirada de la programación de "FRANK, DE LA JUNGLA"
    MEDIASET, SPAIN: Withdrawal of programming "FRANK, DELA JUNGLE"
  32. Stop the use of gas chambers in shelters across Texas.
  33. Veterinarians to observe and report animal abuse.: Report suspected animal abuse.
  34. Animals shelters across the country!: Stop euthanizing cats and dogs by putting them in a "Gas Chamber"
  35. Ajuntament de Barcelona: Queremos una playa para perros en verano como la tienen en Girona
    Barcelona City Council: We want a dog beach in summer as they have in Girona
  36. Alcaldia de Alhaurin de la Torre (Malaga): Necesitamos un parque especial para perros
    Municipality of Alhaurin de la Torre (Malaga): We need a special dog park
  37. Everyone: Shut down Marineland
    no target stated
  38. Pitbull ban/bully breed ban in the city of Arkansas City Kansas: End the ban on Bully type/pitbull breed of dogs
  39. Cache Humane Society: Replace the Cache Humane Society Board of Directors
  40. Organizaciones, gobierno y demás interesados: Leyes prontas y cumplidas a favor de los: los animales
    Organizations, government and other stakeholders: prompt  Laws and fulfilled in favor of animals
  41. Aline Knapp: Liberar a la orca
    Aline Knapp: Free the orca
  42. Orca: Que liberen a ese pobre animal
    Orca: to free the poor animal
    In the Municipality of General Pueyrredón: to enforce the law banning animal traction.
  44. Mayra Gonzalez Arce: Que la ley se cumpla
    Mayra Gonzalez Maple: that the law is fulfilled
  45. A todas las organizaciones protectoras de animales: Que promulguen una ley contra el maltrato animal
    All animal welfare organizations: enact a law against animal abuse
  46. Presiente de la Nación: protección para los animales, leyes que los aparen
    President of the Nation: protection for animals, the apparent laws
  47. Gobierno Balear: que las mascotas tengan derecho a una salud pública.
    Balearic Government: that pets are entitled to public health.
  48. Mirtha Beatriz Francone: Salven a los rinocerontes!!! Basta de zoologicos, dejenlos libres!!
    Beatriz Mirtha Francone: Save the Rhinos! No more zoos, let them free!
  49. A la justicia: que valla a codigo penal el maltrato animal
    To justice: penal code for  animal abuse
    no target stated
  50. Nerio Palma: no tiene derechos a privar de libertad a los animales solo por dinero
    Nerio Palma: no rights to detain animals just for money
  51. Vlaams Minister van Cultuur, Joke Schauvliege: Stop de subsidies aan Jan Fabre
    On Thursday, October 25, 2012 a horrible scene took place in the Antwerp City Hall: cats were thrown meters into the air. Just before the scenes were shot, they got tranquilizers to keep them calm! The event was filmed by an official of the City of Antwerp and he placed it online. The video clearly shows that several cats smacked on the stairs, and their screams are loud and clear. The screaming was so pervasive that people elsewhere in the building at a meeting heard it. So they went to see what was going on.
    The scenes were shot for a movie of the French production company ‘Regards productions’. They make a movie about the life of Jan Fabre. J. Fabre himself was present during the shooting of the scenes. He even was dancing on top of the stairs… Afterwards he stated explicitly that he had no problems with these shots what so ever.
    Art may shock people, it may excite people, it can make us wonder about society and questions things… But it should never involve physical or emotional damage to animals.
    We, citizens of Belgium, do not wish that our tax money is invested in artists participating animal cruelty just ‘for the art’.
    Animal abusers do not belong in the ‘world of art’ and don’t need to be financially supported by us.
    We, all who sign this petition, therefore demand that all funding will be cut for Jan Fabre and his ‘art’ projects.
  52. To NOT accept petitions from conservative groups.
  53. Ben Rattray, CEO of Abandon your new "profit before principles" policy
  54. Wells Fargo: Don't break the law -- leave cancer patients alone
  55. Una reserva natural bajo ataque.
    Stop the destruction of the Nature Reserve La Esmeralda in Equador.
