Thursday, September 27, 2012

Petitions - Please Sign & Share 09/27

  1. Vote - Should rodeos be banned?
    For the past two months I have been working, along with others, to stop a rodeo coming the Hurstville area. We ended up front page on the Leader yesterday and page nine. The rodeo people are getting their people to vote on the poll. Can you please get your lists to help us? If we win this it will be a wake up call for other councils who are watching to see what happens. It will be a win for animals in general. Please help us if you can.
  2. Vote - Should Testing on Animals Be Banned?
  3. Save the Koodankulam Protesters
  4. Stop the shark mitigation strategy
  5. Stop the shark cull
  7. Allow street dogs in Turkey to live
  8. Stop the import of beluga whales by Georgia Aquarium
  9. Tell the Cosmetic Industry To Make Sure That We're "Just Beautiful"!
  10. Campaign for a ban on slaughter without stunning in Scotland
  11. Petition for the Wild Rogue River
  12. Tell Liberia: Industrial Primary Rainforest Logging is Corrupt, Ecocidal, and Must End
  13. Want to help stop the expansion of the tar sands?
  14. EPA, please choose science over political influence!
  15. What is Cargill doing to keep the worst of the worst palm oil out of its supply chain? Demand transparency now.
  16. Stop 'NAFTA on steroids'!
  17. Finance Minister Flaherty: End the billion-dollar handout to big polluters. (CANADA) - Every year, Canada hands out $1.4 billion dollars to big fossil fuel companies, a gross mismanagement of our public funds.
  18. Support The Great Ape Protection And Cost Savings Act (US)
  19. Congress, protect gorillas before it's too late (US)
  20. FRACKING: A real-life horror story for the Delaware River Basin (US)
  1. Stop Egypt's Private Zoos!
  2. EGYPT: Close down all 7 governmental zoos that are nothing less than hell holes!
  3. Rescue Animals In Egypt Zoos
  1. Prime Minister of Turkey: please drop the 2012 amendment
  2. The Australian Government: Stop the killing of Western Australian Great White Sharks
  3. Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife: Do not kill the Wedge Pack Gray Wolves.
  4. Stop Week end di Archeologia Sperimentale A Brunate (Como)
  5. A los que esten tras la industria peletera de Galicia: Dejad este negocio de dinero sucio y criminal
  6. We demand maximum sentence for Derek Fierro, a teacher who has beaten his puppy to death
  7. International Whaling Commission: Provide protection against the killing of defenseless dolphins
  8. Please sign the MPAs in the Med Petition
  9. Commissioners Walker, Ogle and Sheets: Ban the gas chambers and allow Pit Bull Terrier's to go to rescue
  10. Marylhurst University: Ban the sale of plastic water bottles on campus
  11. Congressman Sam Johnson: Label GMO's
  12. Stop Monsanto's Deadly GMOs!
  13. City of Muscatine: Keep Iowa Field a "Green Space"
  14. MoMA PS1 & M. Wells Dinette: From Stakes to Steaks: Ban Horse Meat on the MoMA PS1 Menu
  15. Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife: Do not kill the Wedge Pack Gray Wolves.
  1. Stop Recreationally Poisoning Dogs in Moscow
  2. Stop TransCanada’s Assault on Native American Sovereignty
  3. Demand Improved Inspection of Oil Sites to Protect the Environment
  4. Demand North Carolina Bear Park Be Shut Down
  5. Demand Fashion Designer Oscar de la Renta Stop Selling Headphones Made with Real Fur
  6. Boycott Milk from Badger Culling Areas
  7. Ban Gas Chamber Euthanasia for Animals in Pennsylvania
  8. Applaud the Introduction of Environmental Jobs for Prison Inmates
  9. Save the United Kingdom’s Ash Trees from Killer Fungus
  10. Hold KFC Accountable to Girl Left Disabled After Consuming Tainted Food
  11. Boycott Museum Arts for Recommending Killing of Two Healthy Mules for Display
  12. Prevent Construction of Bottling Plant in Washington
  1. Stop killing Sharks in WA
  2. Ban selling leather!!!
  4. Free elephants, lion's, and other big animals from zoo's!!!!!!!
  5. Say NO to RSPCA's 'KILL Policy'
  6. Help us Stop the Illegal Deforestation of Prey Lang Forest in Cambodia
    original petition: Help us Stop the Illegal Deforestation of Prey Lang Forest in Cambodia
  7. Western Australian Government- Abandon your irresponsible policy to cull Great White Sharks.
  8. Save the Great Bear Rainforest
  9. Reconsider Decision to Shoot Sea Lions
  10. Protect Whooping Cranes
  11. Ban the use of neonicotinoid pesticides before they devastate bee populations in the USA
    original petition: PETITION: Ban the use of neonicotinoid pesticides before they devastate bee populations in the USA
  12. Ban Hot Iron Cattle Branding
  13. Ban the military's use of live animals in combat training
    original petition: PETITION: Ban the military’s use of live animals in combat training
  14. Sanctuary for Retired Chimpanzees
  15. Stop Game Show prizes of Dolphins and Whales in captivity.
  16. We want a friendly stray animals project Bonheiden-Rijmenam
  17. Save the animals from human brutality!
  18. Support Good Practices in Bioenergy Feedstock Production
  19. Protect the Iberian Wolf
  20. Stop Hunting in Greece
  21. Stop West Coast Australia's "Kill Great White Sharks Before They Attack"
  22. Support an Animal Cruelty Offenders' Register in the UK!
  23. Stop killing dogs and cats for fur and meat
  24. Stop the Pollution of Cape Cod Bay by Entergy's Pilgrim Nuclear Station

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