Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 09/25

  1. Urge Cardiff to stop experiments blinding animals
  2. Please Stop Selling Cruel Australian Wool
  3. Pledge To Take Your Pets With You
  4. ¡NO al Toro de la Vega!
  5. Don't Sell Out Hawaii's Sea Turtles!
  1. ADORL. Aggressive Dog Owner Responsibility Laws
  2. Stop banning dogs who have "Aggressive Breeds" label
  3. Stop the mass killing of wolves in Slovenia
  4. Stop the Cull of the Wild horses of Alberta
  5. Save Our Seals
  6. Protect Stratton Strawless Woodland in Norfolk
  7. Encourage bird protection and sustainable boat usage on Norfolk Broads
  1. Create Animal Abuser Registry in New York City
  2. Tell Danish Amusement Park to Abandon Partnership with Kopenhagen Fur Company
  3. Continue Protecting Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles
  4. Preserve the Future of America’s Farmland
  5. End the Threat of Oil and Gas Drilling in National Parks
  6. Encourage Long Island to Invest in Wind Energy
  1. Project Pebbles.
  2. Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval: Stop the slaughter of Nevada's wild horses
  3. Stop the Removal of the Norfolk Botanical Garden Eagle Nest
  4. State of Georgia Police K9 Bill of Rights
  5. The Governor of AK: Reconsider and reverse a decision to not reestablish the Denali Buffer
  6. PETITION-please sign/share for Spay/Neuter License Tag to save Lives
  7. Boycott 2014 XXXII World Congress of Internal Medicine in Seoul, S. Korea-No More Brutality and Torture of Man's Best Friends!
  8. City of SAVANNAH, GA: CITIZENS AGAINST BREED SPECIFIC LEGISLATION: Add experts to the panel, allow for citizen input and transparency.
  9. Stop this illegal pet Services Business in San Diego, CA!
  10. The IRS Attorney General of Ca. and Butte County Sheriff: Investigate Horse Plus Humane aka Nor Cal Equine Rescue!
  11. Seaworld OSHA: Improve Tilikums Life At Seaworld
  13. Director, Historic Bethabara Park, Winston-Salem - Ellen Kutcher: Assist in the rescue of Wellington ("Wellie").
  14. Youngstown City Council: Do not sell the mineral rights to Youngstown's public lands for fracking!
  15. United States Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management: Stop mismanagement of funds and monies, animal cruelty
  16. City of Elmira Fracking Moratorium
  17. No New Wastewater Discharge on the Edisto River without a Public Hearing!
  18. The Governor of PA: Humane euthanizing
  19. 3 Months to Save the World Heritage Site Mes Aynak
  1. Stop the killing of wolves in Slovenia
  2. End Covert Seal Slaughter in Scotland
  3. Urge United Airlines to say NO to Animal Research (Imre Miklos)
    original petition to sign: Urge United Airlines to say NO to Animal Research
  4. Urge The Jones Group to Stop Selling Cruelly Obtained Australian Wool (I.M.)
    original petition to sign: Urge The Jones Group to Stop Selling Cruelly Obtained Australian Wool
  5. Ban the Sale and Trade of Peacock Feathers
  6. Mandatory spay/neuter
  7. Ban the Recreational Hunting of Mountain Lions in the State of Oregon
  9. Stop Killing Leopards for Religious Ceremony
  10. We Oppose Utah Tar Sands
  11. NO Copper Mining in Jaguar Habitat!
  12. For serious governmental policies for reforestation and prevent and fight forest fires
  13. Forbid or ration the use of plastic bags and prevent sea/river pollution by trash and fish nets
  14. Crack Down on Moscow's Dog Poisoning Trend!
  15. List the Spirit Bear under BC's Provincial Wildlife Act!
  16. Urge Officials to Stop Bull-Torture Festival (Imre Miklos)
    Petition is OK!
  17. Ban Pesticide Killing Honey Bees
  18. Introduce Animal Welfare to the School Curriculum (Imre Miklos)
    original petition to sign: PETITION: Introduce Animal Welfare to the School Curriculum
  19. Save the Largest Humpback Whale Nursery Stop the Gas Hub in James Price Point Western Australia
  20. Stop Hunting Red Pandas
  21. Help Save Orca Whales
    Additional petition: Protect Northwest Orcas from Dirty Coal (US)

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