  56. Perrera de Huesca: Dejad a voluntarios sacar a pasear los perros de la perrera de Huesca
    Allow volunteers at Huesca shelter.
  57. Pedimos a la DPH el bienestar y asistencia veterinaria adecuada para los perros de Huesca
    We ask the DPH welfare and adequate veterinary care for dogs of Huesca
    Stop mistreatment of animals at Huesca shelter; we demand adequate veterinary care, volunteer-program, adequate housing, state-run inspections, adequate nutrition and care, weight control of each animal, public information about transfers to research laboratories, absolute transparency.
  58. PJs Pets: Stop Selling and Neglecting Cats and Kittens in their stores
  59. End Hunting in Weston, MA
    Ban bullfights as part of school's education in Spain.
  62. Начальнику УГАИ УВД Миноблисполкома: Виновника ДТП - к ответственности!
    Punish the person who hit the animal intentionally. The elk's agony lasted three hours. Witnesses wrote down the registration number of the Mercedes. (2275AM-5)
  63. Comunidad Autónoma de Castilla y León o Ministerio de Medio Ambiente: Terminar con la caza en Zonas de Especial Protección
    Ban hunting and protect the natural environment and extant wildlife in Spanish mountains.
    Make illegal the killing of kennel and shelter animals and ban pet import.
  65. Cablevision: que no emita en Argentina las corridas de toros del canal español
    Stop broadcasting Spanish bullfights on cablevision, Argentina.
    Stop killing your shelter animals.
  67. Al gobierno de España: Pena de cárcel para los maltratadores de perros
    Enact law that allows imprisonment instead of only a fine for the torture and murder of dogs.
  68. Parlamento de Cataluña: Prohibir la venta de animales en tiendas de mascotas
    Make illegal the sale of animals by commercial breeders to reduce the number of abandoned and unwanted pets in Spain.
  69. Autoridad competente. Prohibición de exposición de animales de compaía en las tiendas
    Make illegal the display of live animals „for sale“ in store windows.
  70. Presidente Junta de Andalucía y Consejero de Agricultura y Pesca.: No a la legalización de otra forma de maltrato hacia los perros de caza...
    President of Government and Minister of Agriculture: Stop finally the torture and appalling death of racing dogs and hounds in Spain.
  71. PetSmart: Change your discriminative policies against "bully breeds".
  72. The U.S. President and Congress: Stop Idaho's (HJR2), which will be on the 2012 ballot for killing WOLVES.
  73. Brian Williams / Town Of Galen Animal Control Officer: remove him from position and rehire non-bias officer
  74. Prefeitura de Londrina: Acabar com Atividades de Carroceiros na Área Urbana
    Ban horse drawn carriages in Londrina, Brazil.
  75. ASPRO INTERNATIONAL - Purchases Six Dolphins from Japan's Killing “Cove”: STOP THE SLAUGHTER -Stop profiting from Blood Dolphins
  1. Stop Sharpshooters From Carrying Out Massive Deer Cull in D.C.
  2. Protect Coho Salmon from Mining Operations in Oregon National Forests
  3. Urge India to Save the Ganges River Dolphin
  4. Enforce Maximum Punishment for Animal Cruelty and Murder
  5. Urge Los Angeles to Outlaw Puppy Mills
  6. Maintain Public Access to Fisheries Data
  7. Encourage International Leaders to Establish Protected Wildlife Zones in Antarctic
  8. Stop Bow Hunting of Deer in Weston, Massachusetts
  9. Protect Manatee Habitat in Florida
  10. Tell Congressman to Stop Encouraging Animal Cruelty
  11. Urge the Obama Administration to Tell the Whole Truth Behind the Gulf Oil Spill
  12. Stop PetSmart from Discriminating Against Certain Dog Breeds
  13. Give Police Dogs the Rights They Deserve
  14. Demand the United States Reduce Harmful and Wasteful Gas Flaring
  15. Praise IKEA for Plans to Become Energy Independent by 2020
  1. Rimadyl Kills, Please Protect your Dogs!!
    informational, no target specified.
  2. Stop (FDA) Drug Administrations On Animals
  3. Spare The Trap/Euthanasia of Florida Black Bear
  4. Do Your Part to Preserve Life & All Creation: Help Save Bees
    no specific target
  5. Demand changes to Bylaw No. 285 (Bylaw to control Dogs in Town of Ogema)

