Thursday, September 6, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 09/06

  1. Shame on NBC for Exploiting Wild Animals
  2. Save the Arctic (confirmation needed)
  3. Stop the bad treatment of stray dogs in the streets of Bordeaux, France (confirmation needed)
  4. Against fur (confirmation needed)
  5. Please Ban Cruel Animal Testing of Cosmetics and Household Products
  6. King Richard's Faire - 27 years of caged tigers is enough!
    I am very concerned about the exploitation of the tigers and other big cats in your "Tale of the Tiger Big Cat Show" at the King Richard's Faire for the next 8 weeks.
    It would be really great if you would copy and paste your letter to these facebook pages. We have found that fairs often don’t care about what animal lovers think, but they do care about what their sponsors think.

    Facebook Page for the Faire:

    Facebook Pages for Faire Sponsors:

  7. Help Save the World’s Smallest Marine Dolphin
  8. Tell EPA: Honey Bees Can't Wait – Ban Clothianidin NOW
  9. Stop Monsanto's Dicamba Tolerant Soybeans!
  10. Thank MLB Commissioner Bud Selig for his environmental leadership
  11. Tell your MP live exports must end (Australian residents only)
  12. Caging of animals as pets should be made illegal
  13. Fast Eddie needs a forever Mommy
  14. Ask Your U.S. Senators to Become Co-Sponsors of S. 3418, the BEST Practices Act (US)
  15. Ask Your Senators and Congressperson to End Chimpanzee Experiments (US)
  1. Apple - Pressure China To Stop The Elephant Slaughter
  2. US government, European Union, Worldwide governments: BAN PALM OIL
  3. Protect Animals - Ban the Use of Exotic Animals in Entertainment
  4. South Korean Government, Anyang District Court: Drop all charges against animal rights activist So-Youn Park.
  5. Navi Mumbai CP A.K.Sharma, IPS and Municipal Commissioner Bhasker Wankhede: To arrest and charge the perpetrators of the recent animal cruelty cases
  6. The President of the United States: to take a second look and to pass Kevin's law
  7. Classic Carriage Works, LLC: End all horse-drawn carriage rides in downtown Charleston.
  8. Restore Our Trust! Take Dangerous Dog Treats Off The Shelves.
  9. Animal Testing
  10. Ed Sayres, Jane Hoffman, Gregory Castle & Julie Bank: STOP THE KILLING IN NEW YORK SHELTERS
  11. City of Dallas: Reasonable response times for stray/injured animals
  12. SEPHORA: The Earth is Beautiful too, create a cosmetic packaging recycling program
  13. Save our trees in Sturgis!
  14. No more slaughter houses. No more abuse. No more cryings or torture: I want them to stop abusing and torturing animals.
  15. That slaughter houses stop the abuse!: I want them to start treating animals like they need to be treated.
  16. Stop Canine Killings & Abuse All Over The World: Enforce New Strong Laws & Punish The Ones Very Hard, To Not Do It Again!!!
  17. Save Lawson Place Gardens, Yellow Springs, OH
  18. US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management: No Cables through the Humpback Whale Sanctuary
  19. Vanderbilt University Football Team: Stop your brutal clubbing of baby seals
  20. Keep Meatball the Bear aka Glen Bearian in Southern California
  21. National Registry for Convicted Animal Abusers
  23. Buddy's Law
  24. Pétition du CRAC Europe : nous demandons à France 3 de cesser de faire l'apologie de la corrida
  25. Al Presidente de la Junta de Castilla y León Juan Vicente Herrera Campo: Que prohiba la celebración del llamado Toro de la Vega
  26. Alcalde de Fornalutx (Mallorca): Sr Alcalde, quiero ser ensogado en lugar del toro.
  28. Protections for Wyoming Wolves: Stop killing wolves and reinstate their protections.
  29. Отменить ограничения по кол-ву содержащихся в квартирах и домах животных
    Remove restrictions on the count contained in apartments and houses animals
  30. Chiediamo alla R:A.I. di non sostenere Telethon e la Vivisezione
  31. President of Romania: Acknowledge and stop the abuse and suffering.
  32. Au Ministre de l’Agriculture et Procureurs et Adjoints de la République: L'interdiction de détenir un animal de compagnie sur un balcon-prison
  33. Illinoisans have a right to know: Label genetically engineered foods!
  34. Coloradans have a right to know: Label genetically engineered foods!
  35. Pennsylvanians have a right to know: Label genetically engineered foods!
  1. Punish Farmer who Starved 1300 Piglets
  2. Stop Using Pigs in Chemical-Casualty Trainings
  3. After 42 Years of Imprisonment, Release Miami’s Orca
  4. Protest Yearly Dolphin Killings in Japan
  5. Prevent Development for Oil Extraction in the Western U.S.
  6. Stop the U.S. Postal Service from Using Inhumane Glue Traps
  7. Hold Big Oil Companies Accountable for Cleaning Up Contamination
  8. Commend General Mills on Agricultural Sustainability Efforts
  9. Block Expansive Urban Development That Will Destroy Florida Wetlands
  10. Stop New York City’s Rat Infestation from Growing Worse

  1. Wyoming: Don't Wipe Out Your Wolves Again
  2. Urge Cardiff to Stop Blinding Animals in Experiments
  3. Save ancient trees in Wales from the axe!
  4. Dom dla Majka (daily click on the link given in petition)
  5. Help a German Boxer stranded in Montenegro
  7. Caging of animals as pets should be made illegal
  8. Retire Tiger as Football Mascot
  9. Stop Using Tigers at Football Practice
  10. Fast Eddie needs a forever Mommy
  11. Help Rehabilitate Factory Farm Victim!
  12. Mount Prau, Central Java For National Park
  13. Leaf Blower Pollution

  14. Tell Romney: Stop Ignoring Clean Energy Solutions In Favor Of Dirty Fuel
  15. Frack Free UK

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