Sunday, December 1, 2013

December 1 petitions and more

  1. Генеральному прокурору Российской Федерации Ю.Я. Чайка: Просим назначить независимую экспертизу ДТП в г. Корсаков!
    Investigate the barbaric torture to death of 2 dogs by 3 teens in Korsakov!
  2. Stop the industrial destruction of the deep ocean
  3. Stop Bosnia-Herzegovina from implementing kill-law amendments to their Animal Welfare Act
  4. Bosnia-Herzegovina, Voting 5th Dec! Referring to the new petition above!
    Send your protest letter now, if you haven't done it so far!
  5. Bulls Tortured and Ripped Apart by Teens?!
  6. Stop deadly monkey transportation by Air France!
  7. Let's Lift the Veil of Secrecy Surrounding Animal Testing
  8. Help stop any initiative of mass killing the dogs in Pitesti, Romania!
    Email addresses and a sample letter are provided!!
  9. Saving the Grey Wolves
  10. Preserve the Lives of At-Risk Grizzly Bears
  11. Demand that the IOC stop the Sochi 2014 wild Orca display
  12. US pork industry coloring book is misleading children
  13. NO to Halal Meat!
  14. Stun ALL Animals Before Slaughter and Label ALL Halal Meat
  15. Help Save the Deer in Rock Creek Park, Washington, D.C.
    Contact the decision makers, write letters to the editor and sign the petition!
  16. Oppose The Endangered Species Amendments Act!
  17. Protect BC's Endangered Old-Growth Forests and Forestry Jobs
  18. Tell the Prime Minister to act on the Cohen recommendations. (US/CA)
  19. Protect Whale Passage from supertankers (US/CA)
  20. Canadians deserve to know where their seafood comes from (US/CA)
  21. Protect Canada's oceans (US/CA)
  1. Novartis: Stop torturing monkeys for new medicines!
  2. Stop dog barbecues in Nigeria!
  3. China & South Korea: Stop cooking live dogs!
  4. Change the transportation for horses and reduce horse slaughter
  5. Stop the mass killing of stray cats and dogs in Malaysia!
  6. US Congress: Stop the horse slaughter!
  7. Stop poaching rhinos in South Africa!
  8. Stop the barbaric torture of cats at Toronto University!
  9. Support Jacqueline Traide and protest against animal testing for cosmetics!
  10. Facebook: Stop “dog-killing” game immediately!
  11. Find the man who posted a photo of him threatening to shoot a cat!
  12. Stop Guillotine Turkey Head Shots in North Carolina!
  13. Ukraine: Stop the mass butchering of stray dogs in Kyiv and Kharviv!
  1. End Inhumane and Unnecessary Military Exercises
  2. Save the Intelligent Bonobo’s Habitat
  3. Applaud Formation of Animal Abuser Registry
  4. Commend Legislator for Defending Animal Rights
  5. Commend Fashion Chain for Ensuring Humanely Sourced Angora
  6. Stop Animal Cruelty on Film Sets
  1. Portugal: Stop this kind of incredible violence against animals!
  2. Justice for Tyson!: Bring Tyson's offender to justice! (target?!)
  3. NJ Governor Chris Christie: Support Logan's Law
  4. Запретите отстрел и травлю бездомных животных!
    City of Sergach, Russia: Prohibit shooting and harassment of homeless animals!
  5. Novartis: Release the Horsham Primates
  6. Provincia di Cremona e Regione Lombardia: Basta uccisioni di nutrie, adottate i metodi ecologici non cruenti!
    Italy, Lombardy region: Do NOT kill otters! Adopt other humane methods!
  7. Diputacion de Soria: Salvar las vacas serranas negras en peligro de extincion
    Soria province, Spain: Save the endangered black highland cows
  8. U.S. Congress: Stop the King Amendment to the 2013 Farm Bill
  9. Shannan Kemp, Town of Manderson WY Town Clerk: Stop the ordinance that would ban Rottweilers and Dobermans
  10. A Prefeitura Municipal do Natal: Pelo fim da utilização de animais de tração na cidade de Natal-RN. - End the use of traction horses in Natal.
