Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Who's been Milking you?

Dear friend,
Allow us to us ask you this- Would you willingly give away your mommy’s milk so that another can feed on it while you slowly starve to death?
A hot cup of tea, an evening coffee, after dinner sweets, a big bowl of ice-cream- comfort food such as these have been so persuasively knitted into our lives that we overlook a simple fact -  its real cost. You might be surprised to know:
  • For a cow to produce milk, she needs to be impregnated. This is done artificially under the harshest of conditions.
  • Most cows are genetically modified to yield 25x their natural milking capacity. Contrary to popular belief, this is extremely painful.
  • There is almost no veterinary care at dairy farms and tabelas, thus animals are given over the counter anti-biotics to cope, which one ingests while consuming their milk.
  • Male calves are either left to starve or kept alive to be sold for illegal slaughter.
We urge you to compassionately consider your consumption of milk and milk proucts.
Make a PROMISE - bring a change in someone’s life by simply weighing your needs against a being’s misery and pain.
Varda Mehrotra
Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisation(FIAPO)