Friday, April 27, 2012

Texas Woman Reunites Sister & Brother Pups

Written by Cissy Caple of Texas

I went to the shelter after losing my dog Henri. I stopped when I came to a kennel with two very small puppies alone on the concrete, no blanket, no bed, nothing but each other.

I chose Biscuit, the male, but as I was signing papers, the young couple beside me chose Summer, his sister. Something told me to do it, so I wrote out my name and phone number on a scrap of paper and gave it to the girl. Nothing much was said, awkward moments…

We took Biscuit home and he enjoyed two months of freedom and free reign of our home and four acres of land. He was a great puppy but I was not connecting as much as I had hoped to, still feeling the loss of Henri.

Then the Phone Rang….

This is Biscuit. His sister Summer is pictured above.
One day, exactly two months after Biscuit’s adoption, the girl who took his sister Summer called me. She said it was not fair to Summer for her to keep her as she was gone long hours at work.  Would I take her now? Yes, I said, of course. How could I refuse? We had five dogs already including Biscuit, three rat terriers and a Chihuahua mix rescued from a highway.  But Summer was family.

She was almost paralyzed with fear when I first saw her. Summer had a fear of cars and always got sick when she had to ride. She looked so sad and miserable. She had been kept in a crate, a small cage, for her first two months. I can’t tell you how much I disagree with crates. They are torture and cruelty beyond reason.

Biscuit was lying under a bearberry bush when I re-introduced Summer. It took just seconds and they were completely happy to see each other. When they were tiny, Biscuit used to drape himself completely over Summer in the concrete kennel to protect her and feel better himself. Now their journey to our farm was complete. They played and romped, but it was clear that Summer had no muscle mass, and was psychologically hurt from her days being confined.

Over time, she learned that no one was going to hurt her, no one was going to force her into a cage, and she started to come into herself. It took over a month, but one day, Summer decided that she would and could “get the ball” much quicker and with greater agility than her heavier brother, and to this day, she is always the one that catches the ball first.

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