Monday, September 3, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 09/03

  2. Stop use of animals in Palios and folk festivals
  3. Hold the Logging Industry accountable to the Clean Water Act
  4. Scott River Salmon need your Help!
  5. Support Swedish Forest Blockade Targeting Limestone Mine in Important Old-Growth, Water-Rich Ecosystem
  6. Deny Shell's Extension in the Arctic
  7. Boycott PETA for encouraging unethical treatment of pit bulls
  8. Save ALL the Kangaroos
    (confirmation needed)
  10. No vivisection of macaques in the center of Harlan (confirmation needed)
  11. No drilling in the Mediterranean (confirmation needed)
  12. Good Food Starts with a Fair Farm Bill
    Our current food system is broken, and it didn’t happen by accident. It’s time for a new farm bill that creates a healthy food system. Please support these actions in the next farm bill.
  13. Urge Tyson Foods to Ensure Better Treatment for Pigs
  14. Keep environmental protections in our mining laws!
  15. Rising oceans, retreating president
  16. Great White Sharks are in Danger (US)
  17. Please Sign S.B. 1221 to Ban Inhumane Hounding of Wildlife (California)
  1. Stop The Dog Meat Smuggling Trade!
  2. Save Shelter Animals of Campbell CO from Euthanasia
  3. Boycott 2014 Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea - It's time to end the appalling Dog Meat Trade! 잔인한 악습, 개식용은 이젠그만!
  4. Tell the US Navy and Shell Oil to Stop Testing Harmful Acoustic Devices Near Whales and Dolphins!
  5. French Supermarkets CORA & Auchan: Stop selling Shark meat immediately!
  6. Justice for Bubba And Bear!
  7. Please don't kill these cats in this controlled feral cat colony!
  8. Save the Endangered Wolves
  9. City of Bellevue, WA: Develop an off-leash dog park in the Downtown Bellevue neighborhood
  10. Be the first to say "Yes" El Dorado Dog Park
  11. Peoria Civic Center: Cancel the Performances of the Ringling Bros. Circus in Peoria, IL!
  12. Enforce State Statute that the Sebastian County Humane Society follow HSUS Guidelines
  13. Close down the Botosani Public Shelter for dogs; start a neuter campaign
  14. Arm & Hammer: To stop testing on animals
  15. Klamath Falls, OR: Put up better watch for deer on the roads
  16. Nabisco, save the orangutans, stop using palm oil in Oreo cookies
  17. Tell Sonic to Stop Using Styrofoam Cups
  18. ITV: Please stop using performing primates in your programmes
  19. Help the reservation of donkeys in Most Rasa/Croatia
  20. Scientific Researchers: Stop animal testing.
  21. Animal testing: Get the mask off
  22. Al Presidente de RTVE, sr. Leopoldo González-Echenique: Que Televisión Española no retransmita las corridas de toros.
  24. Office Of the President and the Department of Education: Bring the Reyes Brothers of DepEd Philippines to Jail for Animal Abuse!
  25. The Government of the United States: Give a sentence of five years for animal abusers
  26. Governor Cuomo, Mayor Bloomberg, Council Speaker Christine Quinn: International Plea to Urgently Reform New York City Animal Care & Control
  1. After 42 Years of Imprisonment, Release Miami’s Orca
  2. End Painful and Useless Horse Branding
  3. Punish Woman Who Hoarded and Neglected Animals for 28 Years
  4. Stop Elephant Riding in Florida
  5. Seek Maximum Punishment for Couple That Tortured Animals For Sexual Fetish Videos
  6. Urge Seattle Zoo to Release Fatigued, Elderly Elephants to a Sanctuary
  7. A Los Angeles Middle School Gets Styrofoam Lunch Trays Banned from the District
  8. Preserve Alaskan Wildlife by Supporting Responsible Arctic Land Management
  9. Support Small Farms and Aspiring Farmers by Regulating Farm Internships
  10. Protect Louisiana Citizens from Radioactive Sinkhole
  1. Help 32,000 Baby Cows Stranded in Egypt!
  2. Save Endangered Condors: Ban Lead Ammunition!
  3. Stop Attacking Stray Dogs in Navi Mumbai!
  4. 13000 Racehorses Face Mass Slaughter as Ontario Racing Goes Bust
  5. Stop The Dog Meat Smuggling Trade!
  6. Cows seen in video of slaughterhouse were not being killed for food
  8. Ban shark fin trade
  9. Stop New Jersey Black Bear Hunt
  10. Kim Edmonds - dog slasher
  11. Demand Mars Inc. To Stop Animal Testing
  12. Hold BP Responsible for Mass Dolphin Deaths
  13. Help Save the Oceans!
  14. Help stop the killings of 20,000 dolphins and porpoises in Taiji, Japan each year!!!
  15. Stop the donkey slaughter in Croatia
  16. Tell Navy- Stop Assault Whales with Sonar and Explosives
  17. ACT NOW To Protect Whales and Dolphins In Scotland...
  18. Get BSL Out of Boston
  19. Stop the Slaughter of 90,000 Seals in Namibia!
  20. POSTCARD Writing Campaign: Tell GA to stop the Import of 18 WILD CAUGHT BELUGA WHALES
  21. Stop Capturing Cheetahs for Cuban Zoo
  22. Animal slaughter in China
  23. Let The Truth Be Told Behind The Shooting Of Scar

  24. Support Access to Affordable Clean Energy for Everyone!
  25. Save the Blue-throated Macaw
  26. Support Local Organic Farming!
  27. Farmton Mitigation Bank: Don't Let the Biggest Bank Get Robbed!
  28. Do Your Part to Preserve the Earth: Reduce Your Home Gas/Electricity Consumption
  29. Do Your Part to Preserve Life on Earth: Conserve Water
  30. Overfishing is Bad!
  31. Investigate the Impact of Seabed Mining Before It's Too Late
News - Forest dam threatens Thailand's tigers


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