Friday, April 6, 2012

Wolf Petitions

  1. Protect The Gray Wolf From Extinction (CLOSED)
  3. Save Wolves From Dirty Oil (CLOSED)
  4. Stop killing endangered animals and all wolves
  5. DIRECTV: Stop Spreading Wolf Stereotypes
  6. Tell US Fish and Wildlife Service: Release Mexican wolves into New Mexico before it's too late (CLOSED)
  7. Stop Wolf Poisoning and Aerial Shooting in Canada! (CLOSED)
  8. Protect Idaho's Wolves From Otter's Cruelty
  9. Wolf Delisting and Bad Policy Could Open the Door to Wolf Hunting in Wyoming National Park (CLOSED)
  10. Stop Killing Wolves in Finland- 135 Left (CLOSED)
  11. Protect Wolves from Shoot-on-Sight "Management" (CLOSED)
  12. Tell Obama to Stop Aerial Wolf Killing in Idaho
  13. To Stop the Inhumane cruelty to wolves (CLOSED)
  14. Stop wolves to be poisoned over tar sands (CLOSED)
  15. Idaho: No Animals Used as Live Bait (CLOSED)
  16. Stop the Wisconsin Wolf Hunt (CLOSED)
  17. Stop Livestock Grazing in Blue Rigde Wolf Recovery Area (CLOSED)
  18. Stop pointless killing of Lithuanian wolves!
  19. Stop the extinction of grey wolves in Sweden (CLOSED)
  20. DIRECTV: Take Down Anti-Wolf Ad and Join the Fight to Save Wolves (CLOSED)
  21. Feds Target Wolves with Aerial Gunning: Save the Lolo 75 (CLOSED)
  22. Stop the senseless killing of wolves in Idaho (CLOSED)
  23. Tell Obama to Stop Aerial Wolf Killing in Idaho (CLOSED)
  24. Save Wyoming Wolves (CLOSED)
  25. Stop Putting Wyoming's Wolves In The Line Of Fire
  26. More Wolf Hunts? Stop the Aerial Killing!
  27. Speak Out Against Cruelty to Wolves (CLOSED)
  28. Wisconsin: Say No to Killing Wolves for Sport (CLOSED)
  29. Save The Wolves!
Updated on September 6.

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