Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 09/12

Not the ones speaking the same language,
but the ones sharing the same feeling
.....understand each other.
  1. Ask Anaheim City Council to End Cruel Exotic Animal Acts
  2. Ban the usage of free plastic bags
  3. Wij willen Groene Energie/on veut de l'Energy Vert
  4. Against fur
  5. Animal experiments in the army cost hundreds of animal life. Stop this. (confirmation needed)
  6. Galeria Kaufhof sells meat of rabbits suffering in too small cages.
  7. Uncover concealed costs of intensive farming (confirmation needed)
  8. Against dynamite fishing in Lebanon and for an implementation of surveillance patrol.
  9. Immediately prohibit the use of all pesticides neonicotinoids in agriculture (this is a petition for the bees)
  10. A Unique Opportunity to Protect the Wild & Scenic Illinois River from the 1872 Mining Law
  11. Proposition 37 Petition
    The California Secretary of State has made public the financial contributions for supporters and opponents of Proposition 37, the initiative on the November 6 ballot in California that would mandate labeling of genetically engineered ingredients in foods. (US)
  12. Help Advance California's Environmental Protection (California)
  13. Say no to another phosphate mine: Do not permit the Husky Mine!! (US)
  14. Tell the EPA to protect wildlife and our environment - It's time for Bold Action on carbon pollution.
    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is now considering bold new standards limiting industrial carbon pollution from power plants. These new clean air standards would place new rules on carbon pollution and improve air quality for all living creatures. This would be a critical victory for wildlife in the fight against melting ice caps, climate change and environmental destruction.
  15. Tell your Representative: Oppose "No More Solyndras" Act (US)
  1. eBay: Stop selling Shark Cartilage & other Shark related products!
  2. The President of Russian Federation: Mr. Putin do not torture animals, please!
  3. Bulgaria: Start sterilization campaigns in Sofia and all Bulgarian municipalities immediately!
  4. Please help stop NORWAY killing orangutans
  5. RWE: No Oil Drilling in German Wadden Sea
  6. Breed Specific Legislation: Repeal the Dangerous Dog laws across America
  7. Designated off leash dog beach
  8. The Grand National: Help make the Grand National safer!
  9. City of Auburn: Let 90 year old WWII POW Veteran keep his bees
  10. facebook: take down "i hate pit bulls"....
  11. The US government: End oil drilling in Alaska by Shell
  12. Cancel plans to build a Dolphin Zoo in Taiji.
  13. No a los animales como entretenimiento
  14. Ministry of Tourism: Rehabilitate and release the loneliest whale in Argentina, Kshamenk!
  15. Federal Government: Keep the wolves protected in Wyoming!
  16. Bring Chili back to GWISD!
  17. Michael Duke, CEO, Walmart Stores: Stop the inhumane and neglectful treatment of aquarium fish in stores.
  18. Stand Up to Sodexo in New York
  1. Prevent Dog Deaths on Chinese Airlines
  2. Tell the EPA to Stop Poisoning Prairie Dogs
  3. Ban California Milk Processing Board’s Anti-Imitation Milk Ads
  4. Prevent Premature Drying of Green and Colorado Rivers
  5. Clean Up New Jersey Superfund Site
  6. Stop the Killing of Elephants in the Congo
  7. Stop Cosmetics Company From Lying About Animal Testing
  8. Don’t Cut Down Trees in Los Angeles for Space Shuttle to Pass Through
  9. Support Organic Farming’s Positive Effects on the Environment
  1. Charlie Deserves a Chance to Live
  2. Stop Tiger Teasing in Thailand Temple!
  3. Jessica-Jane Clement: No Bunny Should Suffer for Beauty
  4. Crisis in Sant'Ambrogio! Stop destruction of ancient olive grove for large building development

  5. Save Hawaii's Green Sea Turtles
  7. Don't Test Legal Recreational Drugs on Animals!
  8. Please Extend California Endangered Species Act Protection to Gray Wolves
  9. Cut the Use of Sea Pesticides in Scotland
  10. Protect the Northern Spotted Owl
  11. Vote NO on Sportsman Heritage Act
  12. People of China: Help to stop the elefant slaughter! Don't buy ivory products!
  13. Sanctuary for Kansas Zoo Elephants
  14. Remove Poisons from Pet Treats
  15. Stop Testing on Animals
  16. Stop the sale of dogs on eBay
  17. No more muzzles for Tasmanian greyhounds!

  18. Tell the Feds: Deny Shell Oil's Drilling Extension

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