Saturday, March 1, 2014

Update on the Green Tag Proposals Coming Before City Council‏

from FIDOS and B4ROS

Dear Green Tag Petition Signers:

The first reading of OSMP's proposed changes to the Green Tag Program will definitely take place at the City Council meeting Wed's, March 5th (a change from the previous date of March 4th to allow people to attend the political caucuses). There is no official public hearing on the Green Tag issue at this Council meeting. People may still speak on the Green Tag topic, however, but only during the Open Comment session, which starts at the beginning of the meeting (6 PM). Sign-ups to speak during the Open Comment session can be done on-line starting Friday, Feb 28th (the Friday prior to the Council meeting). Here's a link for further info: The Council meetings take place on the second floor of the Municipal Building at 1777 Broadway.

The public hearing for the Green Tag proposals is expected to occur at the April 1st Council meeting during the second reading of the proposed Green Tag changes. People must sign up in person at this Council meeting to speak during the public hearing. We will keep you posted if there is any change to this expected date.

Those of you with strong feelings or concerns about the Green Tag proposals are encouraged to speak during the Open Comment session of the March 5th Council meeting. Other interested people can come to this meeting to show their support for the speakers. Council members take notice when there is a large support group. Attendees are welcome to wave their hands when they like what a speaker is saying. Again, the Open Comment session starts at 6 PM, with sign-ups to speak taking place on-line.

Most importantly, we ask that as many people as possible attend the public hearing at the April 1st Council meeting to speak against the extreme Green Tag proposals during the public hearing, and to show support for your fellow dog guardians. Please come to this meeting wearing your dog leash as a sign of your support. We really need Council to see the numbers of concerned dog guardians!!!

And please, continue to write City Council members with your feelings on the proposed changes at:

Here's the link to OSMP's proposed changes. The summary of the proposals can be found in Attachment A of this document.

Also, here's the link to the Council Agenda Packet for the March 5th meeting:
The section for the Green Tag Proposals starts on page 125.

Thank you for your support in opposing OSMP’s extreme proposed changed to the Green Tag program!

Email us at or with any questions.

Warm regards,
FIDOS (Friends Interested In Dogs and Open Space) and B4ROS (Boulder For Reasonable Open Space)

Talking points for letters and/or speeches:
1) OSMP is unnecessarily attempting to punish the majority of dog guardians for the infractions of a few.
2) OSMP’s proposed changes are unfair. OSMP has gone over the top in targeting the single user group of dog guardians with these costly, complex, and excessively punitive proposals.
3) Regarding offenses such as one strike loss of Green Tag for chasing wildlife, or two strike loss of Green Tag if your dog does not come IMMEDIATELY when called --- No other user group faces loss of open space privileges for committing any offenses on or off of open space. Climbers do not lose open space privileges if they violate a seasonal raptor closure. Mountain bikers do not lose open space privileges for biking on a trail closed to bikers. Hikers do not lose open space privileges for hiking on closed trails, or for creating social trails. People do not lose open space privileges for harassing wildlife while trying to take that perfect photograph. Dog guardians should not be unfairly targeted with the harsh punishments outlined in OSMP’s proposals, which would even include Green Tag loss for a single offense of chasing a squirrel into a tree - on Open Space land or anywhere in the city of Boulder.
4) The $734,000 price tag, for just the first year, needed to implement OSMP’s proposed Green Tag Program changes, then followed by a $135,000 ongoing annual cost, is too high. This money could perhaps be better spent on building new trails.
5) Historically, Boulder has always been a dog friendly place. Just look at the picture in the 1967 first Open Space tax poster, showing children romping with their dog on Open Space. If we don’t allow dogs proper off-leash access, only the wealthy, who can afford acres of land, will have this privilege. This culture of dog friendliness has been eroding gradually, and now there is another OSMP proposal to introduce a much more restrictive and controlled environment, with a complex set of rules and punitive regulations. Dogs are family members. Dogs need to run and to exercise. Dogs benefit us all by making us lead healthier lifestyles.

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