Thursday, November 22, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 11/21

  1. Vote: Are you in favor of the return of the bulls to TVE (Spanish TV Chennel)?
  2. President Obama and Sec. Clinton: Keep fighting poaching!
  3. Wolf Army Calls to Stop the Plans to Exterminate The Swedish Wolf Tribe!
  4. Stand up for the Forgotten Four
    Together we have achieved an historic win for our marine life with Australia’s new reserve system. The Forgotten Four are 4 very special but threatened marine areas that we believe might be included for protection at the last moment, if we make enough noise.
  5. Justice for Animals in Monflanquin (confirmation needed)
  6. Petition for Life of Bear 'M13'
    The independent councilor of German oven, Dr. Christa Pardeller in South Tyrol, points out that the bear "M13" at risk, currently living in Switzerland, because according to the Swiss authorities, will be released in the near future and could be shot. There are 2 petitions that require confirmation.
  7. on the same page where the Bear 'M13' petition is, there is a poll:
    Vote - Ist Jagd ein Kulturgut? (Is hunting a cultural treasure?) -> NEIN
  9. Tell BLM to HALT all roundups! (US)
  10. New Zealand Animal Wefare Act Review (New Zealand residents only)
    Send a message to your MP now and vote for New Zealand to become a true world leader in animal welfare!
  11. Salazar is Not “Exactly Sure” What is Going On ~ Take Action NOW Please. (US)
  12. Help us Celebrate Shelter Pets! (US)
  1. Ban BEAR FARMS IN KOREA - Save Bears!
  3. Ban the import and export of shark fins
  4. BAN Wild Animal Circuses in Australia
  5. Moratorium urgently needed: Kangaroos heading for Extinction
  6. Kill Shelter, Longview, TX
  7. Help to stop badger-culling and to ban the guns
  9. Stop Lion Trophy Hunting in South Africa
  10. Stop the British Columbia Wolf Hunt!
  1. Urge President Obama to Veto Construction of Natural Gas Pipeline Through New York
  2. Ensure Protection for Endangered Antelope
  3. End Subsidies on Commercial Fishing
  4. Charge Animal Abuser for Poisoning Dogs
  5. Stop the Canadian Grey Seal Cull
  6. Ensure the Protection of Myanmar’s Forests
  7. Film Director Peter Jackson Must Stop Using Live Animals on Set After 27 Perish
  8. Investigate Brutal Dolphin Killings Along the Gulf Coast
  9. Stop Animal Deaths on Hollywood Sets
- Spanish petitions
  1. The Kennel Arrabassada Municipal de Barcelona (CAAC) is horrible pain and suffering endured by millions of animals.
  2. Peru's Congress: Stop the torture of animals in public performances or private
  3. The government and the Dutch Justice: Perverse and sadistic woman with innocent animals, be imprisoned!
  4. City of Córdoba: Castration-not extermination-colony of abandoned animals
  5. UN General Assembly: those who mistreat animals go to prison
  6. Barrax Dear Mr. Mayor: No more abuse of animals in the festivities of Barrax
  7. Government bodies of the countries of Latin America: to launch campaigns for the protection of animals
  8. Next President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto: Criminal Code Animal Abuse!
  1. Samsung: Reject all depictions of animal cruelty in your Puppy Love ad
  1. Tell the President to Keep Fighting Poaching
  2. Save Golden Coin Turtles From Poaching
  3. Save Animals Asia's Vietnam Sanctuary!
  4. Save homeless dogs in Mexico city
  5. Stop the killing of pilot whales in Denmark
  6. Trap/Neuter/Release Strathmore on the Green, Middle Island, NY
    no specific target
  7. Stop Killer Karaoke
  8. Stop Old Growth Logging in B.C.
  9. Tell America To Stop Abusing Animals At Rodeos!
  10. South Africans taking a stand against Taiji Dolphin Hunts
  11. Tell NY- Stop Duck Abuse for Foie Gras
  12. Urge Oakland County Animal Control to Adopt and Implement Improved, Modern Practices and Procedures

