Sunday, December 8, 2013

December 8 petitions and more

  1. Bosnia: Stop killing stray dogs! (confirmation needed)
  2. Bosnia-Herzegovina, last attempt, against the free-to-kill amendments of the Animal Welfare Law - Please send this letter as well!
  3. Bosnian Government: Protect the stray dogs instead of killing them
  4. Seek justice for Elizabeth!
  5. Hatem Yavuz: Stop the mass butchering of baby seals!
  6. Give the Cape Fur Seal the protection it deserves
  7. The Seals Of Nam - End the seal hunt in Namibia!
  8. Stop the "hazing" of sea lions
  9. Help Sunder, an Elephant Chained and Beaten, Finally Gain Freedom
  10. Landerd Campus, the Netherlands: people are AGAINST Animal Testing on Dogs! (only people from 4 countries can sign?!)
  11. Animals have a right to be treated in an animal-friendly way!
  12. Tell HSBC: Stop the Illegal Land Grab in Collingwood Bay! (US)
    Rainforest Action Network - more petitions
  13. Take Action to #SaveTheBees
  14. Stop the secret TPP and TTIP trade pacts
  15. I am against the transatlantic free trade agreement (TTIP) between the U.S. and the EU and demand a STOP of the negotiations.
  16. Don’t let Congress block the EPA
  1. Set up Animal Police squads in Romania to prevent further animal abuse!
  2. Oregon State University: Stop brutal testing on cats!
  3. Stop eating cats in Ghana in cruel annual festival!
  4. Keep oil drilling away from Virunga National Park, Congo!
  1. End Capture of Baboons for Cruel Experiments
  2. Expose Cruel Animal Experiments
  3. Demand Legal Rights for Captive Chimpanzees
  4. Thank Hit Band for Fighting Animal Abuse
  5. Commend European Union for Protecting Endangered Species
  6. Support Blueprint for Animal Welfare in New York
  7. Commend Scientist for Standing Up for Truth
  1. David Cameron: Give the Hessin family a minimum of 4 years jail sentence!
  2. Please help and call AWG to take fur from their product range.
  3. Stop the severe cruelty and abuse that occurs in the horse carriage trade in Indonesia. Replace the horse carriages with solar powered Tuk Tuks.
  4. Neutering of stray dogs and cats throughout the EU community
  5. BAN CANNED HUNTING in Indiana!
  6. Count the Foals
  7. Minister Coveney: Save Irish hares from cruel coursing
  8. President Obama, Congress, Gov. McDonnell, Fones Cliff property owners: Preserve Fones Cliff a very important bald eagle habitat
  9. USDA/Wildlife Services: Stop the massive round-up and gassing/killing of Canada geese.
  10. Please sign this petition to encourage Cheaptrick to cancel Seaworld performance like The Barenaked Ladies did.
  11. BBC: Stop giving climate change deniers time and credibility
  12. Clean the Waterways of Metro Manila
  13. Oregon's Coastal Zone Management Act must be amended.
  1. Release This Dog Into A Safe Experienced Rescue NOT send them to death.
  2. Demand South Carolina charge man who dragged dog with felony animal cruelty
  3. Free Tortured Chimps to Sanctuaries!
  4. Fish and Wildlife Services Keep All Wolves On The Endangered Speices List
  5. Tell Ebay to ban the sale of Fox and Racoon hats.
  6. Stop UW Cat Abuse!
  7. Support for criminalization of attendance at organized animal fights
  8. Ban companies in the UK from using animals to test on!
  9. Demand the Barbados government stop dog fighting on the island
  10. Please end the killing of pigs in Madeira during the feast that starts on Dec. 8 each year
  11. Let animals keep their fur
  12. Urgent! No separation of mother orcas and calves
  13. ASPCA stop killing healthy shelter animals!
  14. Animal Rescue Financial Act
  15. Please Help Hillside Animal Sanctuary
  16. Save Bald and Golden Eagles
  17. Stop the deforestation in Sahyadri forests
  18. Rolling Stones: Cancel your Japan tour as long as they slaughter dolphins in Taiji
  19. Don't Let Wind Farms Kill Bald Eagles!
  20. Your Voice against Rollkur
  21. Save the Flying Foxes of Charters Towers
  22. Shut Down Perfect Pocket Pets (Dakota Square Mall, Minot, ND)
News and Polls
  1. A part of my spaying / neutering work – 2013 | Help 4 Strays
  2. FB event: We build a vet clinic in Romania!
    For a social vet clinic in Ploiesti, Romania
  3. Prosecute Illegal Rabbit Sales!
  4. Buster's Winter Folly by Kristin Schumacher - Kristin Schumacher is raising funds for Buster's Winter Folly! Buster was a cat no one wanted, he came to live with me. While he was with me, I would wonder endlessly what put him in such bad shape....
  5. Highest health advisory body to recommend import ban on animal tested cosmetics in India
  6. How it continues with Romania's stray dogs?
    Update on the meeting at Romanian Embassy in Vienna (use translator please)
  7. Anti kill-law fight – now what? - Bosnia, update after the Dec. 5 voting
    Donation project: Stop kill-law in Bosnia-Herzegovina!
  8. Government turns its back on Australian animals
  9. China bans ancient dog-eating festival after online uproar
  10. Learn "HOW TO" Vote For The Red X Project In GlobalRockstar Competition - quick & easy! [VIDEO] Go to Show More, Sign up, Vote now (upper left), get the 2 videos playing, wait for Red X Project, hover over it with your mouse and VOTE! Semi-finals! If they win, $10K will be donated to Elephant Nature Park Thailand!
  11. Should Michigan have a wolf hunt again next year? - Vote several times a day NO! Pay attention: 'NO' - position changes with every load of the page!
  12. Universities Kill More Than A Million Animals In Scientific Testing In One Year Alone - Poll: Do you agree with Animal testing? No, definitely not!
  13. Press Release – Scientists and conservationists unite to ask South Africa to be first African nation to ban seal product trade
    Is it ok to eat seal meat?  - Vote: NO Meat of any kind please!
  14. Do you think New Jersey should hold black bear hunts? - No, it's inhumane.
  15. Vote to Support Defenders! - Choose: Credo Action member. Only US
  16. Sungevity Gives Back will give $20,000 to a non-profit this year to help support their important work. VOTE for "Save the Frogs" as they currently hold the 2nd place. US only
  17. Aviva Community Fund - Semi Finals! Log in and vote for your favorite by Dec. 11
  18. Babies and Dogs Become Best Friends for a Reason - They LOVE Each Other

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