Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Evie and Gavin | North Shore Animal League America

'During a time in my life when I was in desperate search of a solution... I was introduced to Evie.' - Gavin
This holiday season, help pets like Evie find the loving families who need them.
Dear Andrea,

Do you know what else you give when you give a homeless pet a chance? In a word — and in the spirit of the holidays — hope. And we don't mean just for them...

Please meet Evie and Gavin. Evie is a Mutt-i-gree® with a traumatic past. Gavin is an Air Force veteran coping with seizures, depression, and other setbacks. These two help each other now as a loving family. How? Because of our no-kill mission and support like yours.

You see, try as she might, no home seemed to want Evie. But we saw her potential — now she's training with Rescue Dogs Rescue Soldiers. This is where Evie met Gavin...

Give homeless pets the chance they deserve
Your holiday gift today helps us care for animals in need like Evie — so they can find their perfect adoptive homes.
As a case manager for children in the foster care system, Gavin is a shoulder to lean on for so many. And now, at a time when he needs support, Evie's there. But it just wouldn't have been possible without Animal League America and friends like youlooking out for Evie.

Andrea, our caring staff believed Evie deserved every opportunity in the world to find her place. And now, she's on her way to becoming a certified service pet. She and Gavin happily go to training sessions together, and soon she'll get to go home with him and his wife, Tomisha.

So in the midst of this giving season, will you donate today? I know with your help we can give more homeless pets a chance to find their new life with a human who needs them just as much.
J. John Stevenson
President, North Shore Animal League America
P.S. Gavin told us, "It's like she puts me at peace when I look at her face. She's such a special animal." Evie found her true calling as a service dog — and her loving family with Gavin and Tomisha. It is for amazing stories like theirs that we continue our no-kill work, and I hope in the spirit of this season of hope, you'll make a lifesaving gift to help us fulfill that mission.
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