Thursday, September 21, 2017

Bad news: 118 dogs set to die | White Coat Waste Project

Coat Waste
Andrea, I've got bad news. We're under attack:
  • The Dept. of Veterans Affairs (VA) plans to kill 118 puppies in heart attack and treadmill experiments.
  • VA just enlisted an army of lobbyists and government bureaucrats to crush our campaign. Their mission? Search and destroy.
  • We're being outspent. If we don't close the gap, we may lose in the Senate. All hope could be lost for these 118 dogs.
DEADLINE: Sep. 30 is the end-of-quarter budget deadline. It's a critical campaign test. The VA will read any shortfall as weakness.

We just set up a new Rapid Response Fund to fight back. Follow this link to chip in and your gift will be doubled.

Andrea, that's what the VA's top animal testing boss is telling Congress. These 118 dogs and puppies are forced to run on treadmills to stress their damaged hearts.

Guess who pays his $159,500 salary? Who else! The disgraced VA "White Coat" who designed this treadmill abuse rakes in even more: $310,000.

Even VA Secretary David Shulkin — a White House Cabinet member — is using the federal government's heavy hand to shut us down.

We defeated and de-funded them in House when you stepped up. We could do it again in the Senate when you chip in to the new Rapid Response Fund.

But if we're drastically outspent in the next 10 days and fail to close the gap, all hope could be lost.

Let's get this done,

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Anthony Bellotti

P.S. I started this campaign on my own dime, out of my own pocket — but I can't do it alone. Now my sources say the VA is about to spend even more to kill our campaign. We must close the gap before the critical budget deadline in 10 days. Are you in?


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White Coat Waste Project is a 501(c)(3) bipartisan coalition of 400,000+ liberty-lovers and animal-lovers opposed to the government's wasteful spending on animal experiments. Our mission? To stop $15 billion in taxpayer-funded animal experiments. National Review calls it a "refreshing consensus-building argument." Our work has been profiled by The Washington Post, Science, US News & World Report, FOX News, LA Times, TheBlaze, Associated Press and Daily Caller. Contributions are tax-deductible.

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