  7. Let's Clean Up Pennsylvania's Biggest Coal Plant!
  9. Sparing the lives of Bill and Lou the 2 oxen of Green Mountain College
  10. Wij eisen de collocatie van Jan Fabre!
    After the scandalous abuse of innocent kittens for the shooting of the film "La beaute du guerrier" about the artist Jan Fabre is it entirely clear that this man is severely psychiatric disturbed. With this petition we demand its collocation (forced hospitalization in a psychiatric institution).
  11. Coronation Street Bosses - please do not promote the cruelty of dog racing
  12. Help us to save Flora
  13. Say NO to bear cruelty in China
  14. Stop Hunting In Africa
  15. Demand a Grey Wolf Protection Policy!
  16. Poaching of Elephants
  17. Stop TransCanada's Keystone XL's tar sands pipeline from being constructed through the lower 48.
  18. Ban bee-killing pesticides on Boulder County Open Space!

  19. Tell Governor Parnell: Protect the Mat-Su Valley from Coal Development!

  20. Stop Overfishing in India

  21. Save the Menhaden, Save the Bay
  22. Relocation for Mountain Lions- Not Trap and Kill
  23. Ocean Protection Resolution Act proposition to the United Nations
  24. Demand Justice for Kidnapped Baby Dolphins
    no background, no letter, how to take this serious?
  25. Helping stray cats of El Dorado KS.
  26. Tanzania: Lifetime imprisonment for elephant poachers!!
  27. Tanzania: NO to selling Ivory stockpiles!!
  28. Urge California leaders to ban the cruel act of wrangling and roping of livestock at rodeos.
  29. No Primates in Research Labs!
  30. Please Help the Street Cats of Cyprus
  32. Stop Animal Traction

  33. Protect Whale Passage From Supertankers
  34. PNC Bank, Stop funding Mountaintop Removal!
  35. White Harp Seals
  36. Stop Littering in New Jersey!
  37. UK - Stop Handing Out Oil Drilling Licenses Like Sweeties
Protect the Columbia River from Dirty, Dangerous Coal!
Stop the Running of the Bulls in Toronto!
Tell Secretary Summers: Protect Public Health in MD!
Tell Governor Martinez: Move Beyond Coal In New Mexico!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 10/26

