Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Petitions

  1. 6 little calves will be tortured at Tarascon on June 24.. We don’t want this (confirmation needed)
  2. Justice for our animals in Tennessee
    Article about this petition: Tennessee teens charged in brutal torture of a puppy
  3. Bring Back Thomas
  4. Protect California From Fracking Risks
  5. Thank the USFWS for Protecting Grizzly Bears
  6. Please Release SeaWorld's Animals Into Sanctuaries
  7. Urge Mexican Officials to Transfer Lonely Lion to U.S. Sanctuary
  8. Protect the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska
  9. American Jaguars Need Your Help to Survive
  10. Have you heard about McDonald's cruelty?
  11. Please Pass the Animal Welfare Act, 2011, and Other Legislation to Protect Animals
  12. You can help save your feathered friends by taking the pledge never to cage birds.
  13. Protect Water from Logging Pollution
  14. Tell Your U.S. Legislators: Protect Our Water, Ban Fracking Now! (US)
  1. Support Protected Habitat for Critically Endangered Woodland Caribou
  2. Help Protect the Rare Australian Snubfin Dolphin
  3. New California Legislation Poised to Strip Parents of their Vaccination Rights
  1. European Commission must ban animal cloning for food production in the EU
  2. La Baie SPCA: Approve fostering of stray dogs at Wag's Boarding Kennel
  3. Keep the Franklin Animal Shelter OPEN!!
  4. Free Griffin
  5. Hay un placer mayor que matar, dejar vivir - Liberación Animal
  6. Save Our Marine Life (US)
  7. More Respect for Animals and Their Rights (US)
  8. Australian Government: Boycott China for Animal Cruelty.
  9. Stop the SLAUGHTER of Wild Horses in Alberta!
  10. Sick Acts of Animal Cruelty in South Africa - Calling on the Government to Stand Up and Implement CHANGE
  1. Stop Development of Mumbai's Last Natural Frontier
  2. Please stop the suffering of horses in Iligan City, Philippines for trade use as passenger carriages
  3. Whole Food does not care about animals or its' customers!
  4. European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy - PLEASE SUPPORT ANIMAL ABUSE REGISTRY LAW
  5. Urge New Mexico State fairgrounds to stop Ringling Brothers Circus performance
  6. Save the Asian Unicorn From Extinction!
  7. Defend Our Most Powerful Wildlife Law
  8.   Keep Caves Closed to Save Our Bats
  9. Thank the USFWS for Protecting Grizzly Bears
  10. Scotland - Take the Lead in Saving Antarctica
  11. Preventing Approval of Genetically Engineered Fish Petition
  12. Tell China to stopping importing protected lizards
  14. Tortoise Importation Ban (Pet Trade) - End Their Misery
  15. Inadequate Zoological Park, Parque de las Ciencias, Bayamon, Puerto Rico
  16. Restore Orangutan Habitat! OFI
Updated on October 1.

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