Friday, December 6, 2013

December 6 petitions and more

  1. We must shut this slaughterhouse down
  2. Stop The Dog Meat Smuggling Trade!
  3. Stop the Illegal Dog Meat Trade in Thailand
  4. Help Save the Wild Baboons of Kenya from Vivisectors
  5. Protect Alaska's Rarest Wolf from Large-Scale Industrial Logging
  6. Strip Poisonous Lead From Hunting Ammunition
  7. Protect Birminghams Drinking Water from Coal Mine Pollution
  8. Stop the Plan to Slaughter Wolves
  9. Call to keep Gray Wolf protections in place! (US)
  10. Oppose Deer Killing in Helena, Montana
  11. Tell Malaysia Airlines: Don't leave goats to suffer!
  12. Tell Malaysia Airlines: Don't leave goats to suffer!
  13. Buffalo Field Campaign Yellowstone Bison Action Alerts (US)
  14. Delete the website "" (confirmation needed)
  15. Belgium: Stop Fur-Farming!
  16. Colombia, Cali: Replace Animal Traction Vehicles and Stop the Abuse of Horses
  17. Infinito Gold: Repect the Vote, Don't Sue Costa Rica
  18. Take Action to Protect Destructive Post-Fire Logging on the Salmon River (US)
  19. NO! to "biofuel" lie! (use translator please)
  1. Stop brutally torturing cats in Saudi Arabia!
  2. STOP the massive cat poisoning campaign in Tirana, Albania!
  3. Stop drinking cat’s blood for religious purposes!
  4. Nestle: Stop heartless animal experiments for health claims!
  5. Stop eating camels in Morocco!
  6. Remove tiger head hunting trophies from the lobby of the National Theatre in Budapest, Hungary!
  7. Prosecute hunter who killed the biggest bear EVER in the US!
  1. Commend Student for Defending Abused Animals
  2. Oppose Cuts to Animal Conservation Programs
  3. Applaud Diverse Kenyan Leaders for Working Together for the Environment
  4. Stop Environmentally Disastrous Dams
  1. We want C.Q.C. to investigate the greyhound exploitation in Argentina
  2. Stop poaching tigers and destructing their habitat!
  3. Labeling of cosmetic products that were tested on animals.
  4. Colette Aliev of the SAFA is NOT in violation by taking care of stray cats!
  5. Stop the USDA from allowing horse slaughter in New Mexico
  6. USDA - APHIS: Stop/Reverse Bills Like the AETA
  7. Stop the slaughter of stray dogs to clean the streets.
  8. Don't let Quanto die in vain - Strengthen our Laws to protect our animals
  9. Congress: Protect the gray wolves
  10. Australian Government: Call to action and sack Mark and make new laws to protect animals and members of public who stand up for animals rights
  11. Bowmanville Zoo: immediately end your elephant program
  12. To All Members of the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate: Create legislation to protect all animals and pets while in the custody of and travelling on a commercial airline.
  13. New York State: Do Not Hand Over 200 Acres of Preserved Adirondack Forest to NYCO Minerals, Inc.
  1. Family spared jail for allowing 8 puppies to starve to death
  2. Impose maximum prison time to man caught on video surveillance raping neighbor's dog
  3. Stop Future Badger Culls!
  4. Don't use domestic animals as shark baits
  5. Tell Australian Government to Keep Anti-Whaling Promise
  6. STOP the Posting of PETS in the "FREE SECTION" of Craigslist immediately!
  7. Stop Salary For Confessed Serial Dog Killer
  8. Stop Portugal Evora Agriloja Torturing Animals!
  9. Make the Davis County, Utah Animal Shelter a NO-KILL shelter.
  10. Save the Local Wildlife
  11. Full Protections for the Sage Grouse
  12. Tell Obama to protect North Carolina fish from coal ash pollution!
  13. Tell Congress: Keep Toxic Pesticides out of our Water
  14. Tell the FWS to Protect Vulnerable Bat Populations!
  15. Strip Mine or Highway? Tell the Federal Highway Administration to Take Another Look
News and Polls
  1. Stop Bosnia-Herzegovina from implementing kill law! - Update on Dec. 5 voting
  2. Nations agree “Urgent Measures” to curb elephant poaching
  3. South Africa's 'Dirty Little Secret'
  4. HLS Visiting Prof Discusses Animal Rights and the Law
  5. EU Enforcement Network for Animal Welfare Lawyers and Commissioners
  6. Email - NIH Establishes Human Brain Biobank for Neuroscience Research
  7. Mexican Gray Wolves Campaign
  8. Stray dogs population management in Romania
  9. MEPs ignored by the Government. A meeting on stray dogs was canceled without explanation  (use translator please)
  10. Chinese animal rights campaigners lambast cat and dog meat trade
  11. Learn "HOW TO" Vote For The Red X Project In GlobalRockstar Competition - quick & easy! [VIDEO] Go to Show More, Sign up, Vote now (upper left), get the 2 videos playing, wait for Red X Project, hover over it with your mouse and VOTE! Semi-finals!
  12. Should Michigan have a wolf hunt again next year? - Vote several times a day NO! Pay attention: 'NO' - position changes with every load of the page!
  13. Universities Kill More Than A Million Animals In Scientific Testing In One Year Alone - Poll: Do you agree with Animal testing? No, definitely not!
  14. Is it ok to eat seal meat? - Vote: NO Meat of any kind please!
  15. Vote to Support Defenders! - Choose: Credo Action member. Only US
  16. Sungevity Gives Back will give $20,000 to a non-profit this year to help support their important work. VOTE for "Save the Frogs" as they currently hold the 2nd place. US only
  17. Aviva Community Fund - Semi Finals! Log in and vote for your favorite by Dec. 11
  18. Email - cat eCards are here :-) - Alley Cat Allies
  19. Ignorance and lack of compassion – a common story for female dogs from Romania
  20. Lions, Tigers and Bears... Oh MY! These Three Creatures of God Found Family in Each Other.
  21. Pictured: The adorable and unlikely friendship between a fox and a dog that's being turned into a children's fairytale book

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