  1. Please Take Action to Protect Atlantic Menhaden
  2. Help WSPA tell your supermarket that you want to keep cows on grass
    I want my milk to come from cows that are healthy and free to graze as nature intended – on grass in green fields. This is why I am joining WSPA’s European-wide campaign demanding to know: where does my milk come from?
  3. Ban Gestation Boxes: No Reprieve
  4. Oppose Removal of Wild Horses in Oregon's Murderers Creek
  5. Let us not allow the mountain chicken sanctuary tol be destroyed!
  6. Ask Emma Stone To Stop Wearing Fur
  7. STOP the sell-off of the prairie grasslands
  8. Petition against Thai dogs and livestock markets
  9. Thank Sec. Salazar for protecting wildlife
  10. URGENT: Congress Allowed the Food and Farm Bill to EXPIRE!
  11. Have your say on plans to increase logging in our SW forests!
  12. Tell Prime Minister Manmohan Singh: Stop the National Investment Board
  13. Don't let Congress give away your wilderness (US)
  1. Save Bill and Lou from the slaughterhouse
  2. Ban shark long line fishing
  3. Australians Against Shark Culling
  4. Obie Must Stay with Nora
  5. Save The Pitbulls!
  1. Brasil Embassy: Protect the Guarani
  2. The governor and state legislator of California: Enact a law mandating that all privately owned dogs be spayed and neutered
  3. These bears are suffering in an enclosure that's too small
  4. PetSmart: Change your discriminative policies against "bully breeds".
  5. The U.S. President and Congress: Stop Idaho's (HJR2), which will be on the 2012 ballot for killing WOLVES.
  6. Brian Williams / Town Of Galen Animal Control Officer: Remove him from position and rehire non-bias officer
  7. Prefeitura de Londrina: Acabar com Atividades de Carroceiros na Área Urbana
    City of Londrina: Ending Carroceiros Activities in Urban Area
  8. Eliseo Lezama Prieto, presidente de Tehuacán: Autorizar corridas de toros es violar la ley de Proteccion a los Animales
    Elisha Lezama Prieto, president of Tehuacán: Authorize bullfighting is violating the law of animal protection
  9. Mayor Menino & councillor Rob Consalvo: Stop the bullying of pit bulls and their owners.
  10. Hon Michael Gravelle - Ontario Minister of Natural Resources: Save Endangered Species (Jefferson Salamander) from 4 Lane Highway
  11. Canada: Por favor ¿pueden parar las matanzas de focas?
    Canada: Please can you stop the killing of seals?
  12. Reveal Treatment Of Orangutans At Rasa Ria RESORT
  13. U.S. House Oversight Committee: Investigate the Department Of the Interior for unethical practices
  14. Открытое обращение в защиту белорусских болот
    Open letter in support of Belarusian wetlands
  15. Ayudar a los animales de la protectora de Figueres
    Helping animals in the shelter of Figueres
  16. Brenda Barnette/South LA Animal Shelter & LA Mayor Antonio Villaragosa: TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your mess up and open the new shelter!
  17. Please Keep the Finger Lakes Beautiful, Profitable, & Healthy! Please Stop the Landfill Expansion!
  1. Enforce the Ban on Shark Finning in the United Arab Emirates
  2. Urge New York to Encourage Cohabitation Over Killing Coyotes
  3. Stop Maryland from Using Birth Control to Manage Deer Populations
  4. Save Los Angeles’s Waterfront – Sink the Long Beach Breakwater
  5. Tell Americans Where Natural Foods are Sourced
  6. Stop Selling Baby Food in Toxin-Filled Plastic Containers
  1. Another case of abuse and neglect (Kelly Rogers)
    original link: PETITION: ANOTHER CASE!!!!!!
  2. Bring Debbie Andrews To Justice For Starving Her Pets To Death
  3. Save Feral Cat Colony in Sandfly!
  4. Stop the unjustly discrimination & murdering of Pit Bulls!
  5. Help us Protect our Kids Franklin and Elizabeth
  6. Save Tam Dam's Bear Sanctuary!
  7. Turtles Aren't Toys.
  8. Stop the slaughter of millions of birds migrating across Cyprus and Malta every Autumn!!
  9. Save the seahorses and other animals used in Chinese medicine.
  10. Ask McDonald's Canada to have a Vegan Sandwich
  11. EPA must not approve palm oil!
    original petition: EPA must not approve palm oil!
  12. Save the hawksbill TURTLES by protecting an important nesting site

