Saturday, April 14, 2012


  1. Right now Mexico City’s Assembly is discussing a new law that could bring a permanent end to bullfighting in the district.
  2. Tell the BLM: Don't let Big Oil melt the Rocky Mountains (CLOSED)
  3. We demand the city of Torsedillas not to accept ‘The Toro de la Vega’ to included in the Cultural Patrimony (confirmation needed) (DEAD LINK - all are redirected to
  4. Immediate cessation of the politicians responsible for the death of a dog in Torà, Lleida. (confirmation needed) (DEAD LINK - all are redirected to
  5. USDA decision could increase your exposure to this toxic pesticide (CLOSED)
  6. Speak Up for the Most Important Little Fish in the Sea (CLOSED)
  7. Support a Strong Clean Air Safeguard for Fracking (CLOSED)
  8. Oppose BLM Plan to Eradicate Burros in Southern California Desert (CLOSED)
  9. Petition for the Wild Rogue River
  10. Do not let a repeat of what happened in the Canary Islands in the Gulf of Mexico (CLOSED)
  11. Tell the new Mayor of London that I would look better in the wild (CLOSED)
  12. Oppose the "Chesapeake Bay Program Reauthorization and Improvement Act" (US)
  13. It’s time to stop wasting our tax dollars on nuclear overkill (US)
  1. Prohibit the Use of Leg-Hold Traps by Canadian Fur Trappers
  2. Protect Farm Animals From Cruel Confinement Practices
  3. Urge FDA to Stop Animal Testing
  4. Stop New Hunting Proposals That Threaten Polar Bears and the Environment
  5. Support Low-Cost Companion Animal Microchip Clinics
  6. Protect A Culturally Important Mountain in Montana
  1. Justice for oxen : Protect them from slaughtering in India - Naresh Kadyan
  2. Stop Seal Slaughter in our World
  3. Premier Allison Redford: STOP the Slaughter of wild horses in Alberta
  4. Shell: Stop the Drilling (CLOSED)
  5. Help designate an area for dogs like Snidely Whiplash (CLOSED)
  6. The Maryland General Assembly: Pass bill requiring animal abusers to be added to statewide registry. (CLOSED)
  7. Miami dade county pitbull ban: Lift the ban of pitbulls in Miami dade county (CLOSED)
  8. Roxanne Notaro: Recieve maximum jail time penalty for animal cruelty (CLOSED)
  9. Justice for Hercules, NJ dog starved by owner, Roxanne Notaro (CLOSED)
  10. @DiscoveryID: Your advertising FUR will stimulate the CRUEL FUR industry (CLOSED)
  11. Por la prohibición del maltrato animal en la intruccion militar (CLOSED)
  12. M.P.P.'s of Ontario: Declare Pet Ambulances as an essential service with MOT
  14. Stop allo Stabulario di Trieste No a the Vivisection (CLOSED)
  15. Iams: Stop Killing Animals in Cruel Lab Tests
  16. South Florida residents: Help stop the abandonment and neglect of animals by signing this petition. (CLOSED)
  17. Southern Illinois University Carbondale: Prohibit Barnum and Bailey from holding a circus on our campus. (CLOSED)
  18. Save Teterboro Airport Birds
  19. Justice for Mama
  20. City of Henderson Ky.: Do not build a new Animal Control Facility
  21. We write Urgent. Tuesday 10 until April 25. End of stray Perrenjas, in Albania. the Mayor will allow the killing blows of firearms of stray dogs. (CLOSED)
  22. Bulgaria, please do the right thing - don't kill the strays of Sofia!
  23. Polar Bears And Other Wildlife Need You Now (US) (CLOSED)
  24. Say "NO!" to a wolf-hunting season in Minnesota (US) (CLOSED)
  25. New York: Ban the Sale and Trade of Shark Fins! (US)
  1. Limit Breeder's To Only One Litter Of Puppies Per Year
  2. Allow dogs in Sawicki Park!!
  3. Save Parro De Canarios from being euthanized in Ontario!!!
  6. Stop Mountaintop Removal Mining! (CLOSED)
  7. Stop the Killing of Bull Sharks in the Breede River, South Africa! (CLOSED)
Updated on September 9.

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