Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Old petitions part 6
  1. Commend Chipotle for Being the First Restaurant to Label Genetically Modified Products
  2. Tell Environmental Official That Water Safety Complaints Aren’t Terrorism
  3. Don’t Let Energy Companies Fund Studies About Their Own Pollution
  4. Praise West Virginia for Banning Dangerous Exotic Pets 
  5. Stop Forcing Monkeys to Perform for Money in Indonesia
  6. Remove Plastic Packaging from National Geographic Magazine
  7. Stop Discouraging Sustainable Development
  8. Applaud No-Kill Animal Shelter’s Outstanding Rescue Efforts
  9. Ban Violent Italian Horse Races
  10. Protect Alaska’s Beaches From Plastic Waste
  11. Commend Philippines for Taking Stand Against Ivory Trade
  12. Urge California to Develop Humane Methods for Dealing with Mountain Lion Incidents
  13. Ban Meat Sales of Threatened Species
  14. Fight Just to Keep Them Alive: Stop Tiger Farms and Tiger Extinction
  15. Property Management Company: Don’t Force Tenants to Declaw Their Cats
  16. Stop Feeding Marijuana to Pigs
  1. Save the Tasmanian Devil from extinction!
  2. Save arctic and antarctic ice from melting.
  3. Drop Tiger Temple from Website
  4. Can everybody understand? Youtube promotes animal killing still
  5. Stop importation of dogs and puppies into the Isle of man by third parties.
  6. Prosecute Puppy Killer to the fullest extent of the law
  7. Ban plastic bags in Victoria, Australia
  8. Save Radstock Railway land
  9. No Keystone Pipeline
  10. We want a recycling program for mercury containing Compact Flourescent lights in the Byron Shire.
  11. Immediate withdrawal from the market of pesticides without antidote
  12. Start No Kill Animal Shelters In Georgia
  13. Protect Brazilian National Parks - do not allow roads inside the Parks
  14. DO NOT SIGN!!! Support for the badger cull!
  15. Stop Staffies Having a Bad Name (target?)
  16. Strive for overcome the planet-destruction business deal
  17. Save our beah and the ecosystem that`s surrounds her
  18. Save the Northern Sportive Lemur
  19. Peru- Stop Using Endangered Condors in Bullfights
  20. Stop Permits for India's "Begging Elephants"
  21. Thank India for Banning Animal Testing for Cosmetics
  22. Say NO to Permits to Kill Bald Eagles
  1. Stop the USDA from allowing horse slaughter in New Mexico
  2. To the governor of Minnesota: It is time to investigate the MN DNR & its commissioner, Tom Landwehr
  3. Re-open the Dog Park
  5. Investigate shooting of "Max", demand resignation and retrain officers.
    (I think this case is closed)
  6. Hawthorne Police Department: cop that shot the dog: fired (as well...)
  7. The Hawthorne police department: take action against police misconduct (as well)
  8. Hawthorne Police Department: Arrest Officer Salmon who shot the dog, teach officers how to handle dogs (as well)
  9. Stop the government funding of research facilities that use animals
  10. Expedia: Drop Tiger Temple from your website!
  11. Justice for Cali
  12. Allow the choice to have Non Veterinarians to do Routine Work on Livestock
  13. Enforce a mandatory 72 hour hold on all animals admitted.
  14. Walmart stores: Stop the sale of aquatic animals
  15. The U.S. Senate, House of Representatives, and Congress: Amend the Animal Welfare Act to protect Pets from Police Departments
  16. Repeal Breed Specific Legislation
  17. Bistro Bobette: Remove cruel foie gras from your menu
  18. Bring emergency shelter and shade to captive wild horses and burros
  19. To sign or not?!  Reinstate Dr. Lynn Rogers' permit to conduct research on black bears.

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