Saturday, March 1, 2014

Old petitions part 7
  1. Stop the Highway 6 Landfill in Hempstead Texas
  2. Five Days to Save Ponta Preta
  3. Ban declawing cats in Canada
  5. Tell Supermarket Chain to Stop Selling Endangered Reindeer
  6. Save Orca Whales from Dirty Coal
  7. Tell NASA to Stop Using Primates for Space Research
  8. Help shut down Duisburg Dolphinarium in Germany...Over 60 Dolphin Deaths!
  9. Ban the trade of foie gras in the UK
  10. Justice for Turkey Tortured to Death at Party
  11. Stop Killing Dolphins with Seismic Testing
  12. Tell Canada- Stop Illegal Wolf Killing "Contest"
  13. Save Gorillas from Extinction
  14. Save the Red Wolf from Extinction
  15. Tell Belgium Filmaker to STOP Throwing Cats!
  16. Stop Bullfighting in Peru
  17. Thank Portugal for Saving Lab Animals
  18. Save the Sumatran Tiger from Extinction
  19. Tell NYU Medical Center to STOP Animal Experiments
  20. Help Elephants in Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo
Transportation Safety Administration: Stop losing our pets!
  1. Bring Justice to Kansas Fraternity that Tortured and Killed a Turkey
  2. Save Animal Sanctuary from Unwarranted Closure
  3. Tell L.L. Bean to Stop Selling Fur
  4. Keep Orca Whales on Endangered Species List
  5. Commend Green Tech Startup for Fighting Global Warming
  6. Commend Website for Hosting Weekly Dog Adoption Ads
  7. Restrict the Use of Highly Toxic Rat Poisons
  8. Praise Finnish Research Facility for Bio-Based Plastic
  9. Stop Demolition of Mountains in Lanzhou, China
  10. Applaud the Creation of the World’s Largest Shark Sanctuary
  11. Stop Animals From Being Sold on the Street in Barcelona
  12. Improve Pollution Regulation in Asia Before It’s Too Late
  13. Don’t Euthanize Animals Seeking Adoption
  14. Protect Rabbits in Los Angeles
  15. Protect Great White Sharks Under California’s Endangered Species Act
  16. Demand the Environmental Protection Agency Stop Using Toxic Oil Dispersant
  17. Condemn Federal Wildlife Trapper for Torturing Animals Caught in Traps
  18. Put an End to Factory Farming
  19. Urge Oklahoma to Create More Green Jobs

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