Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 09/05

  1. Stop the dog and cat consumption in S. Korea (set of petitions)
  2. Ask French President François HOLLANDE to grant Paul Watson political asylum in France!
  3. Stop Mistreatment of bears at Los Angeles County Fair
  4. For a creation of blood banks for pets (confirmation needed)
  5. Protect the Gulf from Hurricane Devastation!
  6. Thank the Obama administration for protecting Arctic wild lands!
  7. Please Create the Montana Statewide Bison Conservation Strategy (US)
  8. I Pledge to Vote Wildlife-Friendly
  9. Stop the Super Trawler
  10. Babies Need Their Moms: Stop the Illegal Elephant Trade
  1. Please Stop the Killing of Homeless Cats and Dogs in Ukraine
  2. Don't Let the 'Gracia Del Mar' Tragedy Happen Again
  3. Taj and Oberoi Hotels: Please Ditch Foie Gras
  4. 'Spare the Bears'
  5. Please Help Free Mali the Elephant
  6. Please End Cat Research at Cardiff University
  7. Don't Reduce Protection for Animals in UK Labs
  8. Please Ban Wild Animals in Circuses NOW
  1. Flying foxes under threat in QLD
  2. Government of British Columbia: Deny BSL from being enacted in B.C.
  3. Kevin's Law
  4. Fair Housing for Pets
  5. Disney: Get toxic chemicals out of Princess and Spiderman lunch boxes
  6. Apple - Pressure China To Stop The Elephant Slaughter
  7. Waco City Council: Build a new animal shelter, Hire more employees
  8. Oklahoma State Legislature: Pass and Enforce stricter animal cruelty laws
  9. Make your voice heard: support Australia in creating the world’s largest network of marine parks.
  10. President Obama it is wrong to let Shell Oil drill in the Arctic!: Do NOT let Shell Oil drill in the Arctic.
  11. Public: Make Earth Day a Federal Holiday
  12. Whole Foods: Close all its meat counters
  13. ANIMAL ABUSE: Stop hurting defenseless animals!
  14. Help MMAR help the county
  15. Aveda: Look good, be good: don't buy cruelty-charged cosmetics
  16. Dragon*Con: end your relationship with the Georgia Aquarium!
  17. The BLM: Stop the SLAUGHTER of horses
  1. Save Staffordshire Terrier From Being Put Down
  2. Demand Harvard Medical School Stop Experiments on Monkeys
  3. Fire Incompetent and Corrupt Company from Hanford Nuclear Cleanup Project
  4. Prioritize Development of Wind-Powered Cargo Ships
  1. Stop Slaughtering Giraffes
  2. End Torture of Chimpanzees in Laboratories
  3. Save 22,000 Export Sheep Stuck in Persian Gulf!
  4. No Flea Collars with Toxic Pesticides
  5. Tell University to Stop Displaying Lion
  6. Liberia - Close Logging Loophole
  7. Don't Chop Down 400 Mature Trees for Space Shuttle Delivery!

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