WOLF Petitions - Please Sign & Share

  1. Stop the Aerial Hunting of Wolves in Alaska
  2. Stop the extinction of wolves!!!
    no specific target
  4. Wyoming and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Protect the Gray Wolves!
  6. Save the Endangered Wolves
  7. Save Washington's Wolves!
  8. Mr. Peter Kent, Canada's Minister of the Environment: Stop the open slaughter of Western Canadian Wolves
  9. Stop the USDA slaughter of America's wolves
  10. FTGQ et Gouvernement du Québec: STOP WOLVES TRAPPING
  11. Reinstate Wolves Under Federal Protection Permanently
  12. Who Killed the Wild Tofino Wolves and Dumped in Dumpster
  13. Long Live the Wolves!!!: Save the wolves from the endangerment ahead!!!
    no specific target
  14. Wolves and Moose of Isle Royale: Save the Wolves if Isle Royale
    no specific target
  15. Joyce Ruano: Stop killing wolves for fun
  16. Federal Government: Keep the wolves protected in Wyoming!
  17. Protections for Wyoming Wolves: Stop killing wolves and reinstate their protections.
    no specific target stated
  18. US Congress: Put the Gray Wolves back on the Endangered Species List
  19. British Columbia Fish & Wildlife & BC Provincial Government: DO NOT KILL WOLVES in the Grand Forks & Christina Lake area
  20. Eliminate Aerial Shooting of Wildlife
  22. Stop Anti-Wolf Bills From Passing
  23. Alberta Sustainable Resource Development: Stop the Culling of Alberta's Wild Wolf Populations
  24. Office of the Minnesota Governor: STOP WOLF HUNTING & TRAPPING IN MN
  25. Rural Municipality of Big Lakes Region of Alberta: Stop the Wolf Bounty
  26. USDA: Prohibit the use of sodium cyanide and Compound 1080
  27. Let them live. Let them live free.
  28. The Wisconsin State Government: Revoke Wolf Hunting
  29. Director of Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife: Stop them from Killing members of the Wedge Wolf Pack
  30. Government of Montana: Cease Efforts to Decrease Grey Wolf Populations
  31. Facebook: Please CLOSE the page "Wolf Butchering, Cooking and Recipes"
  32. North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission: Stop spotlight hunting of coyotes in red wolf area

