Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 09/26

  1. Collection of signatures for the purpose to stop the 'Toro Jubilo'
  2. Fighting Animal Testing - petition is under Story So Far
  3. Act Today: Stop BLM's 5-Year Plan to Remove Wild Horses From Northeastern Nevada; Time for Agency to Humanely Manage Mustang Herds on the Range
  4. Protect New Mexico's Few Remaining Mustangs; Oppose Roundup of Jicarilla and Carracas Mesa Mustangs!
  5. Don't let Air France and Patton Boggs be associated with cruelty
  6. Urge the USDA to implement rules that specifically address the unique and complex needs of captive bears.
  7. Join Oregon's Governor In Support Of New Salmon Solutions (US)
  8. Small Farmers in Brazil Need Your Help
  9. Limit Public Exposure to Arsenic in Rice and Rice Products
  1. United States Representatives: ELIMINATE ALL PUPPY MILLS
  2. Président de la République française: POUR UN REFERENDUM NATIONAL EN FRANCE SUR LA CORRIDA
  3. Boycott 20th World Congress of Soil Science in Jeju, S. Korea - Say "No" to the Horrific Cruelty to Millions of Innocent Animals!
  4. The Meadows Kennel Petition
  5. Save just one life!
  6. Save Alabama's Clinics
  7. New Britain, CT Animal Control: Drop Charges on Rescuer for 6th Degree Larceny & Interfering w/an Officer
  8. The City of Moraga: Create a free, easy, and accessible system of composting
  1. Protect Lynx in New Mexico
  2. Cancel Rabbit Killing Workshop
  3. Thank Jackie Chan for his continued work to stop animal cruelty
  4. Prevent Research Facilities From Acquiring Pet Animals For Experimental Purposes
  5. Tell the USDA: Candy is NOT Cow Food!
  6. Demand Turkish Government to Stop the Death Law

  7. Canada: End the Capture of Wild Animals for Public Display

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