Saturday, September 16, 2017

Save the life of horses | AnimaNaturalis

Save the life
of horses
AnimaNaturalis - Organización Iberoamericana para la Defensa de Todos los Animales
Save the life of horsesThis is Adonis. Because of his owners, he doesn't have any other reason to exist than pulling his carriage to amuse tourists. It does not matter that he must withstand temperatures more than 40°C, without any shade to cover him it. Nobody is interested in that he has to carry excessive weights for his size or if he has drunk or eaten properly. This is his life until he dies.
Horses such as Adonis die every year through accidents, exhaustion, dehydration or simply through the negligence of those who have the obligation to care about them.
We decided to save them from this misery and offer them a better life. We want to absolutely ban this type of horse-drawn carriages, and that each horse will be taken to a sanctuary.
Help us to make it possible. Sign and share our petition at, and consider becoming a member of AnimaNaturalis to develop our campaign.

Save Adonis and all the horses that are mistreated only for the caprice of the tourists and the benefit of some soulless ones.
Thank you for being a hero to animals,
Aïda Gascón BoschAïda Gascón Bosch
Aïda Gascón Bosch
President AnimaNaturalis in Spain
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