  11. Coca-Cola: Stop funding anti GMO labeling campaigns
  12. Tell the State Senate: Protect North Carolina’s Air and Water from Pollution
  13. Stand Up to Big Polluters - Support the EPA's Action on Climate Change
  1. Install Video Cameras in Slaughterhouses and Factory Farms
  2. Make Congress see that the AgGag laws are unconstitutional!
  3. Wij eisen prioriteit voor opsporen van paardenbeulen in Belgie en Nederland - Belgium & the Netherlands: find the horse and killers, and bring them to justice!
  4. Stop Killing Wolves in Finland- 135 Left
  5. Surabaya Zoo Animal Welfare Action - Cee4life
  6. Shelter for dogs in Sarajevo, BH, Praca is a concentration camp (no target)
  7. Stop now the murder of animals in Kimolos, Greece!
  8. Demand prohibition of Canadian massacre!
  9. Save Borneo Pygmy Elephants from Extinction
  10. NON au projet d'abandon du système de retraite des chevaux de la police
    NO to the proposed abandonment of the pension system for police horses
  11. Demand Justice to the Voluntary Workers and Animals at Bally Vaughn Sanctuary
  12. Stop Needless Dog Killings: Mandate Canine Training for Police Officers!
  13. Petition against bird slaughter in Egypt
  14. Demand kijiji protect innocent animals from potential abusers!
  15. Demand Judge Ban Woman & Son from Owning a Pet after Putting Dog in Bag For Photo on FB!
  16. Demand proper punishment for woman who stalked a duck to run it over with the car!
  17. Tell Tesco to remove misleading milk signage!
  18. Ban the Sale of Fruit Bats by Indonesian Street Vendors
  19. No Jail Time for 15-Minute JP Morgan Chase Protest!
News & Polls
  1. MN Wolf Trapping Started!
  2. Does the Solution to Elephant Poaching Lie in Small-Town Connecticut?
  3. Economics of Trophy Hunting in Africa Are Overrated and Overstated
  4. LUCKY- saved after being run over by a car (Romania, Craiova)
  5. FB album: Save the Death Camp Dogs Campaign - Romanian rescues!
  6. Should Michigan have a wolf hunt again next year? - Vote several times a day NO! Pay attention: 'NO' - position changes with every load of the page!
  7. Universities Kill More Than A Million Animals In Scientific Testing In One Year Alone - Poll: Do you agree with Animal testing? No, definitely not!
  8. Theresa Strader | Eagle Rare Life - Scroll down to vote for this story
  9. Learn "HOW TO" Vote For The Red X Project In GlobalRockstar Competition - quick & easy!  [VIDEO] Go to Show More, Sign up, Vote now (upper left), get the 2 videos playing, wait for Red X Project, hover over it with your mouse and VOTE
  10. Vote to Support Defenders! - Choose: Credo Action member. Only US
  11. Sungevity Gives Back will give $20,000 to a non-profit this year to help support their important work. VOTE for either "Eastern Pacific Hawsbill Initiative" or "Save the Frogs" or "Center for Biological Diversity". US only
  12. ACTU Animaux - Urgences - Click on each animal on the left side and 5 times on the red button to donate to their needs.
  13. Endangered Species Act turns 40 years old — and faces midlife crisis - Poll: How much effort should we put into species protection? We need to do more.
  14. Poll: Is culling badgers the right approach to tackle bovine TB? NO!
  15. Badger cull called off in Gloucestershire
  16. Amazing Wildlife [VIDEO]
  17. Animals Can Be Jerks - Supercut Compilation 2013! [VIDEO]
  18. Confused Animals Supercut Compilation 2013! [VIDEO]
  19. These Funny Cats Think They're People ... the Result is Hilarious
  20. Fall in Love with Fluffy-Butt the Corgi - What a Cute Little Dance!
  21. This Fuzzy Kitten Would Have Died Without Help... but Luckily, She Had Guardian Angels.

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