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 10/25

  1. Time is running out - help save 18 belugas from a life in captivity
  2. Please SEND a MESSAGE below to the public input process - DEADLINE is November 5, 2012!
  3. Please help end the use of gestation crates in Canada
  4. Ask your MEP to vote to protect sharks today! (EU)
  5. Protect Colorado's White River National Forest from dangerous fracking!
  6. Urgent Help Needed - Buffers Protections In Philadelphia Hijacked by Developers?
    Developers are hijacking the Philadelphia City Council process. If they get away with it then we will all be denied the benefit and value of protective stream and river buffers.
  7. The US Navy has permission to kill, maim & harass 7,956 whales and 100,000 dolphins per year. Now they want to increase the killing. Tell the Department of Fisheries/NOAA to stop issuing permits for this slaughter! Sign our petition!
  8. Stop the trivialization of halal and kosher slaughter (confirmation needed)
  9. We ask  to create a certificate "respect for animal welfare"
  10. Take Action: Tell your Senate candidates to put toxics on their agenda.
    Fight back, and make sure your Senate candidates know that you care about increased oversight on toxic chemicals.
  11. We need a 2012 Farm Bill. Period.
    For the sake of our nation’s health, our farmers, and our natural resources, we need you to do your job. We need a better Farm Bill, and we need it this year!
  12. Take Useless Missiles Off High Alert
  1. Fermiamo il massacro delle foche! - Let's stop the massacre of seals!
  2. China: Selling faux fur to Canada really living animals beaten skinned alive
  3. Mayor Michael Bloomberg of NYC!: Ban the sale of real fur and seriously investigate the fur trade!
  4. Palm Beach School District: Stop forcing High School students to dissect cats in order to pass Anatomy
  5. Help Save Springs for Florida Manatees. Say No to Reductions in Flow!
  6. Ao Congresso Nacional: Revoguem o inciso II do parágrafo 1º do artigo 1º da Lei 11.794/08
    Repeal law's paragraph that allows the dissection of even live animals at schools and universities.
  7. University of Florida: Take a humane approach to managing community cats!
  8. United Airlines: Have PetSafe Program policies changed to protect the animal and owner.
  9. Mundo Marino Buenos aires, Argentina: release this poor dear of a whale Kshamenk!
  10. Ban BEAR FARMS IN KOREA - Save Bears!: Stop this horrible crime
    no target specified
  11. Brisbane City Council: Create off-leash dog beaches
  12. Mount Barker District Council: Create a safe and fenced off-leash dog park in the Mount Barker District
  1. We demand justice for the animals put to death by decision of Ibama
  2. Justice for Mary a Lab/Sheperd dog who had Drano and Bleach poured down her throat
  3. Justice For Mary German/lab mix murdered By Sean Janas
  4. Pledge Not to Eat Baby Pigeons! Say No to Squab!
  5. Justice For Riley-PLEASE,PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE!!! NOW-COURT ON 10/31/12
  6. Spay/Neuter Laws needed in Alabama
  7. Canada- Stop Killing Grey Seals!
  8. Save Whales and Dolphins from US Navy's New Deadly Plan
  9. Ban Plastic Bags in the New Paltz Vicinity
  10. Support Coal Plant Protestors in China

