Saturday, May 5, 2012

Petitions, Some More....
  1. Please Stop the Cruel "Snapperfest" From Happening Again!
  2. Investigate Horse Deaths from HBO's "Luck"!
  3. Make San Antonio a No Kill City to prevent the euthanization of our shelter animals
  4. Tell Australian Environment Minister To Save Koalas (CLOSED)
  5. Support the Great Ape Protection and Cost Savings Act
  6. Toronto: Listen to Bob Barker - Send Aging Elephants to PAWS!
  7. Stop using gas chambers & euthanizing animals - Daniel's Law
  8. End Bear Hunting in Great Bear Rainforest
  9. Ban Lion Trophy Imports
  10. Mauritius Dogs: A Voice For Those Who Can Not Speak
  11. Australia - Register Fishing Nets to Save Whales
  1. Support Sustainable Wood Manufacturing
  2. Stop the U.S. Government from Slaughtering Wild Animals
  3. Second State Bans Undercover Investigations on Factory Farms
  4. Protect Elephants from the Practice of ‘Breaking their Spirit’
  5. Saving the Planet’s Most Unique Bird: The Kakapo Parrot
  6. Stop Mining Projects in Ecuador that Threaten the Environment
  7. Support South Korea’s Adoption of Climate Change Legislation
  8. Help Unchain Massachusetts Dogs
  9. Stop The Cruel and Outdated Use of Hunting Dogs
  1. Ban Fur Trade And The Use Of Dog Meat In China Once And For All!!!!!!: Stop illegal fur trade and create stronger penalties for doing so. (CLOSED)
  2. Ontario Provincial Prosecutor and Presiding Justice: Deliver the maximum penalty to Cheryl Rockstuhl for animal abuse charges
  3. Tell Malaysian P.M. To Close Down Perlis Primate Park Now
  4. Help Stop Abuse At Perlis Bird Park Malaysia
  5. San Diego Chefs: Stop spreading lies to benefit the foie gras industry (CLOSED)
  6. Stop Light Pollution Near Sea Turtle Nesting Sites (CLOSED)
  7. No Way Will I Tolerate Seal Clubbing in Norway!
  8. Paramount Pictures: Stop production of the Ringling Brothers movie (CLOSED)
  9. Stop the use of Leg-Hold, Snare and Conibear traps in Alberta (CLOSED)
  10. Maryland Government: Make dogs riding in the backs of pickup trucks against the law.
  11. Keep Exeter shelter No Kill!: Make it so they keep Exeter animals shelter a no kill shelter! (CLOSED)
  12. Maryland's Ruling That Pit Bulls Are Inherently Dangerous (CLOSED)
  13. City of Troy, Missouri: CHANGE Breed Specific Legislation in Troy, Missouri
  14. Petsupermarket: Stop Selling Rabbits (CLOSED)
  15. Protect the Hippocratic Oath, Even for Pets. (CLOSED)
  16. U.S. State Department: Decline any permits for the Keystone XL pipeline (CLOSED)
  17. Secure spent nuclear fuel rods in dry passive storage
  19. Leeds And Bradford Airport: Stop culling Canada Geese at Our Beauty Spots
  20. Bulgaria, please do the right thing - don't kill the strays of Sofia!
  21. Stop Snapperfest: Turtle Snapping (CLOSED)
  1. Please Support the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act of 2011
  2. Justice for Goliath, dog tortured on a horrible way in Portugal!
  3. We request that the dog pound is transferred to Mijas metepatas to open a refuge
  4. Stop the Trophy Hunt - Faltering Light
  5. Please End the Use of Live Animals in the Biannual Hands On Ultrasound Guided Regional Anesthesia Workshop
  6. Please Take Action to End Egregious Abuse of Cows
  7. Save Marley from euthanasia (confirmation needed) (CLOSED)
  8. Loud seismic testing will hurt dolphins and whales
  9. Attn Lord Taylor: Deadline for a ban on wild animals in circuses
    No clear deadline has yet been set for a ban on wild animals in circuses, so the fight must continue.
  10. Dole: Don't use Tar Sands fuel to ship your bananas
  11. Bank of America: Stop funding dirty coal, which is polluting our communities and wrecking our climate, and shift those resources into funding for renewable energy instead.
  12. No tax money for nuclear power!
  13. Dear EPA: If atrazine causes cancer, we need to know.
  14. Defend the Hayden Law and Protect California’s animals
    (Californian residents only)
    CLOSED: We’re excited to report that the governor of California, Jerry Brown, has approved a budget that does not repeal the Hayden Law! This landmark law has provided basic, crucial protections to cat and other animals in California shelters—such as necessary veterinary care and an extended holding period—for 14 years.

    Earlier this year, Brown proposed repealing the Hayden Law as a cost-cutting measure, and we’ve been lobbying hard for months to protect it. Under the new budget bill, provisions of the Hayden Law that require state reimbursement will continue to be suspended, as they have been since 2009. But the bottom line is that this important law will remain on the books protecting animals’ lives!

    You can read the original issue on the link above.
Updated on September 15.

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