Saturday, March 8, 2014

Old petitions part 8
  1. Tell Poultry Farm to Treat Its Turkeys Humanely
  2. Ask the Government to Reconsider the Ethanol Requirement for Fuel
  3. Stop Shooting Harmless Wild Animals in North Carolina
  4. Prevent Logging on Federal Land in Oregon
  5. Enforce Regulations on Python Skin Trade
  6. Enforce Retirement Guidelines and More Sanctuaries for Lab Chimpanzees
  7. Demand That Germany Ban Bestiality
  8. Demand Animal Shelter Ensure the Safety of Its Animals
  9. Protect Northeast Minnesota Wetlands
  10. Thank Westchester County for Creating Animal Abuse Registry
  11. Bring the Pinta Island Tortoise Back to Life
  12. Support Development of Self-Filling Water Bottle
  13. Stop Canadian Energy Corporations from Destroying Environment
  14. Quicken the Cleaning Process so Residents Can Return Home to Okuma, Japan
  15. Maintain Funding to Help Farmers Preserve Biodiversity
  16. Stop Oregon from Towing Vehicles with Pets
  17. Condemn Federal Wildlife Trapper for Torturing Animals Caught in Traps
  18. Prevent Construction of Harmful Liquid Natural Gas Pipelines in Oregon/
  1. Ebay: Stop the sale of real fur
  2. Thank you ArcelorMittal Galati!
  3. End preventable euthanasia and create a community without homeless pets.
  4. Prevent cruelty to dogs and cats in China
  5. UN: To make animal police obligatory for every country
  6. City of Shasta Lake City Council: Restructure the City of Shasta Lake Animal Shelter!
  7. Stop cruel kangaroo massacre implicated by pet food company Purina
  8. Que Brown siga siendo NO eutanásico!
  9. Ayuntamiento de Guadalajara(España): Prohíba los festejos taurinos de sus pueblos.
  10. à tous les partis politiques français: 1 fichier national contre la maltraitance animal
  11. Dr. Antonio Bonfatti: NO firme convenio con Nación (Decreto 1088) que permite matar animales
  12. Prohibición del Toro Ensogado
  13. Asamblea Legislativa del DF: Prohibición de venta de animales en tiendas +Kota, Petland y similares.
  14. Busan, South Korea! Close down all illegal dog slaughterhouses & restaurants in Gupo market now!
  15. City of Bradenton, Florida, Department of Public Works: Take proper responsibility for wildlife & stray domesticated animals
  16. Japan Slaughtering Dolphins for Sport needs to Stop! 
  17. Negligence at Santa Cruz Biotech causes suffering and death for goats!
  18. President Xi Jinping - 习近平 and 李克强 (Premier Li Keqiang), Stop the dog & cat meat market in China 
  19. New Dog Racing Injuries Revealed, Ask Iowa Governor to Help Greyhounds 
  20. China, Korea, South East Asia: Stop cooking dogs alive
  1. Ban the Import of All Research Animals (original link doesn't work anymore)
  2. Save Finland's Ringed Seal from Extinction
  3. Protect African Lion as Endangered Species
  4. Stop Canadian Wolf Slaughter
  5. Protect Whale and Dolphin Food Source

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