Sunday, April 1, 2012

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1. Let's Make the Seal Hunt History!
2. Stop the cruel Canadian seal slaughter
3. Urgent Cameroon, stop the elephant slaughtering,480 in less then a month!
4. STOP cat poisoning and dog neglect in Chenango Bridge, NY
5. Tell Europol and the EU to stop Dog fighting in Europe!
6. City of Carmel Plastic Bag Ban
7. In the Name of Misericordia! Support a Boycott of the EURO 2012!
8. Finally put a stop to the mass-murder of greyhounds in Ireland
9. Ban Signs to Stop the Negative Stereotype of the American Pit Bull
10. Prosecute BP for Mass Dolphin Deaths
11. Stop Poaching Rhinoceros
(CLOSED) Thank you for supporting my petition - BAN ANIMALS IN CIRCUSES IN IRELAND. I'm going to forward the results to the Irish Government Department for Agriculture this week. I'm also setting up a new petition - so please keep an eye out for this and sign again. Thank you again. Kind regards, Jean
13. Stop all factory breeding of companion animals in the EU!
14. Chiediamo al Presidente del Senato Renato Schifani di calendarizzare il DDL3084 del Sen. A.Filippi
15. Save Monarch Butterflies
16. GROUPON- pull the deal on the George Carden Circus Spectacular.
17. Stop Pitbull Muzzle Law in Malden, MA
18. Cruelty on the Basketball Court - Donkey Ball
19. More Protection for the Andean Bear
20. We call for Spain to modernize the country's animal protection laws!
21. Does India deserve big cats like the leopard? Stop killing them!
22. Stop Capture and Removal of Cheetahs
23. Stop the torture and killing of dogs by the Bolivian Armed Forces
24. Save Polar Bears
25. Animal Friendly Laws in Huntington Beach
26. Help the Vaquita Porpoise
27. Stop the Seal Massacre
28. Help California Condors
39. Ban Pesticides Killing Honey Bees
30. Stop Exporting Bobcat Skins
31. Stop the Removal of the Norfolk Botanical Garden Eagle Nest
32. Stop Killing Sea Lions in Oregon
33. Tell New Jersey- Don't Kill Geese

Updated on September 6.

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