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 10/24

  1. Vote - Do you think Hamilton Mayor Julie Hardaker should stand down as head of the SPCA?
    • Yes, there is a conflict of interest
    • No, she is not going to continue anyway
    The call has come along with an online petition signed by more than 2500 people, urging Hardaker and her council to put a halt to the International Rodeo which will be held at Claudelands Arena on November 24.
  2. Tell the DNR Commissioner To Stop The Wolf Hunt
  3. Help Stop the Sadistic 'Fire Bull' Festival in Soria
  4. Hearts Cut Out at CU-Boulder!
  5. No loosening of elephant conservation in Tanzania!
  6. Orangutans Kick Box and Wear Bikinis?
    link will take you to a Care2 petition after clicking on 'Take Action'
  7. The implementation of Council Regulation 1099/2009 on the protection of animals at the time of killing - Over 3 million animals are slaughtered in Scotland's abattoirs every year. The Scottish Government are now considering weakening the few and woefully inadequate laws that are supposed to limit their suffering. We have until 26th October to act. (For residents of Scotland only)
    For other countries, use the same letter as given in the petition and address it to The First Minister Alex Salmond -
    End it with your name and country.
  8. Stop the Super Trawler (only two days to go)
  9. Ban Animal Tested Cosmetics 2013
  10. Please help the elder chimpanzees
  11. NJ: Ask Your Assembly member to Support A.3250 to Ban Cruel Confinement of Pigs
    (This alert only applies to the following states: NJ.)
  12. Harper: Don't sell Nexen to China, Stand up for Tibet
  1. South Korean Government: All dogs should be protected equally under the Animal Protection Law.
  2. Serve MAXIMUM ALLOWABLE Judicial Punishment for Animal Cruelty in the State of Wisconsin.
  3. Honorable Gregory E. Grau, Lamont Jacobson, Esq., Wausau, Wisconsin: Please prosecute Sean D. Janas to the Full Extent of the Law
  4. Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr and The City of Charleston: Bring a Local Farmers Market to West Ashley.
  5. Stop animal abuse & the law to be strict on people who abuse animals
    no target stated
  6. Su Majestad La Reina Doña Sofía.: Abolir el maltrato animal en España.
    Her Majesty Queen Sofia: Abolish animal abuse in Spain.
  7. Kelly Ripa: spend time with pit bulls and educate yourself.
  8. Fundación Natura Parc - Canera de Transit: La perrera debe de abrir al público y a los voluntarios
    Fundación Natura Parc - Canera Transit: The kennel must be open to the public and volunteers
  9. Sindh Government of Pakistan: Maltreatment of 22 Thousand Innocent Sheep
  10. Bezirksamt Mitte von Berlin und lokale Medien: Schnute und Maxi artgerecht umsiedeln
    I appeal to your conscience, relocate "Schnute" and "Maxi" urgently into a welfare sanctuary so they can live their life finally as bears!
  11. SPCA of Cattaraugus County Board of Directors: You must resign immediately to allow change
  12. Chico Area Parks and Recreation District: Create a Small Dog Park in Chico/ Degarmo Park
  13. President and Congress of the US: Make the captivity of marine mammals illegal in the US
  14. Don't sell out - people over profit!
  15. Don't sell out to right-wing causes and corporate interests.
  16. Lake County FL Administrative Offices: Implement Jacksonville's Feral Freedom Program to end animal euthanasia
  17. Chipotle Mexican Grill: Ask customers if they need a bag before bagging their food
  18. Allow pets in Homeless Shelters and Assisted living Programs
  19. Ministro de Justicia de España: Las agresiones sexuales a animales deben ser tipificadas como delito.
    Make sexual abuse of animals a crime in Spain.
    Don't close the animal shelter in Valencia, Spain
  21. Уберите мертвых животных с витрин ГУМа
    Remove the stuffed wildlife from display windows at State Museum of Natural History in Belarus.
  22. Islas Danesas de Feroe: Que no maten delfines por tradición en las Islas Feroe.
    Danish Faroe Islands: Do not kill dolphins by tradition in the Faroe Islands.
  23. Presidencia de la República, Ministerio de Cultura, medios de comunicación: Las corridas de toros NO deben ser patrimonio cultural en Colombia
    Presidency of the Republic, Ministry of Culture, media: Bullfights are NOT to be cultural heritage in Colombia
  24. International Committee of the Red Cross's Weapon Contamination Unit: Stop breeding GM mice to detect landmines
  25. Presidente de RTVE: Que Televisión Española no retransmita las corridas de toros
    Stop broadcasting of bullfights on RTVE channel.
  1. Ban Pride Celebration at Georgia Aquarium to Protect Sound-Sensitive Animals
  2. Applaud Musician Sting for Changing Concert Venue to Please Environmentalists
  3. Stop Turkey’s Animal “Murder Law” From Going into Effect
  4. Cosmetic Company Must Stop Using Chemicals that Cause Breast Cancer
  5. Don’t Legalize Dog Meat and Dog Farms in Korea
  6. Prevent Expansion of Landfill in San Diego
  7. Prevent Further Acidification of Oceans
  1. Stop from giving out untrue, biased information about dogs.
  2. Ask the North-West University Potchefstroomcampus to teach Veterinary science.
  3. Fight for Desperate Polar Bears

  4. Save State Parks From Closing
  5. Keep the Peace River Valley, Say "NO" to Site C Dam
  6. Stop Craigslist From Allowing Free Pets Posts
  7. Urge Pigeon Shooting to End!
  8. Stop the Destruction of Hundreds of Bat Roosts in the UK
  9. STOP!! Hazardous Material (Diesel Fuel) Dumping on Maumee River
  10. SOS Reserve Pontal Jaburu, Eternal Shrine of animals Brasil Goias

