Saturday, March 15, 2014

87 Care2 petitions

  1. Close the 'Zoo of death'!
  2. Pets for Sale/Backyard Puppymills
  3. Owner deliberately runs over chihuahua. Demand jail time!
  4. Demand the Governor and Veterinary Board of Montana ban declawing of cats and other animals
  5. Send Love to Teenagers who Saved Abandoned Puppy from Freezing Cold
  6. Congress: Don't Require Animal Testing for Cosmetics!
  7. California: Ban Wildlife Killing Contests For Good
  8. Stop Sponsoring Circus Cruelty
  9. Urge Shinzo Abe to Stop the Taiji Drive Hunt Forever
  10. Send Bronx Zoo Elephants to a Sanctuary Now!
  11. Lower price of insulin used for pets
  12. Introduce a Bill Proposing a Nationwide Ban on the Production and Sale of Fur!
  13. BSL: Demand Pawtucket RI obeys state law against BSL
  14. Justice for Bryan
  15. Protect the Great Barrier Reef. Give it a legal identity!
  16. SOS! Pigs strung up and SHOT to train British Army medics wounds
  17. Save the Water Voles!
  18. STOP the HELL in Public Shelter, City of Giurgiu, Romania
  19. Boycott Monsanto- RoundUp Pesticide Causes Birth Defects
  20. Stop building highway through the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.
  21. Demand higher penalties for cruel dog fighting. Even prison sentences.
  22. STOP the Bipartisan Sportsmen's Act from giving all public lands to hunters and trappers
  23. Save these poor animals
  24. Thousand of sheep cooked alive, make this stop!
  25. Demand icy shelter for Johannesburg Zoo sun scorched polar bear
  26. Help turn New York City Animal Care Center into NON-kill
  27. We demand EU embargo on China!
  28. Save Lita and pass laws to fix America's pet euthanasia problem via spaying and neutering
  29. Justice for little Gizmo
  30. Boycott South Korea Olympics 2018 animal torture, abuse, dog and cat meat trade and worse
  31. LesPAC cesser de vendre des animaux / LesPAC, Stop Selling Animals
  32. Stop betting bosses from killing racehorses and greyhounds because of ban on FOBTs!
  33. Stop China from loaning their pandas around!
  34. Send Thanks to Alabama's Court for Sentencing to Jail Man who Hanged Puppy from the Ceiling
  35. Send love to a family who chooses homelessness over abandoning their pit bull
  36. Stop UK and Spain from continuing massacre of the ruddy ducks!
  37. Support New York's Mayor intention to shut down horse carriages in Central Park
  38. Stop possible slaughter of hundreds of bison in Yellowstone Park!
  39. Stop culling of half of wild goats herd!
  40. Stop sending dogs to a war!
  41. Stop drugging greyhounds for races!
  42. Stop Texas's recreational hunters from killing 600,000 feral hogs a year!
  43. Petition to close the Skopje Zoo
  44. Keep the Ban on Tail Docking for Working Dogs
  45. Stop the Circus from Using Animals and Abusing Them!
  46. Find and Prosecute Person Who Shot 24-year old Horse to death
  47. Gain Justice for Poor Cat that Was Shot Multiple Times with BB gun
  48. Severe Punishment for Man Who Slit A Family Dog’s Throat “Just for Fun"
  49. Enact the Animal Welfare Bill in Sri Lanka
  50. Tell Idaho: No Elk Cull!
  51. Punish Animal Control Officer Who Wrongly Abused Therapy Service Dog
  52. Stop the atrocities at the baby monkey lab at the University of Washington and shut it down for good
  53. Shut Down South Korea's Monkey School!
  54. Chiudiamo Le Fattorie Della Bile
  55. Get the dangerous dog treats back off the store shelves
  56. Stop Coyote-Killing Contests, Protect Wolves In Washington
  57. Help the forgotten Romanian horses!
  58. Für ein Ende der Bärengallefarmen
  59. Stop the massacre of stray dogs in Romania!
  60. Arizona: Don't Hide Animal Cruelty With an Ag Gag Bill
  61. Stop making elephants climb Amber palace in Jaipur, they are being tortured!
  62. Ban zoophelia (sex with animals) in New Hampshire NOW!
  63. Condemn the Dutch legislation and judge that gives a KITTEN KILLER only 1 1/2 month imprisonment.
  64. Tell Outdoor Gear Companies to End Down-Plucking Torture of Live Geese
  65. Free Tania the Elephant held captive for 39 yrs
  66. Man kills dog by pouring hot oil in her mouth
  67. STOP the STATE of TEXAS from Destroying 500 Year Old Live Oak Tree and Forest!
  68. Tell North Korea that Yorkshire Terriers are Not Zoo Animals!
  69. Release The 3 Yorkshire Terriers from The North Korean Zoo
  70. Don't leave the Sumatran rhino to die!
  71. Nebraska: Don't Criminalize Animal Cruelty Whistleblowers
  72. Find Out Who is Disposing of the Toxic Waste Killing Dogs!
  73. Poor dog was sexual abused and tortured! Until she died - Loznica Serbia, president Tomislav Nikolic!
  74. Care2, please create Free Click-to-Donate SAVE A TREE
  75. Support New California Bill Aiming to Stop SeaWorld from Making Orcas Perform
  76. URGENT! Ukraine- Do Not Let Your Zoo Animals Starve to Death!
  77. Help Protect Pets from Domestic Violence
  78. Deny Import Permit for Black Rhino Hunt
  79. Bindi Irwin, Please Step Down as SeaWorld Ambassador
  80. Urge District Justice Jerry Lepley to impose the maximum penalty for abused horses
  81. Ask British Columbia to protect the endangered mountain caribou
  82. Congress: Pass the Humane Cosmetics Act!
  83. Save the Philippine Eagle
  84. Wind farms get pass on eagle deaths
  85. No Permits to Kill Bald Eagles
  86. End the Ban of Pitbulls in Ontario
  87. Demand the elimination of dangerous cargo from trains going through populated areas.

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