Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Latest Petitions - Please S&S

  1. Vote!
    You can find the vote at your right. It’s in blue and grey.
    There is a picture of a bull and a bullfighter on a horse.
    Ban on bullfights in Portugal ? Vote Sim!
  2. Save Andi (Closed on Jul 15, 2012)
  3. Ban animal cruelty in slaughter houses
  4. Change the laws regarding proving and providing ownership of a pet animal (dogs, cats, horses and other small animals)
  5. Give Kenneth Mahoney Maximum Penalty for Dragging his dog to death
    (Closed on Jun 14, 2012)
  6. Close the show with elephants in circuses where they are abused and treated with electroshocks!
  7. Stop Spring Hunting in Malta
  8. Stop Circus Cruelty!
  9. Tell the Obama Administration to save the last best places in the Western Arctic Reserve!
  10. Speak up for puppies in Wales
  11. Congress Sold Out Wolves
  12. Urge cosmetic companies to stop the practice of animal testing once and for all.
  13. Protect America's Arctic!
  14. Strengthen Safeguards for Fracking on Federal Lands
  15. Please protect important wildlife, wilderness and natural landmarks in the Red Desert
  16. I oppose your bill to kill geese and other birds at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge
  17. Advance Protections for River Herring and Shad at Sea
  18. Let's ban the bag in L.A.
  19. NDAA Vote THIS WEEK: End Indefinite Detention!
  20. On May 20th, world leaders will meet at the NATO Summit in Chicago, where the future of hundreds of US nuclear weapons deployed in Europe is on the agenda. Let's tell them it's time to get these weapons out of Europe, sign the petition below!
  21. Tell the members of the committee that HR 4402 is bad for the environment and bad for communities.
  22. Stop Congress from Erasing Protections for Visitors, Turtles, and Birds at Cape Hatteras! (US)
  23. End $113 billion in polluter tax subsidies!
  24. Amid Billboard Controversy, Pfizer Pressured to End Support of Heartland Institute
  25. Stop and Prevent Animal Rape

American Rivers Thriving by Nature

  1. Hoback River at a Glance
  2. Don't Cut Corners on Natural Gas Development Safety
  3. Don’t Kill the Skykomish for Minimal Amount of Power
  4. Don’t Let Dams Destroy One of the Last Free-flowing Rivers in Colorado
  5. Stop Dredge Mining From Destroying the Kaw
  6. Stop the Continued Attacks on the Clean Water Act
  7. Keep Utah’s Water in Utah
  8. Don’t Let the Chattahoochee Run Dry
  9. Protect Our Communities by Improving Flood Protection
  1. Justice For Comet-PLEASE SIGN!!
  2. Rice University: Switch to Cage-Free Eggs on Campus
  3. Free DK: Free DK
  5. How can you call yourself saving animals but stopping people that actually care.
  6. The Federal Government: Make Puppy Mills Illegal
  7. Initiate The Return of Captive Orcas, Dolphins and Sharks To Open Sea Pens
  8. Prime Minister of Japan: Stop Proposed Plans to Hunt Seals in Hokkaido
  9. Stop Abusing Horses at Cheyenne Frontier Days
  10. Dear Mayor George Scripcaru: Stop the plans to resume stray dog culling in Romania
  11. Help save Lolita, slave to entertainment!
  12. FREE Captain Paul Watson
  13. Prime Minister of Canada: Don't Destroy Critical Environmental Protection with Bill C-38
  14. Crayola, Make Your Mark! Set up a marker recycling program
  15. The Governor of LA: stop breed-specific legislation (US)
  16. Kayce Lynn How can you mistreat these poor animals? Aren't YOU ashamed??!! (US)
  17. Retire Military Dogs - Don't Kill Them (US)
  1. Reform Domestic Animal Management Legislation in South Australia
  2. Stop skinning animals alive
  4. Justice for Comet!! PLEASE SIGN!!
    Am closing this petition and delivering it to the target on 8/16, along with my Care2 news article on it and also my change.org petition. Care2 signatures are at 1,433, change.org signatures are at 719. Thank you for your support on this issue. Dianne Lynn Elko.
  5. STOP the slaughter house in JiLin, China - Dog Meat Trade
  6. Help free Tonka
  7. Stop Abuse at Elephant Orphanage
  8. No Tax Dollars for Idaho Ariel Wolf Killing

  9. Help Reunite Soldiers and Their Pets!
  10. Stop torturing animals for your own expediency
  11. Protect the Condor from Lead Ammunition
  13. Stop Polar Bear Trophy Imports to U.S.
  14. Animal Euthanasia
  15. Don't allow France's hunting Authorities kill old man's wild boar
  16. Yes to Animal Welfare in southern Belgium!
  17. Tell Ukraine to Stop Burning Animals Alive

  18. Keep Children and Wildlife Safe From Rat Poisons
  19. Tell the Ontario MNR that you support rehabilitation for orphaned and injured wildlife
  20. Save The Trees, Save The World
Updated on September 27.
October 7 - All petitions on AmericanRivers.org are closed.
You can search them via search tool, but there are no options for
sending a petition.

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