Tuesday, October 3, 2017

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Zinke's Recommendations for National Monuments Revealed
The recommendations from Interior Secretary Zinke to President Trump were leaked to the press on September 17. New Mexico's Rio Grande del Norte and Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monuments will both be impacted by the recommendations, though it is unclear exactly how. The twenty-one-page document was cynical, disingenuous and Orwellian in every way imaginable. It was based on false premises, and was convoluted, contradictory, and inaccurate. "Modifications to management" and other vague implications open the door for sweeping potential degradation to both monuments. New Mexico Wild remains poised to file a lawsuit in defense of our monuments and to block any attempts to reduce protections or open these special places to inappropriate extractive uses such as mining. Read more
Another Wolf Lawsuit Looms
A lawsuit brought by New Mexico Wild resulted in the court throwing out the U.S. Department of Justice's (DOJ) misguided "McKittrick policy," which has been used to allow killing of endangered species including Mexican gray wolves in Southwestern New Mexico. The challenge to the DOJ policy required four years of legal action by our organization and our partner, WildEarth Guardians.
Now DOJ is appealing our win. Just as we were celebrating this victory, we learned that the DOJ has appealed the ruling to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to reinstate the Department's flawed policy, sparking another round of legal action. Under the DOJ policy, killers of animals on the Endangered Species List can only be prosecuted when it can be proven the killer knew
the exact biological identity of the species s/he was harming. The court ruling is especially important to the welfare of the Mexican gray wolf because illegal killing is the highest cause of mortality in this tiny population. 
We're ready for another legal fight. Will you support us?
We are likely facing an extended legal battle that will strain our resources. Will you consider a special donation to New Mexico Wild to help with this effort? When unusual circumstances like these legal proceedings occur, extra donations can make the difference between success and failure. 
Upcoming Events
Gila National Forest Planning Program
October 6, Silver City
The Gila National Forest is currently undergoing a Plan Revision, which is something that hasn't happened in 30 years. As a part of this Plan Revision, the Forest Service is required to look at recommending areas for Wilderness and Wild & Scenic designation. For the past four years, a team of dedicated volunteers has been out on the ground conducting inventories of these lands and waters that we believe qualify for protection. Nathan Newcomer will talk about some of the wildest places left in the Gila, and ways that you can get involved.  View Event Details  
WILDERNESS: Land Untrammeled  
Art Exhibit Opening
October 13
Work by 50 Visual Artists & 20 Poets from New Mexico. Please join us at this special art event from 5-8 pm. This benefit show and 20th anniversary celebration for the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance includes a raffle of exquisite photographs by David Muench, Wayne Suggs, and Irene Owsley. The exhibit is at Page Coleman Gallery in Albuquerque, and will be on display until December 9. The show is produced by Collective Perception: A group of community-minded artists. View Event Details 
George Wuerthner Wilderness Talk
November 6 in Santa Fe 
November 7 in Albuquerque
New Mexico Wild is partnering with Wilderness Watch to host noted Author, Ecologist, and Conservation Activist George Wuerthner. "Geo" is traveling the country to raise awareness about Wilderness and the threats facing it. George is a well-known writer on conservation issues, having published 38 books and innumerable articles, essays, and opinion pieces. He's given hundreds of presentations around the country on Wilderness, wildfire, livestock grazing, wildlife protection, and other public land issues.
Save the Date: NM Wild Albuquerque Holiday Party and Friendraiser
December 1
Please join us for our annual Membership Meeting, Holiday Soiree, and Friendraiser! There will be food, music, a silent auction, and good cheer to share with fellow lovers of wilderness. View Event Details

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