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 11/20

  1. Save the Swedish wolves!
  2. Justice for Tango and Cash
  3. Vote for Little Bear - Little bear was born with severely deformed legs. Tufts university will do surgery on him to fix his legs, but it will cost 10,000.00. I need help financially for his surgery. Please vote for little bear to raise awareness about his cause! Thank you!
  4. Justice for a raped dog (confirmation needed)
    article: VERY GRAPHIC IMAGE: Animal Rape Case In Brazil
  5. We will end the slaughter of horses! Say no to horse meat! (confirmation needed)
  6. No hunting in Flanders/Belgium! (confirmation needed)
  7. Rhinos, tigers, and elephants are being slaughtered for their body parts
  8. Sign the petition to tell those deciding the fate of Antarctica's ocean you're watching!
  9. Revealed: MoD Killing Animals for Cruel Training
    Paste your letter in the webform given in the link.
  10. Speak Out for Frogs in San Francisco!
  11. 'The Hobbit': Unexpected Cruelty
    In all, five horses, 12 chickens, a pony and several goats and sheep were allegedly maimed or killed. Send a message to filmmakers that hurting and killing animals for a film is unacceptable and refuse to see movies that do. Urge Peter Jackson to hold himself and his crew responsible when it comes to animal safety on film sets. Send him a message now!
  12. Animart: please stop declawing your kittens and cats!
  13. Withdraw your sponsorship of PyeongChang 2018 Olympics in S. Korea, a Dog Eating Nation!
  14. Insist the South Korean Government Enforce Animal Welfare Laws and Ban the Illegal Industry of Dog and Cat Meat (Vote & Leave a Comment, too)
  15. Show Skin. Not Fur.
    Make your own naked avatar protestor...
  16. Single petition list for all anti-fur campaigns.
  17. Tell KFC to go the extra mile for rainforests
  18. Imagine a world without factory farming... Pledge to make it possible
  19. ZARA - No More Fashion Victims
  20. Tell Canada to Take Toxic Ingredients Out of Body Care Products
  21. Tell the Cosmetic Industry To Make Sure That We're "Just Beautiful"!
  22. When Polluters Lose, Clean Air Should Win
  23. Great White Sharks are in Danger
  24. Urge Forest Service To Protect Wild Horses in Monte Cristo Territory
  25. President Obama: Pardon the carriage horses, too!
  26. Thank Truman Medical Centers!
    Sign the thank you note to the President and CEO of Truman Medical Centers for putting kids’ health first and not renewing the hospital’s contract with McDonald’s.
  27. Senate version of the most important bill to ever be introduced to protect big cats.
    Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act S 3547 (US)
  28. Reinstate the Endangered Species Protections for Gray Wolves nationwide prohibiting hunting and trapping of same. (US)
  29. Adopt the native Gray Wolf to join the Bald Eagle as a national symbol of our powerful independence and freedom. (US)
  30. Declare all anti-predatory animal organizations as domestic terrorist groups (US)
    It needs 25.000 signatures by Dec.20 2012.
  31. Tell BLM to Halt ALL Roundups (US)
    Foals Chased to Point of Exhaustion/Separation from Families at Triple B Roundup
  32. Salazar is Not "Exactly Sure" What is Going On ~ Take Action NOW Please.
  33. Tell Congress to Pass the National Bison Legacy Act (US)
  34. Crack Down on Spectators at Animal Fights (US)
  1. Demand Justice for Burned Puppy
  2. Thank Shelter for Rescuing Animals from Euthanasia
  3. Ensure Protection for Endangered Antelope
  1. McKinney City Council: McKinney needs its own CITY ANIMAL SHELTER!
  2. Stop the Superstorms Harming Plover Habitat
  3. Block dangerous bill to prop up dog racing in Texas
  4. Sali Berisha, President, Minister of European Integration: We want Albany in 21st century: STOP the massacre!
  5. Japanese government: Stop the killing of Dolphins
  6. Daegu, South Korea! Close Down Chilseong Market's Despicable and Illegal Dog Slaughterhouses-Enforce The Animal Protection Law!
  7. Mr. Peter Kent, Canada's Minister of the Environment: Stop the open slaughter of Western Canadian Wolves
  8. FTGQ et Gouvernement du Québec: STOP WOLVES TRAPPING
  9. Alberta Sustainable Resource Development: Stop the Culling of Alberta's Wild Wolf Populations
  10. For more forests in Flanders/Belgium
  1. Justice for the return of Salem!
  2. Stop Letting UW-Madison Kill Cats!
  3. Thank Rachael Ray for Hurricane Shelter for Pets
  4. Stop the B.C. Wolf Cull!
  5. Shelter Spot Grivei Oradea
  6. Charge Ringling Bros. with Animal Cruelty (AGAIN!)
  7. Sadistic Torture in Princeton University Won't Cure Any Human Disease
  8. Stop to the animals brothels in Denmark!

  9. Save the West Coast's Only Marine Wilderness

  10. Stop Eviction of a Roman Cat Sanctuary
  11. Save the Great White Shark
  12. Save Japan's Whales!
  13. No oil drilling in the Amazon rainforest
  14. Stop oil drilling in the Amazon rainforest
  15. Support Bahamas Nassau Grouper Protection with the Winter Closed Season December 1st - February 28th
  16. Stop the Cruelty at Butterball Farms!
  17. Justice for Cats in Liberty
  18. Stop California Fish and Game from taking my raven!
  19. Pass Protect Our Furry Kids from reckless drivers
    no specific target stated
  20. Palm - Lassen Sie Balikpapan Bay in Ruhe!
  21. Stop Using Opossums as New Year's Entertainment
  22. Ban Chemical that is Killing Owls
  23. Protect Lynx in France

