Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Old Petitions Part 5

  1. Ask Canada to categorize road salt as level one toxic
  2. Stop cutting off shark fins!
  3. Tell Texas- Stop Hunting Endangered Antelope
  4. Stop the Amendment on the Farm Bill
  5. List Desert Tortoise as Endangered
  6. Stop Testing Nicotine on Animals
  7. Lets protect the last of the Elephants. STOP Poaching.
  8. Justice for Hannah
  9. Abandonment summer of puppies / adult dogs and cats
  10. Save the White-bellied Heron
  11. Save the Golden Lion Tamarin
  12. HAARP Navy Research Paper: ‘Disrupt Economies’ with Man-Made ‘Floods,’ ‘Droughts’
  13. Tell the Australian Government to Help Stop Food Waste!
  14. Pledge To Boycott All Nestle's Bottled Water Products
  15. Justice for dog shot and killed by LAPD (I think this case is closed)
  16. Stop Animal Slavery!
  17. American Veterinary Medical Association – Take a Stand against Declawing Cats
  18. Stop the exploitation of captive orcas & dolphins by Sea World!
  19. Dutch Authorities MUST Investigate The Abuse and Death of Mini Horse
  20. China: Pass Laws to Protect Non-Endangered Animals!
  21. Place the African Lion on the Endangered Species List
  22. Stop WalMart from selling Fish - disturbing update
  23. STOP Baiting and killing our wolves in Yellowstone National Park!
  24. Put up Deer Crossing Signs on Holtz Parkway
  25. Save the Walden's Hornbill
  26. Save the Hawksbill Sea Turtle
  27. Make directors of companies criminally responsible for environmental damage.
  28. Peru: Don't Expose Indigenous Tribes to Amazon Oil Drilling!
  1. A Seal´s Story- help- tell this Story to the World
  2. Charge officer Berry with Spartacus's murder!
  3. Keep our wildlife safe in our parks for all to enjoy...
  4. Close down the elephant exhibit
  5. Dolphins and Marine life being killed by U.S. Navy Sonar Technology: Find an alternative to Sonar!
  6. TUAPA Shelter in Taiwan: Stop Animal Cruelty inside the shelter!
  1. Protect Vulnerable Communities from Toxic Pollutants
  2. Shut Down Circus for Abusing Animals
  3. Applaud Massive Urban Rooftop Solar Panel Program
  4. Applaud Los Angeles’ Purchase of Electric Buses
  5. Make Coffee Company Allow Customers to Refuse Lid

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