Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Petitions for Marius

  1. The resignation. Bengt Holst, the zoo's scientific director. Copenhagen zoo in Denmark
  2. Remove Bengt Holst as Scientific Director of Copenhagen Zoo
  3. Fire Bengt Holst as Copenhagen zoo director for killing Marius!
  4. Campaign to remove Bengt Holst from his position at Copenhagen Zoo
  5. Fire Bengt Holst From the Copenhagen Zoo For Having Marius the Giraffe Killed
  6. We demand the eviction of director of Copenhagen Zoo!
  7. Justice for Marius the giraffe & other zoo animals
  8. Close the Copenhagen Zoo.
  9. VOICE outrage at the KILLING of Marius at Copenhagen Zoo
  10. Stop killing animals like Marius, the giraffe in Zoos
  11. Close Copenhagen Zoo: Baby giraffe needlessly slaughtered
  12. Remove Bengt Holst from KBH Zoo (confirmation needed)
  13. CONDEMN decision Giraffe Marius put down at Copenhagen Zoo - needless!
  14. Save Animals At Copenhagen Zoo!
  15. Stop the murder of 'surplus' animals bred in captivity
  16. Voice outrage at Copenhagen Zoo for destroying Marius, a perfectly healthy giraffe!
  17. Close the zoo, and ultimately the breeding programme. Rehome the animals in sanctuaries and zoos where they are cared for and can live long, happy and healthy lives.
  18. Marius The Giraffe's Murder Must Be Avenged!
  19. Action against the killing of a healthy giraffe in Copenhagen Zoo!
    (confirmation needed)
  20. Boycott Zoos. Revenge for Marius
  21. Justice for Marius the Giraffe: DEMAND that EAZA Change it's policies.
  22. Copenhagen Zoo killed Marius - Tell them how you feel!
  23. Boycott Copenhagen Zoo, because of killing giraffe Marius.
  24. Demand Answers And Action On Behalf Of Marius, The Giraffe
  25. The Execution of Marius the Giraffe
  26. Marius the giraffe, there must be a better way

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