Sunday, April 29, 2012


  1. Alaska's Wildlife at Risk (CLOSED)
  2. Urge Congress To Re-Open Investigation Of NIH!
  3. Help protect one of the Earth's last great wildernesses
  4. Please send Toronto Zoo elephants to PAWS Sanctuary
  5. Greenpeace Help Sea Shepherd Save Whales
  6. Stop Sharja Animal Market
  7. Against seal hunt in Namibia
  8. For the commitment of the strict observance of the Declaration of Animal Rights (UNESCO) (confirmation needed)
  9. End Old-Growth Temperate Rainforest Logging in Alaska’s Tongass National Forest
  10. Indonesian Oil Palm Fires Threaten Important Orangutan Population with Death (CLOSED)
  11. Free Susi
  12. Planned construction of a new animal studies existing laboratory at the MDC Berlin-Buch
  13. BAYER: ¡Salven a las Abejas!
  14. Save Ben the Bear (PETITION IS STILL OPEN BUT BEN THE BEAR WAS MOVED TO A SANCTUARY - A 'Happily Ever After' Ending for Ben the Bear)
  15. Against the trade of ivory (CLOSED)
  16. Call to the churches, their members and all its bodies and institutions to a life-friendly and sustainable lifestyle and commitment to our fellow creatures, the animals. (confirmation needed)
  17. Alone in a concrete prison: meet Morelia Zoo's polar bear (CLOSED)
  18. Against construction of slaughter farm in Barcon
  19. Get on the Bus for the Sturgeon (CLOSED)
  20. Factory farming and genetic engineering are not the answer.
  21. Bill to expand more hunting & trapping on public lands up for senate vote!
  22. Dilma: save the Amazon, veto the new Forest Code (CLOSED)
  23. Animals are suffering through long distance live transport
  24. As an Argentine I claim in compliance with the provisions of the Forest Act, not to authorizes more clearings in "Impenetrable". (CLOSED)
    After an intense campaign in which Greenpeace claimed that the advance of the Impenetrable bulldozers were destroying the Chaco forest, the organization, along with the support of more than 80,000 people, the government managed to establish important constraints for the development of intensive farming in the region. Today the bulldozers, which violated the Forest Act, are prohibited in the Impenetrable. Thanks to the nearly 80,000 people who signed this petition.
  25. Tell the White House to Say No to LNG Exports
  26. Bank of America: Stop funding dirty coal, which is polluting our communities and wrecking our climate, and shift those resources into funding for renewable energy instead.
  27. Demand transparency in the Trans-Pacific free trade agreement! (CLOSED)
  28. H.R. 4089: Poor Environmental Sportsmanship!
  29. Curb Airline Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  30. Pass the REAL Beef Act to Label Pink Slime! (US)
  1. Allow Dissection Choice for Connecticut Students
  2. Save Lucy the Elephant
  3. Stop Plans for High Voltage Electrical Cable in Whale Sanctuary
  4. Save the Rare ‘Hector’s Dolphins’
  5. End Gas Chamber Euthanasia for Animals in Michigan
  6. Stop Loews Hotels From Cat Trapping
  7. Plastic Trash in Pacific Ocean is Greater Than Originally Anticipated
  8. Tell Pet Food Company to Stop Killing Animals in Laboratory Testing
  9. Get Toxic Flame Retardants Out of Our Furniture
  1. Facebook: Timeline is costing animals their lives - We want the old format back (CLOSED)
  2. Kiska, Marineland Ontario's Lone Orca, needs a companion (CLOSED)
  3. Bruno needs justice.
  5. Officer Yasso we are committed to keep Rosko with your family. (CLOSED)
  6. Prince George's County Executive, Rushern Baker: Repeal the ban on "pit bull" dogs in Prince George's County
  7. Galaboda Gnanissara Thero: Help Baby Ganga (CLOSED)
  8. Bring back the webcams to the Memphis pound
  9. District Office of W├╝rzburg: don't allow the construction of hog facilities in Dipbach and Gelchsheim (CLOSED)
  10. Justice for Jiggy the pug! (CLOSED)
  11. Save Steller Sea Lions (CLOSED)
  12. Pit Bull Advocacy (CLOSED)
  13. Eastview Highschool: Offer an alternate, cruelty-free assignment to dissections (CLOSED)
  14. South African Government: Stop the poaching of rhinos (CLOSED)
  15. Charlie's Law
  16. Warning on products if tested on animals! (CLOSED)
  17. WWF Spain: Sack King Juan Carlos as your Honorary President! (CLOSED)
  18. Tell the Canadian government you support a federal buyout to save seals! (CLOSED)
  19. The Governor of New Mexico,Susana Martinez: Remove B.J. Winchester as Inspector for the State Livestock Board (CLOSED)
  20. OPPOSE MA HB 1445 (CLOSED)
  21. Help to ban commercial/recreational trapping in the National Wildlife Refuge System (CLOSED)
 The Petition Site
  1. Dissatisfaction with Norwegian for not accepting animals in cargo hold from non Schengen countries
  2. Support The Animal Defense Society
    (CLOSED) Thank you for recently signing our petition to support the Animal Defence Society. I am writing to tell you about a recent arrest and how you can help us in the future to investigate, expose and rescue. Yesterday evening, a cruelty caseworker was arrested at his home by Sussex Police on the alleged offense of theft. The offense was relating to an investigation carried out by the Animal Defense Society into breeding rabbits and cats. The caseworker has been bailed to reappear. We support and manage our animal rescue team. Committed activists routinely give aid and rescue to any animal known to be suffering and in pain. The team also document the conditions in which these animals are kept in. Quite frankly, this is all very costly. I am asking you to consider becoming a member for �15. Our members receive a bi-annual newsletter and invitations to our events & workshops. I request that you join now by going to our website and making your first payment. To do so go to: I hope that you'll join me in creating a kinder world for animals, and we will of course update you whenever we can. For the animals, Jake Knight Founder
  3. Australia, stop cruelty to exported cattle!
  4. To abolish the city ordinance in St. Joseph, MO which prohibits specific breeds from being adopted
  6. Justice for Faith and her Family (CLOSED)
  7. Stop Using Endangered Snow Leopards in Chinese Medicine
  8. Save the grassy corner swans and cygnets Cambridge UK
  9. Tell Texas to Stop Hunting Critically Endangered Antelope
  11. Edmonton, Stand Up for Lucy the Elephant
  12. Urge USDA to Save Ben the Bear from Cruel Zoo (CLOSED)

  13. Tell the Canadian Government You Support a Federal Buyout to Save Seals! (CLOSED)
  14. Stop Destroying Forests!
  15. More cougars, less urban sprawl!

  16. Stop Congress from Erasing Protections for Visitors, Turtles, and Birds at Cape Hatteras! (CLOSED)
  17. Antarctica - It's in our hands (CLOSED)
  18. Urge China to introduce an Animal Protection Law
  19. Lagoon Amusement Park - Stop Imprisoning Animals!
  20. End Wolf Torture in the Northern Rockies!
Updated on September 10.

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