Friday, September 14, 2012

Petitons - Please Sign & Share 09/14

  1. 3 Days to Stop the Corporate Death Star
  2. Breaking news: The end of UK live exports?
  3. Thank Secretary Clinton for combating wildlife trafficking
  4. Join an Oregon Wild Wolf Pack
  5. Water for National Wildlife Refuges
  6. Protect the Gray Wolf in California
  7. USA: Support and Protect Retired Military Dogs! (US)
  8. Help Protect Manatee Habitat!
  9. Keep the Sacred Headwaters Sacred
  10. Protect Canada’s Species at Risk!
  11. Open the Presidential Debates
  12. Against the closure of animal shelters in Corsica (confirmation needed)
  13. University Wisconsin Madison - stop torturing cats
  14. Meat Is Murder!
  15. Stop Mistreatment of bears at Los Angeles County Fair
  16. How can we make Europe free of nuclear power? (EU citizens)
  17. Put Climate Change on the Agenda in the First Presidential Debate
  18. Keep Up The Fight To Stop Mountaintop Removal Mining
  19. Clean air should be a fundamental right!
  20. Call On Government to Take Immediate Action to Ban Wild Animals in Circuses
  1. End Taiji Slaughter of Dolphins
  2. Cambodian government: BAN THE SALE OF DOG MEAT!
  3. Washington Governor Christine Gregoire: Save the Wedge pack!
  4. Bureau of Land Management: Stop wild horse round ups.
  5. Please help to stop this savagery now
  6. University of Wisconsin: Stop Experimenting On Cats
  7. Broome City Council: Say NO to TAIJI
  8. JUSTICIA por los animales ENVENENADOS en SAN PEDRO (Buenos Aires - Argentina)
  9. Dalton McGuinty: Drop the Ontario Pit Bull Ban
  10. Save the biodivesity and animal rights!: Convenzione biodiversità e tutela diritti animali
  11. Salve a los Gatos del Parque Kennedy de Miraflores - Peru
  12. Support the move of the Niagara Falls Primate Sanctuary to Wilson, NY!: Sign this petition and encourage a better life for these primates!
  13. Take a stand for the rabbits
  14. World Methodist Council: Putting a ban on duck feeding.
  15. Free Carter
  16. President of Indonesia: Stop the poaching within national forests of the Sumatran Rhinoceros.
  17. Boycott International Green Energy Expo & Conference Korea 2013 in Daegu, S. Korea - End the Shameful and Barbaric Torture of Innocent Animals!
  1. End Illegal Internet Wildlife Trafficking
  2. End Production of Genetically Modified Glow-in-the-Dark Fish
  3. Stop UK Government from Constructing a Third Runway at Heathrow Airport
  1. Stop Bear Farming in Asia
  2. Tell New York to Stop Importing Shark Fins
  3. Kill the Cull, Not the Badgers
  4. Remove ban of "Lost Dog" flyers in Beverly Hills
  5. Tell the Seaboard Corporation to stop housing pigs in cruel gestation crates (Imre Miklos)
  6. Tell the USDA to Crack Down on Livestock Auction Cruelty (Imre Miklos)
  7. Ask Cyprus to End Songbird Slaughter
  8. Free click saves rainforest!
  9. Help Save the Albatross
  10. Stop Mistreatment of bears at Los Angeles County Fair (Imre Miklos)
  11. Save Orangutans from Extinction
  12. Call On Government to Take Immediate Action to Ban Wild Animals in Circuses (Imre Miklos)
  13. Time is running out for Zak and Mika! Help us stop these 2 beautiful, healthy baby seals from being euthanized simply because tourist season is over! => Please help stop September 15 deadline for death of Harp Seals at Aquarium des Iles, Quebec, Canada
    Save Zac&Mika - YouTube Video

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  1. Thank you for posting about our petition on for the sumatran rhinoceros!