  24. President Obama: No More Delays. Join the Mine Ban Treaty Now!

Videos - 8 Thankful Pets

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 11/19

  1. Vote: Should the appearance of circus animals be banned?
    • Yes! Animals such as elephants, bears and monkeys have no place in a circus!
    • No! A real circus needs not only acrobats and clowns but also animals in the circus ring.
    We are losing!
  2. Against  fox hunting in Belgium
  3. Don't allow Victoria to become a killing field for Kangaroos
  4. Secretary Vilsack: Reform the Federal Wildlife-Killing Program!
  5. Make Protecting Streams from Mountaintop Removal Mining a Top Priority
  6. Keep the opposition momentum going
  7. Petition: Stop throwing cats filmmaker Jan Fabre
  1. Ask Quebec to Reduce Fossil Fuel Usage
  2. Ask Environmental Protection Agency to Set Safe Water Contamination Levels
  3. Investigate Federal Agency that Sold Wild Horses to Horse Slaughter Supporter
  4. Thank California Governor for Making Clean Water a Priority
  5. Thank California Governor for Supporting Anti-Climate Change Initiative
  6. Demand New Zealand Judges Uphold Harsher Punishment for Animal Abuse
  7. Ban the Use of Harmful Drugs in Horse Racing
  8. Seek Justice for Slain Zoo Monkey
  9. Praise Congress for Protecting the Gulf Coast
  10. Ask Environmental Protection Agency to Punish Fuel Company for Spill
  11. Protect the Marine Life of Olowalu Reef
  1. Ban Hunting in Malta
  2. Prime Minister of Malta & All Ministers Concerned: Ban Hunting in Malta
  3. USDA: Inspect and Regulate Puppy Mills
  4. Estee Lauder: Stop testing products on animals
  5. President of Vietnam: Save the Saola from Extinction
  6. Mr. Peter Kent, Canada's Minister of the Environment: Stop the open slaughter of Western Canadian Wolves
  7. Free the Spirit Bear
  8. Prevent the hunting of Gray Wolves in Minnesota
  9. NO to a pitbull ban in British Columbia, Canada
  10. , Stop the mass killing of wolves in Slovenia
  11. Hunters: stop the hunting of wolves
    addressed to hunters... like they will care
  12. The churches in Germany: We demand an end to the "fire animal fiestas" in Spain
  13. The Home Office: Say "enough" to bullfighting and, with them, the abuse of bulls.
  14. Nikon Inc.: Stop sponsoring professional hunter Melissa Bachman
  15. SIGN to abolish bullfighting in Peru
  16. Millions of Dogs Tortured & Butchered in S. Korea. Boycott 2013 9th International MDPD Congress in Seoul, S. Korea!
  17. The President of The United States: Strict laws for animal abuse and cruelty
  18. Dýravinir: we comment on the new bill on animal welfare
  19. International Whaling Commission: Protect the Dolphins!
  20. World Governments: Support the Universal Declaration for Animal Welfare
  21. Governor Jerry Brown: Make it mandatory that every dog in the state be microchipped
  22. Wisconsin: Prosecute to the fullest extent of the law for animal cruelty
  23. Hanane Ahpae Death Camp In Casblanca, Morocco
  24. Educate2End Puppy Mills Pledge
  25. P&G: Stop testing products on animals. ALL of your products.
  26. Animal Planet: Stop glorifying animal cruelty with your program 'Rattlesnake Republic'
  27. Fire USDA Wildlife Services Federal Trapper Jamie Olson for Animal Cruelty
  28. Burger King, McDonald's, Tyson, Butterball, Walmart: Stop the inhumane, cruel abuse to animals in the meat production industry
  29. State of Mississippi: Ban BSL statewide!
  30. President Barack Obama and the US Congress: Stop government subsidies on the commercial fishing industry in the US
  31. President Barack Obama: Remove Ken Salazar as Interior Secretary
  32. Town Supervisor and Town Board of Arcadia New York: Stop the Arcadia landfill.
  33. Protect America's Fast-Disappearing Wildlife Habitat Corridors
  34. Environmental Protection Agency: Outlaw Polystyrene foam a.k.a. Styrofoam
  35. Save Maui's Mantas - SAVE OLOWALU REEF!
  36. Fracked Gas Pipelines -- A Danger Needing Review
  37. To Chancellor Angela Merkel: Stop financing from European funds of bullfighting

