Monday, May 7, 2012

50 + French Petitions
  1. US Military: Stop Shooting, Cutting Open, and Breaking the Limbs of Living Animals (US)
  2. Justice for Sonny, PA Cat Shot with Pellet Gun and Nearly Drowned
  3. Justice for Big Boy
  4. Mayor of Miami: Change the horrible conditions at the Miami-Dade Animal Services Shelter
  5. Save Roxie from any more abuse and neglect!! (CLOSED)
  6. Exeter town council: WE CAN NOT let Exeter animal shelter be a kill shelter! (CLOSED)
  7. Animal Abuse (CLOSED)
  8. Punish the man who burned a dog alive & strengthen S. Korea's Animal Protection Laws
  10. Spain’s King Juan Carlos: resign as Honorary President WWF (World Wildlife Fund) (CLOSED)
  11. JUDGE FULLERTON: If found guilty: Max Penalties for Kenneth Plouffe for killing 10lb dog (CLOSED - VICTORY)
  12. Stop using Animals as Entertainers Close Zoos, Circuses, Marine Parks, Rodeos
  13. Stop vilifying stray dogs in Mauritius and promote Animal Welfare Laws.
  14. End HLS Animal Testing Cruelty (CLOSED)
  15. Equine Slaughter Houses: Stop the slaughter of horses in the US
  16. Maximum Sentence for Darrell Montese Overton, Nicole Phillips if Found Guilty of Cruelty to Animals, Abandonment to Animals.
  17. Fort Worth Animal Control to adopt No Kill policies at city shelter
  18. Stop Commercial Whaling in Iceland!
  19. Teach Animal Rights In All Schools Around The World Beginning At Nursery Level (US)
  20. Save the Brown Bear in Norway (CLOSED)
  21. Outaouais S.P.C.A.: Shut down the Animalerie St-Andre at the Encan Larose Flea Market
  22. Stop killing African elephants for illegal ivory trade!
  23. Campaign to Ban Mule-Drawn Carriages in New Orleans (US) (CLOSED)
  24. Continental/United - The UNFRIENDLY skies for Pet Owners
  25. The Governor of MO: Stop SB738 allowing for the killing of Mountain Lions for any reason. (US) (CLOSED)
  26. Cop Killed my Dog, I WANT JUSTICE (US) (CLOSED)
  28. War's forgotten: Tripoli Zoo animals suffer, lacking food, water - Naresh Kadyan
  29. California Fish and Game Commission: Remove Commission President Dan Richards (CLOSED)
  30. Stop Animal Testing (CLOSED)
  31. Faroese government.: Stop the pilot-whale killing in Faroe Islands
  32. Eliminate Aerial Shooting of Wildlife (US)
  33. Animals must not be tortured and killed for American consumerism (US)
  35. Peacock is shocked in India : ban its feathers trade -Naresh Kadyan
  36. United Kindom and European Parliament: State on packaging that products ARE or ARE NOT tested on animals.
  37. Help Save the Lynx (US) (CLOSED)
  38. Demand that President Obama continue to support the ban on global whaling (US)
  39. The President of the United States: Pass the following guidelines into law.
  40. Stop the extermination of Norwegian predators! (CLOSED)
  41. Overturn Los Angeles Dangerous Dogs Amendment to Title 10
  42. Support Senator Mac Harb - Help End Canada’s Commercial Seal Hunt Permanently
  43. Prosecute Slaughter House Animal Abuse
  44. Gucci, Versace, Prada, Hatem Yavuz: Stop selling Seal Fur
  45. The Governor of NY: Stop the Sale, Posession and Trade of Shark Fin in New York State (US) (CLOSED)
  46. Alexander's Steakhouse: Eliminate Cruel Foie Gras (CLOSED)
  47. Stop animal sacrifice Gadhimai Festival Nepal mass animal sacrifice
  48. Be a Hero for Hens - Abhishek Kadyan, Media Adviser to OIPA in India
  49. Ban Elephants abuse in circus like Indian Zoo's - Naresh Kadyan
  50. Costco: Stop using Diamond as a supplier for your Pet Foods. (CLOSED)
French Petitions... require confirmation:
  1. Soutenons la SPA de Poitiers
  2. Non à l’exportation des ânes brésiliens vers la Chine
  3. Pour une application sévère des lois de protection animale
  4. Dîtes NON à l’hippophagie
  5. Animaux détenus sur les balcons prisons
  6. Non au Toro de Fuego
  7. Pour l’interdiction de la corrida aux mineurs de moins de 16 ans
  8. Le Bon Coin: en finir avec les annonces d’animaux
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