Thursday, May 24, 2012

Petitions... Please Sign&Share

  1. Vote - Do you believe wolves in the Northern Rockies require federal protection?
  2. Protect Pigs: Implement the Ban on Sow Stalls in the EU
  3. Millions of pigs in Europe are confined to 'sow stalls' during pregnancy.
  4. Time for a ban on the commercial trade in polar bear parts
  5. Stop Canned Hunting in South Africa.
  6. Ask President Obama to Help Save the Pets of Our Service Men and Women
  7. Ask Congress to Help Save the Pets of Our Service Men and Women
  8. Poultry Inspection Rule Puts Corporate Profits Before Public Health
  9. Justice for our animals in Tennessee
    For little St Bernard Puppy was beaten and snout tied kicked beaten and then stabbed to death.
  10. Please support animal abuse registry law in Slovenia!
  11. Draft Plan Comments for National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska Integrated Activity Plan (Area-wide Plan)
  12. KFC is turning rainforest to trash
  13. Why is Shell still in the Sacred Headwaters?
  14. Reduction of the importation of soja (confirmation needed)
  15. Against the arrival of Rui Fernandes during the festivities in Ales, France (confirmation needed)
  16. For a blood bank for pets in France (confirmation needed)
  17. Against the closure of the shelter Toreilles in France (confirmation needed)
  18. Against the hunt on seals in Namibia (confirmation needed)
  19. Against the capture and perhaps euthanasia of cats in the streets in Beyne-Heusay (confirmation needed)
  20. Make a Difference for Millions of Egg-laying Hens (US)
  21. End Government Handouts to the Fossil Fuel Industry! (US)
  22. Urge the Ohio House of Representatives to Vote Down the State’s New Drilling Rules
  23. Stop Los Angeles Landfill Expansion
  24. Reduce Carbon Emissions by Requiring Power Plants Use Low Carbon Energy Sources to Generate Electricity
  1. Do not change petition tallies without providing evidence of errors
  2. Telemadrid, Castilla La Mancha TV y Cometa TV: CESE INMEDIATO DEL PROGRAMA "Quiero ser torero!"
  3. Require J.R. Simplot Co. to Clean Up Its Smoky Canyon Mine Superfund Site
  4. Beyond Nuclear-Uranium Network: Stop the Mkuju River Uranium Project at Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania
  5. Tell KFC to stop using rainforest destruction before it's too late!
  6. Justice For Hank
  7. Honeymoon Lake Board and Community Members: STOP the killing of Honeymoon Lake's Migratory Geese and Goslings!
  8. Put an End to Wildlife Services' Indiscriminate Killings
  9. Please support animal abuse registry law in Slovenia!
  10. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper: Stop the Harp Seal Slaughter
  11. Horses going through painful "soring" process
  12. Calif. Governor Jerry Brown: Stop the CA. Fish & Game Dept. from killing mountain lions 
  13. United States Senate: Block Passage of the Sportsmen's Heritage Act of 2012
  14. Tell Corporations to Stop Funding Climate Change Denial
  15. facebook friends coalition: Support Our Court Order, Hearing and Motion to Shut Down HAARP!
  1. FREE TiLiKuM
  2. Stop the Nambia Fur Seal Slaughter
  3. Stop Glyns Collections Selling Fur!
  4. Stop elephant training
  5. Vote NO to Sea Otter Fur Trade
    RESULTS - Thank you for your support with my petition in hopes of stopping the lethal force against our wildlife animals. This petition was specifically geared towards the unnecessary deadly force used by city and state officials in the recent event of the mountain lion who was shot down in Santa Monica, CA on May 22, 2012. The safety of the the general public is always of main concern, but the tactics used were irresponsible and prematurely aggressive. Your signature made a difference and this petition was sent to several local and state officials, from Santa Monica and surrounding cities all the way up to Sacramento. Success was accomplished in Santa Monica where a new wildlife response plan is now being structured and introduced. Please see the link below to be directed to that news article. We hope to see that this plan will be adopted by other cities where our wildlife animals deserve a fair chance. Thank you so much for your support! Cristina Cooper
  9. STOP BC GOV - $75,000 Fine/Two Years Inside for 'Talking' About Animals with Reportable Diseases
  10. Save the red knot!
  11. Let us save wolves with butterfly credits
  12. Defra - Don't Spend Taxpayer's Money on Harassing Buzzards
    RESULTS - Success! DEFRA has agreed to stop its plan to harass buzzards. Thanks for taking action! You were part of a great success story.
  13. Message to protest for the silence of the European Environmental Agency and the two main sports/foot
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