*Old 'Animal Advocates' Care2 petitions, please sign if you have not already done so*
  1. Stop Seal Slaughter in Namibia
    additional petition: The Seals Of Nam - End the seal hunt in Namibia!
  2. Stop Wolf Trapping in Montana
  3. Stop Whale Hunting Plans in S. Korea
  4. Establish Trade Bans of Manta Rays
  5. Stop Bullfighting in Mexico
  6. Tell Mars Candy Stop Animal Experiments
  7. Do Not Wait 6 Years- Ban Endosulfan IMMEDIATELY
  8. Protect the Clouded Leopard
  9. Save Critical Tiger Reserve
  10. Stop Promoting Circus Cruelty
    additional petition: Goldstar Still Promoting Ringling's Cruel Circus
  11. Tell Coca-Cola to Stop Sponsoring Bullfighting
  12. Sanctuary for Kansas Zoo Elephants
    additional petition: Help Topeka Zoo Elephant Sunda
  13. Ban Pigeon Shoots in Pennsylvania
  14. Tell Walmart to Stop Selling Gluetraps
  15. Save the Irrawaddy Dolphin from Extinction
  16. No Permits for Shark Finning
  17. Ban Sugar Gliders as Pets in U.S
  18. OBAMA- Protect Polar Bear Habitat!
  19. Stop Plans to Kill Wallabies
  20. Stop Killing Wolves in Finland- 135 Left
  21. Help Save Wombats
  22. Revoke Bear Parks License to Exhibit Bears
  23. Stop Hunting Lynx in Europe
*New Petitions*
  1. Stop the Marketing, Selling and Ongoing Suffering of 'House Pigs'.
  2. Ban Whales and Dolphins in Captivity and Establish a Global Whale and Dolphin Sanctuary.
  3. Taiji Summit
    no specific target...
  4. Stop the use of Palm Oil in Cadbury Chocolate
  5. Against the fair of pigs in Belgium
  6. Stop the Sale of Dead Parrots on Ebay!
  7. Save the endangered animal called the 'Atlantic Striped Dolphin'
    no specific target...
  8. Demand Strong Penalty & Long Imprisonment for Poachers
  9. Stop Dissecting Domestic Animals in Any High Schools
  10. Demand No More Chem Trails
  11. Ask the U.S. authorities to stop throwing tons of milk to the garbage can
  12. Tell the EPA to Ban Prairie Dog Poison
  13. Sign Our Petition to Bring Safe, Good Quality USA Pet Products Manufacturing Back to America
  14. Stop Cat Dissection in all High Schools in the United States
  15. Stop Bullfighting in Colombia
  17. Hunting animals
  18. Canada stop premiums to kill baby seals!
  19. Pets in need
  20. North Carolina's Worst Animal Control Facility Kills All Cats And 98% Of The Dogs.
  21. Tell the President to Take the Lead on Clean Energy

  22. Our Coral Sea Needs Your Help!

  23. Ask President Obama for His Plan to Fight Climate Change

  24. Save Tiny Atlantic Fish and the Wildlife That Need Them
  25. STOP Animal Abuse
    targets are One Direction, Justin Bieber, Austin Mahone, Barack Obama?!?!?! I know Justin Bieber promoted dolphin captivity.. Obama doesn't do anything to stop the abuse... but I don't know anything about others....
  26. Stop the pollution of our water ways!
  27. Stop Wasting Power Lighting Up Every Street In Every Area & Go LED street lamp NOW.
  28. Stop Ministry of Natural Resources Ontario From Allowing Killing of Endangered Species!
  29. Balinese Government: Start Putting Public Bins In Bali

