Thursday, June 19, 2014


from Karen Stamper

Yesterday, June 18, 2014, Senate Bill A8790A-2013 passed in the Senate. This bill was supported by Senator Avella and puts a two year moratorium on the slaughter of mute swans in New York State. It also will make the DEC prove their claims that the mute swans are a menace in their state. Please, everyone who receives this and lives in Michigan, thousands and thousands of mute swans have been and are being killed everyday. We tried in 2011 to get Senator Kowall to do what Senator Avella has done. He made promises then bailed on us. Needless to say he won't be getting my vote. Anyway, please reach out to your state representative or state senator and ask them to do what Senator Avella has done. Tell them our DNR has no Michigan studies that prove their claims about the SAV, Human conflicts, and disrupting native waterfowl, like geese, which the DNR round up in June and take to game areas to be hunted. The DNR needs to show Michigan proof of their claims. Find your state rep by clicking link: or state senator:

I have been in touch with Representative Kesto. He knows what the DNR is doing. If you live in Commerce Twp, West Bloomfield, Wixom, or the Village of Wolverine Lake, please contact him and ask him to do the right thing and support a bill that will put a moratorium on mute swan killings in Michigan. Make the DNR prove their claims. Make them produce their Michigan studies. We have over 11,000 inland lakes. Maryland has ZERO! His info is:
Representative MacMasters was also in talks with us, if you live in his district: Antrim, Otsego, Charlevoix, Montmorency and Oscoda counties, please contact him:
Please reach out to these officials or the killing will continue and our future generations will never see a mute swan in Michigan. For those of you in other states, please find out what the swan management plan is in your state. For those of you out of the country, please write your papers or these representatives and tell them what a disgrace the US gov't is for allowing our mute swans to be slaughtered without any true studies to back their claims. Thank You!!!
Sincerely, Karen Stamper

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  1. Let us hope future generations see many more tundra and trumpeter swans. Those would be out native swans. They are making a comeback from near extinction. It makes me so proud that there numbers are increasing, and I am seeing more of them, including near where I live (Dexter, MI). It is a famous fact that articles like the one here never mention our native swans.
    There's something we can do to help our native swans - get rid of the non-native mute swans in the wild.
    It is our responsibility to the world to take care of our native species.