Friday, October 13, 2017

We've launched a NEW campaign to END animal experiments! | Animal Justice Project


Dear Andrea,

Today is the launch of our new campaign, Cures not Cruelty, in which we will be exposing the chilling truth animal experiments taking place in laboratories all over the country by, or on behalf of, British Heart Foundation - the single biggest funder of cardiovascular research in Britain - and Cancer Research UK - the world's largest independent cancer research charity. These charities each have a £600 million income and spend much of this money on cruel and archaic tests. Today we are asking you to make a special donation for our campaign, so we can tell the truth about these multinational corporation charities.
Many medical charities like British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK rely on the goodwill of the people yet use donations on cruel animal research in the mistaken belief that animal experiments will yield data that is relevant to human disease. Animal ‘models’  however are misleading and the consensus today among scientists who work in drug development and disease research is that animals have no predictive value. This is supported by empirical evidence, complexity science and evolutionary biology.
The Cures Not Cruelty campaign aims to raise awareness on the two charity’s extensive and unnecessary use of animals through informative materials and the media. We'll also be putting pressure on both to end funding extreme animal cruelty.

It is an ambitious campaign. And it relies entirely on you.
British Heart Foundation’s ‘Fight for every heartbeat’ ..

Despite British Heart Foundation saying that funding animal research is not a decision they “take lightly”, thousands of rats, ferret, pigs, rabbits, mice .. even dogs, continue to be used in their cruel, heartless experiments each year. Often hidden away in university laboratories around the country, animals are burnt, poisoned, starved, deprived of sunlight and their mother’s love. Many will spend their entire life locked away in barren, ‘sterile’ cages and all will want freedom. Instead, all they can do is sit and wait in fear of the next terrifying and painful procedure. Each undercover investigation inside a laboratory has revealed a catalogue of abuse on an almost unimaginable scale -  tiny rodents being live decapitated, dogs beaten, cats blinded, animals waking up in the middle of surgery … These are just some the horrifying things that happen every day.

Cancer Research UK .. missing a trick?

Cancer is a largely preventable disease. Smoking is the number one cause of it, and eating meat is the second. Should significant changes in lifestyle be made through effective public education, potentially 95 per cent of all cancers could be avoided. In late 2015, the World Health Organisation, announced that red meat should be classified as a carcinogen. You'd think, therefore, that is would make make sense for Cancer Research UK to invest primarily, and as a matter of priority, in public education and public awareness campaigns. Yet the charity's Annual Report last year failed to even mention the link between meat and cancer! The charity spent only 6% of its total income on activities that increase knowledge and awareness of cancer and contribute to its prevention!

Will you support our campaign to end animal use by charities and become a laboratory animal advocate today?

Our team of volunteers are working around the clock but we are operating on a shoestring budget. We urgently need your donations to fund educational materials, press work, outreach events and research. We desperately want to produce Cures not Cruelty materials for every town, and to provide every campaigner with whatever they need to carry out effective outreach.

Donate £3 a month and help us carry out scientific research into what is being done to animals in laboratories

Donate £5 a month and help us distribute thousands of leaflets to the public on high streets

Donate £10 a month and help us begin carrying out undercover investigations in laboratories to obtain evidence of animal suffering and abuse
Please become a laboratory animal advocate today. Countlessanimals are depending on you
Yours sincerely,

Jen Nolan
Midlands Coordinator
Animal Justice Project

PS. Make your donation monthly! We absolutely rely on regular giving so please tick the 'Make this a monthly donation' box and help our life-saving work.

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