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 11/16

  1. War vets find solace in four-legged friends
  2. NC judge rules against New Year's Eve possum drop, ending 19-year tradition
  3. Environmental groups sue over Wyoming wolves
  4. Lolcats: Where they came from and why we love them
  5. Maneka Gandhi supports BUAV campaign to end the trade in primates from Mauritius
  6. Russia issues rare punishment for tiger poaching
  1. Support Governor Kitzhaber's Gillnets Compromise
  2. Help End the Slaughter of Wyoming’s Wolves!
  3. Demand Justice for Allegedly Poisoned Dogs!
  4. Stop the kill-first mentality when it comes to wildlife
  5. Reform the Federal Wildlife-Killing Program
  1. Tell Texas NOT to Ban Pitbulls, Say NO To Justin's Law!
    no specific target
  3. Facebook and Mark Zukerberg: Eliminate applications on Facebook that allow Pets for Sale advertising.
  4. Old Petition: Cowlitz County Superior Court, Prosecutor's Office & Sheriff's Office: Justice for Jagger the Bulldog & His Owner
  5. Justice for Brutis
  6. Consiliul Local Galati: Sterilize & adopt vs Killing Romanian Strays
  7. The Governor of NY: Work Toward Zero Kill Animal Shelters in New York City by 2015
  8. South Africa: Stop the Barbaric Annual Ritual of Tearing Bulls into Pieces
  9. The U.S. Senate: Hannah's Law-Make Pets Worth More than Property in Court
  10. Texas Apartment Association: Remove breed restrictions based by breed name
  11. Pet Owners: Stop unnecessary ear cropping
    no specific target
  12. Oodle Marketplace: Stop supporting animal abuse!
  13. Insist that your elected officials ban the production and selling of foie gras in your state
  14. Stop Tom Otterness Project at the Memorial Art Gallery
  15. Make Farm Animal Cruelty a Felony in all 50 States
  16. A Star Is Overdue As A Cove Guardian In Taiji, Japan
  17. The U.S. Senate: Provide service dogs to Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  18. It would be easy, and economically advantageous to redesign marine parks and zoos...
  19. Reduction of animal testing to reduce government waste at tax payers' expense
  20. Increase Animal Abuse/Neglect Penalties in Arkansas and Investigate Ozark Humane Society Practices
  21. Reform Intake, Adoption, and Euthanasia Policies At NYC ACC
  22. Stop Allowing the Abuse at the Tooele, Utah Animal Shelter (TAS)
  23. Universal Declaration of Animal Rights, Revised 2011
  25. Say No to Gas Chambers!
  26. P&G: Stop testing products on animals. ALL of your products.
  27. City of Bridgeport / Bridgeport City Council: Support The Bridgeport Animal Resource Center!
  28. Take the Pledge: Join the Bluefin Boycott
  29. Stop Killing Deer/Perpetuating Myth That Killing Deer = Population Control
  30. St. Kitts & Nevis: Halt the export of wild monkeys
  31. The Governor of NY: Continue Horse Drawn Carriages but Improve Stables & Treatment!
    not that I agree too much... or at all...
  32. Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture: Outlaw routine hot-iron branding of live, conscious farm animals
  33. Tell Newark Museum to Stop Supporting Animal Abuse
  34. Equine Slaughter Houses: Stop the slaughter of horses in the US
  35. The city of Sherman, Texas: Stop GASSING Sherman Animal Shelter pets to DEATH
  36. Implement a feline TNR Program at Fort Worth Animal Control
  37. America: Start Controlling Equine Breeders in the USA
    no specific target
  38. City of Fort Worth: Improve policy to decrease the kill rate of the animal control center
  39. Defend Federally Recognized Endangered Species
  40. Stamp Out the Canadian Foie Gras Industry--The Dirty Little Secret
  41. Stop Breeding: Stop breeding dogs and cats for three years
    no specific target and I say "stop breeding for good!"
  42. Outlaw experimentation on chimpanzees in the US
  43. H.L.S cruelty is still on-going!
  44. End Horrifying Whale & Dolphin Slaughter in the Faroe Islands of Denmark!
  45. The Governor of CT: Stop the sale of animals in pet stores unless they are shelter pets
    so it would mean a sale of shelter pets?
  46. Shut down Pennsylvania Puppy Mills
  47. Urge Pennsylvania to take a firm stand against factory farming animal cruelty
  48. End animal torture in USA military training: Co-Sponsor H.R. 4269, the BEST Practices Act
  49. H.F.A. Humanity For Animals: change prison years to min 10 year max 15 and 100,000 dollar fine
  50. Tell Westfield Malls to Stop Allowing Puppy Stores!
  51. Demand trap-neuter-return on PSU campus!
  52. Oppose Utah HB 187: It protects criminal activities on farms
  53. PETA: Adopt a No-Kill Policy by Moving Funds to their Shelters.
  54. Demand that President Obama continue to support the ban on global whaling
  55. Demand that Pennsylvania stand firm against canine cruelty
  56. President of the United States: Outlaw ALL puppy mills! Regulate kennel breeders and outlaw mass producers!
  57. McDonalds: Get them to change to a less cruel way of slaughtering
  58. Urge congress to create harsher punishments in animal abuse cases
  59. Wyoming stop murdering Bald Eagles for Satanic sacrifices
  60. The Pet Safety and Protection Act, H.R. 2256
  61. We demand an animal friendly stray dog policy in the EU!
  62. Stop America's Tiger-Breeding Farms
  1. Stop the laboratory testing animals killing
  2. Brownsville Animal Shelter Expansion
  3. Pope Benedict: Can you please denounce animal cruelty world wide!
  4. Stop Abusive Amish Puppy Mills
  5. Stop the sales of dogs in Flea Markets
  6. Save Tigers