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 10/23

News - Video
  1. Stop CNN -- the Coal News Network -- Fossil Fuel Greenwash, Abetting Climate Silence
  2. Ask London's Mayor to side with the Dogs
    Please contact Mayor Johnson immediately and ask him to side with the dogs. Tell him that greyhound racing is cruel and inhumane, and should not be allowed to return to Walthamstow.
  3. Tell Tasmania's Parliament to protect it's Forests and Wildlife
  4. Save the Elephants: STOP BLOODY IVORY
  5. Drop Cruel Live-Animal Lesson Plan!
  6. Join PETA and Ali MacGraw in Telling Rio Rancho to Keep Animal Abusers Out!
  7. Dear Asda / Morrisons / Tesco / The Co-operative Food / Waitrose
    I am calling on you to improve the welfare of farmed ducks
  8. EPA must not approve palm oil!
  9. Sign the petition NOW to save the Alpine gems
  10. Tell John West to stop using destructive FADs
    Australia’s most popular tuna brand – John West – sells us tuna caught using destructive fish aggregating devices (FADs).
  11. Say No to LNG Exports
  12. Stop Tar Sands Mining In Utah
  13. Stop Nuclear Power in Baltic Sea region
  14. Fight seafood fraud by co-sponsoring the SAFE Seafood Act (H.R. 6200) (US)

  1. Changing: Site To Allow Corporate, Anti-Abortion, GOP Campaigns, Say Internal Documents (UPDATE)
    Dear fellow 99 per centers! started selling its progressive soul for the corporate dollar when they implemented a decision during January of this year to route any member who wants to share a petition through Facebook. Below are the links to four petitions that outline how low the site had sunk before the latest clandestine sell out. Please sign!
  2. President of the United States of America: Outlaw using gas chambers as euthanasia for homeless dogs and cats
  3. The South Korean President: Save cows being starved to death
  4. A&E Cable Channel: Cease shows like "American Hog Wars" which torture wild boars
  5. Flagstaff police officer Cpl. John Tewes: Arrest Cpl. John Tewes for beating a dog to death
  6. Douglas F. Gansler, Maryland Attorney General and Charm City Puppies: Stop selling puppymill dogs!
  7. Bates College: Divest from the Coal Industry
  8. Hernando County, Florida: County Compassion for Animals - Stop Killing & Start Reform
  9. Boycott the 9 Organic and 'Natural' Traitor Brands Who Oppose Truth: Stop Trying To Block Prop 37.
  10. St. Augustine: Don't Host the Running of the Bulls
  11. Humane Society of the United States: Provide assistance to an abandoned cat colony in rural South Carolina.
  12. Rick Snyder, Governor of Michigan: Stop auction of mineral rights of State of MI owned lands to hydrofrackers.
  13. City of Dana Point: Prevent local birds getting injured by fishing hooks and lines
  1. Don’t Let Oil Company Exploit Ecologically Rich Amazonian Land
  2. Suspend Harvard’s Animal Testing Until They Show They Can Do It Properly & Humanely
  3. Demand That Businessman Who Dumped Iron In Pacific Ocean Be Held Accountable
  4. Protect Threatened Plants, Animals and Habitat on Hawaii’s Big Island
  1. Requesting Addition Butterfly Options To RESCUE ANIMALS FROM Slaughter.
  2. Investigation into the death of Lennox Barnes
  3. Help The Whales
  4. Ban Animal Gas Chambers in Texas
  5. Flushing Meadows Park
  6. Ban Exotic Animal Ownership in N. Carolina
  7. Hernando County: Don't Shoot Pets on Private Property!
  8. Release Poppaa the hippo from circus krone / Befreiung Poppaas, dem Nilpferd des Circus Krone
  9. Stop Faroe Islands Pilot Whale Slaughtering
  11. Don't Legalize Dog Meat in Korea!
  12. USDA - Stop Killing Our Wildlife with Poison
  13. Stop Drilling Scott Reef, Australia
  14. Against the Trump golf development in Aberdeenshire
  15. Urge Governor Cuomo to Prevent Fracking in New York State

  16. Support a Strong, Scientific Safeguard Against Soot
  17. Restore Clean Water Protections
  18. Important questions need answers with the Hollinger/Goldcorp open pit Mine

  19. Tell Congress: Label Genetically Engineered Food

  20. Stop Importing Beluga Whales for Marine Parks

  21. Vote for Menhaden, the Most Important Little Fish in the Sea!

  22. Stop Destruction of Marbled Murrelet's Ancient Forest Home

  23. Protect the Jaguar's Southwestern Habitat