Sunday, March 16, 2014

Various petitions
  1. Justice for dog dragged behind high-speed motorbike in Quanzhou, China!
  2. Prosecute Turkish college student cat slayer!
  3. Bring justice to cat on Facebook!
  4. Support New York bill that would ban tattooing animals!
  5. No green light to kill bald eagles, the US national bird!
  1. Save pregnant elephant & animals in Kharkiv Zoo
  2. Demand justice over police killing the dog of a homeless man in Langzhong. Demand animal cruelty laws in China and stop people from committing further atrocities against the innocent and vulnerable.
  3. Georgia State Senate: OPPOSE HB 423!
  4. Nevada Dept of Wildlife: Fire Carl Lackey
  5. Turkey plans to kill all stray animals
  6. Save Mickey from being euthanized on March 13, 2014 (previously 3/3/14)
  7. End Williamsville Cemetery fence deer impalements!
  8. Protect New Jersey's Dogs and Cats with Jack's Law
  9. Quickly issue a special import permit to Canada for Arturo the Polar bear.
  10. No al premio artistico del Teatro La Fenice ad un torero! La corrida non รจ arte ne' cultura: e' solo violenza!
  11. Pass the Orca Welfare and Safety Act
  12. Do not Approve The Chinese Government's Application for this...
  13. Keep Jeffrey Henry out of jail for saving the life of a young eagle.
  14. Save eagles from painful and deadly lead poisoning
  15. Stop Indians Killing Eagles/Raptors for Religious Rituals
  16. Stop issuing permits to kill bald eagles
  17. Preserve Fones Cliff a very important bald eagle habitat
  1. Condemn Obama Administration for Allowing Murder of Bald Eagles
  2. Save Bald Eagle Habitat from Destruction
  3. Don’t Weaken Eagle Protections in the United States
  4. Hold Wind Farms Accountable for Endangered Bird Deaths
  5. Tell the NRA That Toxic Bullets Are Killing Wild Birds
  6. Support Ban on the Use of Lead Ammunition
  7. Protect Wildlife from Lead Ammunition
  8. Criminalize Possession of Banned Chemical Used to Kill Birds of Prey
  9. Eliminate Toxic Lead from Hunting Ammunition
  10. Wind-Energy Project Threatens Populations of Vulnerable California Birds
  11. Save Alaska’s Tongass National Forest from Clear Cut Loggers
  12. Prevent Weakening of the Endangered Species Act
  13. Stop the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service from Undermining the Endangered Species Act
  14. Ban Electric Shock Collars for Pets
  15. Convict Runaway Animal Abusers for Harming Pets
  16. Prosecute Man Who Endangered Puppy’s Life
  17. End Insane Donkey ‘Sports’
  18. Protect Bison from Senseless Slaughter
  19. Demand State Protect Endangered Wolves from Hunters

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