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 11/15

News - Vote, Funny, Sad, Info
  1. Write to UNESCO: Bullfighting is not culture; it is cruelty
    Article: Horror of the Fire Bull Festival
  2. Stop the barbaric and cruel treatment of Spanish hunting dogs
    Article: Saving the Galgos
  3. Pledge to stand against the Keystone XL pipeline
  4. Stop the transportation of Dogs and Cats from Italy to Germany for Vivisection!
  5. I wish to sign Born Free's petition to save Africa’s wild lions and help prevent the suffering of captive lions in need. (confirmation needed)
  6. Tell Congress to protect 3,200 tigers
  7. Stop the deforestation in Cameroon!
  8. Do NOT diminish Elephant protection in Tanzania!
  9. No hunting of polar bears in Canada!
  10. Against the presence of cubs in discotheques
    When signed you will see another page and on this one you have to click on Validate and afterwards you will receive a confirmation mail
  1. Coyote-Awareness
  2. Help Close the Greater Vancouver Zoo
  3. Close the Vancouver Zoo
  4. Stop the tar sands and keystone pipeline
  5. West Virginia Dog Rights
  6. Ban fireworks sales to the general public of New Zealand
  7. Save the UK Arapawa goat
  1. Demand that Newport-Mesa School District End Animal Dissection
  2. Don’t Return Neglected Pets to Their Irresponsible Owner
  3. Demand Justice for Innocent Dog Killed by Animal Control Officer
  4. Enforce Regulations at Dolphin Swim Facilities
  5. Thank the Los Angeles City Council for Adopting “Meatless Mondays”
  6. Nominate Young Girl Targeted by the Taliban for the Nobel Peace Prize
  1. Fire USDA Wildlife Services Federal Trapper Jamie Olson for Animal Cruelty
  2. Wisconsin: Prosecute to the fullest extent of the law for animal cruelty.
  3. Estee Lauder: Stop testing products on animals
  1. Ban Farm Animal Castration without Anesthetics
  2. Enforce the law on puppy farming in Ireland
  3. Replace Ken Salazar with Raul Grijalva and help save our wildlife
  4. Ban the use of fireworks
  5. Tell Air France to Stop Transporting Research Primates
  6. EU - Act Now on Ocean Grabbing
  7. Stop Pitbull bans in Missouri

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 11/14

  1. Thank you eBay and Patagonia!
  2. Protect Chimpanzees and Speak Up for Public Safety!
  3. List of petitions against dog meat in South Korea
  4. Ban dog meat and cat soup in Korea
  5. To: Coca Cola, Acer, Atos, Dow, GE, McDonalds, Omega, Panasonic, P&G, Visa
    Withdraw your sponsorship of PyeongChang 2018 Olympics in S. Korea, a Dog Eating Nation!
  6. Boycott PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, A Dog Eating Nation!
  7. Dog Dragged to Death
  8. Enforce Korea's Animal Protection Law!
  9. Urge the South Korean Government to Respect Global Animal Protection Laws and Oppose Legalization of the Dog Meat Trade (confirmation needed)
  10. For more contacts about this horrific business go here: They can all be approached!
  11. GUNHAWK FIREARMS' coyote kill is spreading a national disease!
    Protest please! Mail will be sent to: Mayor Robert Vialpando, County Manager Bruce Swingle, BLM State Director Jesse Juen
    Message: Sir, I implore you to please do all you can to stop the horrible and dangerous coyote killing contest hosted by Gunhawk Firearms in Los Lunas, New Mexico!
  12. Please protest deer slaughter plan in Washington D.C. park
    Copy and paste the sample letter unto the webform, that's all!
  13. Take action: a crucial moment in the battle against cloning
    The European Commission is currently drafting new proposed legislation on the cloning of animals for food production. You can help us get this cruel practice banned in the EU.
  14. Help End the Slaughter of Wyoming’s Wolves!
  15. Don't let Secretary Salazar think he can get away without responding. The American people demand to know why his BLM illegally sold 1,700 federally protected wild horses to his long time neighbor who hauls to Mexico for slaughter.
  16. Protect New Mexico's Few Remaining Mustangs; Oppose Roundup of Jicarilla Wild Horses!
  17. Please Oppose BLM Roundup & Removal of 700+ Wild Horses from the Diamond Mountains in Central Nevada
  18. Tell Congress to Investigate Wildlife Services Now!
  19. Urge Legislators to Restore Wolves to Colorado (Colorado residents only)
    petitions 18 & 19 with more info can be found here: Carnivore Protection
  1. Ban Cruel Tiger Cub Swims At Private Florida Zoo
  2. Save Whales in the Atlantic – Oppose Destructive Seismic Testing
  3. Find and Charge Owner of Two Neglected Pit Bulls
  4. Stop Using Sick Chimpanzees In Laboratory Research
  5. Commend President Obama for Preserving Colorado’s Chimney Rock
  6. Don’t Legalize Dog Meat and Dog Farms in Korea
  7. Save Cats and Dogs in South Korea from Brutal Deaths
  8. Revoke Circus Animal Handler’s License After Illegal Tiger Exhibition
  9. Outlaw the Sale of African Lion Meat
  10. Demand New Zealand Judges Uphold Harsher Punishment for Animal Abuse
  1. City of Gijón and Avilés: Keep dogs as friends in Serin
  2. The US Goverment: Prevent the allowance of horses being slaughtered in the US.
  3. Hanane Ahpae Death Camp In Casblanca, Morocco: Take a minute and sign this petition and send all over the world!
  4. Educate2End Puppy Mills Pledge
  5. NYC animal law: Modify the law to allow the ownership of mini pigs
  6. U.S. Representatives: Introduce a bill to ban discrimination of pit bulls
  1. Stop Owl Sacrifices in India
  2. Click to Fund Animal Testing!
    Asking for a positive alteration!
  3. Reject Ordinance to Care for Cat Colonies
  4. Stop the whale slaughter in South Korea
  6. Ban Puppy Mills
    no specific target
  7. Save turtles in Guerrero
  8. Help Save Wolves Today
  9. Call for The Animal Foundation to Follow the No Kill Model
  10. Urge Allure Magazine to go Fur-Free
  11. Do Something with abandoned pets
  12. Close the Tucson Greyhound Park Now!
  13. Ban American Kennel Club Treats
  14. Stop Spotlight Killing of Coyotes in NC!
  16. BSL Ordinance considered in Waterbury, CT